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You SHOULD still turn your head. Unless there are cameras down the length of the car there will ALWAYS be blind spots. Turning your head gives you a better chance of reducing those blind spots. Of course the design of cars are poor for creating blindspots in the first place. It's not like on a motorcycle where your field of vision moves with the movement of your head. Cars suck. Bring on electric motorcycles.
It doesn't show up here in NZ yet but if you search the App Store for El Capitan it shows up but it is not on the main page.
 No it didn't. The Public Beta was behind the Developer beta so how could it be taking away from "real" betas?  Awfully rich getting spelling complaints from an American who can't even spell colour :-) If Quark was supported in Yosemite then it should work fine in El Capitan. Just because they say it's not supported it doesn't mean it won't run it means they're still testing it out and won't support any bug requests until they rubber stamp it. Of course it is Quark so...
Lackey is NOT racist. Lackey refers to subordinates mostly in terms of workers. I have NEVER heard of lackey being used in a racist way EVER.
So far I've only had two applications fail on me with El Capitan - TapForms and EA's Origin. Origin got fixed in Beta 4 but TapForms still crashes and is basically unusable. Luckily the iOS version works fine on my iPhone 6+ NOW, it showed a return of the TextArea bug (I don't think it uses standard APIs for those because it seems to only be this application that fails in this manner nothing else.
Ads are NOT the problem except for the self playing ads. No the problem is the tracking apps that are present on the majority of sites including this one. At one stage I saw Ghostery block 23 trackers on Macworld. What is the legitimacy of 23 trackers on one site. Pick one and go with that. I'm currently blocking 10 on this site as we speak. Then there's the fact that most of the ads are Flash based. For pete's sake why are advertisers so retarded that they think they...
Apparently someone doesn't understand sarcasm and thus needs sarcasm quotes.But to spell it out your previous reply was worthless so there you go hopefully you're up to speed
You clearly don't understand developing for different platforms. The closest that Windows has to the Command key is the Windows key which behaves completely differently on Windows than on the Mac so the hotkey thing is actually a big deal because it has to be mapped to the CTRL key which behaves differently in Windows than it does on the Mac.Windows also doesn't have CoreAudio, GrandCentral, CoreVideo, CoreData, CoreDraw etc so to get the program to work on Windows at all...
And your 2 cents is worth with inflation -$27.
It's kind of simple really. The ones who hate it hate it because it is too much of a design change and they are too stubborn and stupid to understand that the new design is actually more productive.Sure there's been a couple of bugs, none of which I've encountered, but it's mostly because of the interface change.It's our version of Windows 8 really but just like Windows 8 it's actually a much better system to use once you get used to it.
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