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Or, given that he's gone to a completely different field, he's had enough of the music industry and wants to try something new. Hell, I've been in IT for almost 20 years I've had enough and I'm thinking of getting a plumbing apprenticeship.
 I don't see why people see the two as mutually exclusive. The thing I LOVE about Apple Music over iTunes Match is that if I love an artist I can go to their listings and download their entire music library to my device and truly listen to their music without having to pay for the entire album. You can't do that with iTunes Match without first buying the music. That gets expensive when you might only be curious. I think people aren't giving it the chance it really deserves...
Which is how we feel when you display the wrong flags: http://www.sportal.com.au/other/news/49ers-post-nz-flag-by-mistake/kr6ptlirr0n417c8ajs2lonnc :-) In all fairness Australia stole our flag because they're a nation of criminals and they were too lazy to come up with their own so they just added a star and changed the colours. :-P
 Sorry, that wasn't meant to sound how it did. If you read the text of the update there is this section: also
I am not seeing this option. Is this another one of those "America only" updates?
He's saying that version 7 users don't get a cheaper upgrade price than version 6 users. Basically the EXACT same issue the haters of Parallels are railing on them for.
Damn fine in my not so humble opinion. VMWare is playing catchup with a lot of Parallels features including DirectX 10 support. We'll never see DirectX 12 at least not for a very long time but frankly from what I've read there's not much benefit to even physical Windows PCs. I think Fusion is a great product but it has always been more buggier for me than Parallels (I know that's completely opposite to some people but that's how the cookie crumbles) and it has always been...
Ummm no Apple didn't. Apple's stocks wiped out a theoretical number based on some convoluted maths that no one can really understand.Apple still has billions of actual money which means they can ride out anything that comes their way. Apple doesn't need the stock market at all
   In the context of the conversation it SEEMS like you are. The original poster can't make a comparison to Apple not charging for OS updates but Parallels charges $50 for their updates simply because Apple and Parallels are two different companies operating two different ways. Why does no one lambast FileMaker for charging for updates to their products? Why is it okay for FileMaker to charge for updates that introduce new features and squashes a few bugs but heaven forbid...
Apple also doesn't make money off software because they make money off hardware and services. You're saying to a software company that they should not be allowed to make money after their first sale? I bet you'd never accept that proposal if it was offered to you so why should Parallels?
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