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I use the Notes app that comes with iOS 9 in co-operation with the Voice Memo app that also comes with iOS. With the share panel I can record a lecture with Voice Memo then insert into the note I've created in Notes. I don't get time stamping but that's not really a feature I need. Other than those two I would use Audionote or Notability. OneNote is nice but its audio recording feature on the iPhone is a joke. Evernote just simply doesn't suit my needs at all.
We here in New Zealand mock Australia for their attitudes. It's our sort of joke between the two nations that Australia is known as the racist country (truth be told NZ probably isn't much better). Glad to see this article isn't destroying that profiling of Australia. :-)
Don't get me wrong I know all of this but is it really too difficult to ask that content available in one place can be distributed to another? Hell, NZ just signed the freaking TPPA giving us a free trade deal with America but why the hell can't we get American products? If money was the factor then by all rights selling your product to as many people as possible should make you more money right? I mean it does seem somewhat logical. But then maybe I have too much...
By "People" do they mean the world or America? There's so much content I can't get here in New Zealand simply because if I go the free route and stick with TVNZ or TV3 then I'm stuck with what they offer. If I go the paid route I get Sky but the same deal and with a ridiculous amount of ads (the free stuff has less ads than Sky does and yet Sky shouldn't need ads when they have paying customers so there's no way I'm going the paid route with Sky). I have Netflix here in...
All meat in New Zealand is generally grassfed although many farmers top up over the winter with maize or swedes
I never said anything about cost at all. I wasn't even looking at that side of the equation. But you are so right. The real limitation is your internet speeds, their internet speeds, and everyone's dataplans.
I'm not being an apologist. I'm using logic. I know this might be hard for some to grasp. There is a logical reason why Apple does not offer an "Unlimited" plan. It has nothing to do with profits or bait and switch tactics it has everything to do with physical reality.
I don't care how Microsoft marketed it, that's up to their discretion. I'm just saying that it's IMPOSSIBLE to have unlimited storage. LITERALLY impossible to have unlimited storage. I guess that's the folly of being someone who can't understand logic. I guess I would be expecting far too much to ask for a reason but then the Internet is full of people like this.I retained the "/s" because I knew your post was sarcasm but this is the problem with computer users. Sure the...
Unlimited is NOT unlimited when it comes to storage space. There is literally a finite amount of room to store stuff. How is this beyond people's understanding. If you have a 1TB drive you can literally not stick anything more than 1TB on it. It doesn't matter how big or how many drives MS puts in it will ALWAYS be a finite amount of space.
It was all explained and in fact I knew something like this would have to happen at some point. You can't have an unlimited storage device because physics can't be bypassed. 75 TB is a huge amount in anyone's book and if everyone used 75TB then they would run out of space fast. This is once again the few ruining it for the many.
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