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 Okay let's expand on this.Apple is a computer company. Apple has ALWAYS made computers. In fact aside from printers they have made nothing but computers.It's easy to get hung up on form factors but an iPhone and an Apple Watch are both computers just in differing form factors. One is a computer that can make phone calls and one is a computer that can tell time. But by definition they are computers.Now look at a car.That's it. There is no logic behind a computer that can...
 It doesn't seem like it. I get a very simple interface where I can add a photo but I can't find anywhere to record audio directly into a note.
Except for one thing... didn't QuickTime have this functionality a lot earlier? Obviously the implementation or design of Emblaze's patent would have to be completely and utterly different to what has previously existed but I'm sure Apple could claim prior art on this one.
Did Google predictive text create your username?
Don't the medical experts state that looking up for long periods of time is actually bad for your eyes anyway cause them to dry out. Seems like if this is actually the case Google Glass does more damage than... well it never really did any good did it?
Hype (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hype-2/id685096913?mt=12) is a fantastic start and add Flux (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flux-4/id506297603?mt=12) to the mix and you've got a pretty good set of tools. Of course everything can be hand coded using Coda (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coda-2/id499340368?mt=12) if you want more control.
Actually no it isn't. It's being shunned by corporates but corporates are traditionally lazy fools who refuse to upgrade anything until it's too late. I know. I did a project about 6 years ago to upgrade a corporate office to Windows XP from Win2K. They're going to be screwed next month aren't they? They haven't even looked at Windows 7 let alone 8. Many consumers hate Windows 8 but that's because they hate computers in general but have been forced to upgrade to a new...
I really like Windows 8. It's not OS X but it is actually a great OS when you get used to it and to be honest that's mostly a day's worth of use. Windows 8.1 has gone a massive way to bringing back a psuedo Windows 7 feel but I feel Windows 8 is a much better product and I quite liked Windows 7. People are scared of change and I admit that the forced change threw many. It took me 1/2 hour to work out how to shut the machine down when I first tried it and it still doesn't...
Isn't a strip mall technically a single address anyway? I mean on council plans they'd be for example 101-121 Mall Street or whatever not showing up as separate addresses but as part of properties. Unless the carpark of the mall is actually a street the shops in that mall will not be classed as separate addresses. Google Maps will also use addresses unless someone actually manually enters the addresses themselves. Points of interest are generally user generated not...
I grew up calling it Mt Egmont. In reality it was renamed Mt Egmont from Mt Taranaki then the PC Thugs got in on the act and decided that since the British stole the land off the Maori we should change it back to Mt Taranaki. In my not so humble opinion and due to the fact I despise the PC Thugs I still call it Mt Egmont mostly because it has less syllables and I hate expending energy when I don't have to. :-)
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