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I love how people use Duck Duck Go and Yahoo because they hate Google and yet they both use Google to provide their search engine results. Can you not see the Powered by Google logos at all?
I think the AppleMap naysayers need to go to other countries to see how good it really is. Forget about 3D Flyover it's really only a gimmick just like StreetView is. Here in New Zealand I find the TomTom based AppleMaps far superior to the Google powered AppleMaps of old. In fact we have started taking a new way to Rotorua and I need the Maps app. There's a lot of major road layout changes going on and it seems to be keeping up. Not pitch perfect accurate but not get...
Here's what I would do if I was Apple. I would say "Screw you shareholders, you've done nothing for us except scrounge off us. Here's what your stocks are worth, that's what you'll be getting, don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out."
I would like FM but only if they allow recording of the stream. I have a Windows Nokia phone that work provided but while it has FM I can't record the stream. To get around this I connect my Windows phone to my iPhone via an iRig and a headphone splitter so I can still use the headphones as the antenna. I need the ability to record FM because some of the conferences I got to stream via FM for those hard of hearing
I never realised the first person was trolling. I happen to love Bento because it fulfilled my needs so brilliantly and to be honest because I'm still learning FMPro I still haven't managed to build the database I built in Bento in FMPro. That really says something about Bento. I'm currently using TapForms to make up for the loss of Bento but I really want Bento back.
Yes but that's actually not Apple's fault. It's SkyTV's fault and to a lesser extent TVNZ's. They are keeping competition out of New Zealand so we are left with basically whatever they feed us. Hell, Russia is better served than we are. Once Netflix gets established here I seriously think that Apple will have an in for getting TV shows here and we will be better served. Incidentally, when it comes to apps the TVNZ app is quite good but there is still NO way for us to...
The thing I really hate about the TV providers is complete and utter lack of choice.   I love the Netflix idea where I can watch TV shows I want to watch without having to wait until specific times to watch them. In New Zealand we still don't have iTunes TV Shows so hopefully Netflix will pave the way for them.   TVNZ and TV3 are both Free To Air TV stations and while now digital they still only really offer about 10 proper channels but it's mostly reality TV with a...
Actually this would be awesome for motorcycle trips where you can see where everyone is and not get lost or worse find them if they have a fall. I love the applications for this.
I'm loving the fact that Siri now works for New Zealand. It's a pretty cool feature that I now have to force myself to utilise because I've lived without it for so long.
My ISP had been spoofing since about November so I've been watching Netflix since then and it's great. What's brilliant though is that my account still works no matter what country it thinks I'm in. It's $9.99NZ here which is roughly what I was paying for the standard US one.
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