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  What that article said:  This wasn't an admission of guilt, it wasn't saying "We did wrong, so to make amends we'll kill off our way of making money from Ebooks". All Apple and these other guys did was end the exclusivity agreement that's all if you read the argument. It was the "most favoured nations clause" that the EU was concerned with so Apple et al killed it off. The mere fact that that was all that was needed to get the EU off their back shows that America got it...
NOW... in the EU where they have the balls to penalise companies. They did it to Microsoft forcing MS to change and they WILL do it to Amazon. The interesting thing is they were also reasonable when it came to iTunes. Unlike America they found no indecent act on Apple's part with iTunes and I seriously doubt they'd find the same with iBooks. NO ONE messes with the EU. Look at Greece.
Speaking of Weird Al and Eminem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QOya9-lwQk
How can an artist claim to be Indie if they go with an Indie label? They're just feeding a different pig. If they were truly Indie and they wanted their music on iTunes/Apple Music then they would deal directly with Apple.
There's no riddle. MOST people will be able to get away with buying an iPad as their sole device but there will be those who's needs could be filled by an iPad if it wasn't for software they need that can only run on the Mac. There was nothing confusing about what I wrote. The confusion seems to be with your ability to read. The MacBook is not designed for power users. Let's face it what do MOST people connect to their laptops? The power lead. MOST people. The VERY people...
Bollocks. I'll tell you why the new MacBook with it's single port isn't an issue: It isn't a MacBook Pro. You idiots who claim it will fail are clearly NOT the people this unit is aimed for. You NEED a MacBook Pro not a MacBook. iPad. Single port and productive as hell and will soon (if using later gear) will be even more so. The very idea that the new MacBook is less productive because it only has one port is a bollocks statement made by people who don't understand other...
I love how people use Duck Duck Go and Yahoo because they hate Google and yet they both use Google to provide their search engine results. Can you not see the Powered by Google logos at all?
I think the AppleMap naysayers need to go to other countries to see how good it really is. Forget about 3D Flyover it's really only a gimmick just like StreetView is. Here in New Zealand I find the TomTom based AppleMaps far superior to the Google powered AppleMaps of old. In fact we have started taking a new way to Rotorua and I need the Maps app. There's a lot of major road layout changes going on and it seems to be keeping up. Not pitch perfect accurate but not get...
Here's what I would do if I was Apple. I would say "Screw you shareholders, you've done nothing for us except scrounge off us. Here's what your stocks are worth, that's what you'll be getting, don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out."
I would like FM but only if they allow recording of the stream. I have a Windows Nokia phone that work provided but while it has FM I can't record the stream. To get around this I connect my Windows phone to my iPhone via an iRig and a headphone splitter so I can still use the headphones as the antenna. I need the ability to record FM because some of the conferences I got to stream via FM for those hard of hearing
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