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I held out for this but the lack of first party controller support (and very mediocre third party options) means now I'm buying a steam box.
I have a Belkin WeMo Switch. The experience is decent enough, but I'd much rather they redevelop it to run through the homekit protocol.
 I think it will have to, if only to drive upgrades for those who have the (otherwise perfect) iPad Air 2.
"Bank issued American Express Cards will not be supported at this time." Sooooo... approximately all of them. Goddammit the banking industry in this country make me want to puke. My business goes to whoever implements Apple Pay.
Yay Australia. Now let's hope Visa/MasterCard get on board as Amex is expensive and not supported by many businesses.
too bad if you draw the short straw.
"Every Mac that we buy is making and saving IBM money," Previn said. BAM!
In Australia if you ask Siri to 'calculate a tip on $X' you simply get reminded that it's not customary to tip.
Wait... So Marco pulled support for his app within 2 days of taking $3.79 from users and posted how to "apply for a refund" on his blog where 99% of the people who were duped into paying him money won't ever read it. That's incredibly lame.
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