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I'd hazard a guess that much of the reason convertibles are not in demand is because they aren't very good at being tablets. The Surface has sharp edges and is super heavy. The Surface also has some pretty janky touch responsiveness and I don't like the wide display aspect ratio. 4:3 just feels more a lot more balanced in both portrait and landscape.
A flawless presentation of why Apple doesn't support this functionality in the first place.
 The reason why gamers loved it was because it introduced an innovative control scheme (Wii Remote motion control) that provided a new experience not possible on any other system. The Wii U is faltering partly because it doesn't really bring anything revolutionary to the table. A mushy, resistive touch screen? Um, no thanks. Nintendo's eShop is also way overpriced and suffers from a dearth of content relative to the App Store. The iPad/iPhone really excels at games where...
To add insult to injury Apple Pay already works at most retailers in Australia if you have a US credit card linked to the account.
I really want this to work out. I will change banking institutions if I have to.
Meanwhile in Australia  http://www.smh.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/apple-pay-being-repelled-by-big-banks-20150815-gizz6y.html
I really wish they upgraded the iPad mini last year to match the specs of the air. I went with an Air but still find it a bit clunky. I'd gladly trade some battery life for the awesome form factor of a 6.1 mm thin mini with touch ID.
I'm curious to see where they go with the hardware. Unsure whether to wait for version 2 or not. With the Australian dollar inexplicably tanking it's likely going to be more expensive.
Australia please. I bought an iPhone 6 Plus for this and it's ridiculous that the next model is almost out before this is rolled out internationally.
I hope the second generation Apple Watch gets some awesome improvements.
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