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By that logic, so could trees for supplying oxygen.
 I still have my 24 inch iMac from 1999 for this very reason. 
 Then stop multiplying everything by the square root of negative one.
I traded in my iPad 3 for an iPad Air 2 and really couldn't be happier with it. I'd love to see an iPad mini as thin as the Air 2, even if that meant a dramatic reduction in battery life. It would be the perfect device for reading (though probably not for text entry).
 I have a new rule: If a site requires flash it doesn't exist. It's worked so far. Eventually they'll get the message.
 If you were going with a dedicated console you'd be better off with the new 3DS. Much better game library than the PS Vita.
 No outright iPhone is sold at a $99 price point. It's meaningless discussion 'on contract' pricing in a world where iPhone 6+ can already be purchased for zero upfront. Total cost of ownership is really the only thing that matters.
The new blue and gold tones are absolutely awesome. I have no idea why they stuck with the current iPod touch colours for so long. They are truly horrible.
 What you are trying to do is precisely the reason family sharing accounts must also be linked to a single credit card.
As an occaisional visitor to the U.S.I can't help but feel banning the confederate flag is a pyrrhic victory. Serious America would grow a set, disarm the population, disarm the culture of gun-worship and tell the NRA to shut up and have a long, hard look at itself.
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