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 If you were going with a dedicated console you'd be better off with the new 3DS. Much better game library than the PS Vita.
 No outright iPhone is sold at a $99 price point. It's meaningless discussion 'on contract' pricing in a world where iPhone 6+ can already be purchased for zero upfront. Total cost of ownership is really the only thing that matters.
The new blue and gold tones are absolutely awesome. I have no idea why they stuck with the current iPod touch colours for so long. They are truly horrible.
 What you are trying to do is precisely the reason family sharing accounts must also be linked to a single credit card.
As an occaisional visitor to the U.S.I can't help but feel banning the confederate flag is a pyrrhic victory. Serious America would grow a set, disarm the population, disarm the culture of gun-worship and tell the NRA to shut up and have a long, hard look at itself.
 It's literally just the blue pixel subunits on with no text. I've also seen all red subpixel units on before a crash.
It's definitely not carrier specific. I have experienced this issue on an unlocked 6 purchased directly from Apple. I suddenly started getting a blue screen before crashing and also an all red screen before half the pixels faded out slowly before crashing. Eventually my phone bricked and stopped responding when I plugged in my charger. Apple replaced it.
It's important that companies, including Apple, back gay rights reform. Gay rights are human rights. Businesses employs humans so it's in their interest to support human rights.
I yearn for the old days when 'practising your religion' meant taking the moral high road on your own personal affairs. Now 'practising your religion' just means opening a business, loudly pointing out the perceived sins of other people, kicking up a fuss and generally seeing how much you can get away with. Then playing the 'persecution' card when you get called out on it.   Selling a wedding cake to a same-sex couple does not make you a participant in their marriage any...
 Did you ever think that white privilege might a part of the reason you were hired for those two jobs? White privilege is not like Donald Trump standing on a corner and handing out free money to white people or something.
New Posts  All Forums: