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 The iPhone 6 plus already has a higher screen resolution (and ppi) than the iPhone 6 and earlier iPhones. It's one of the primary reasons why I purchased the plus-sized model.
Global corporate taxation needs a systematic overhaul. It's not ethical for any company to reap the benefits of operating within an economy only to turn around and create artificial business structures that rob that economy of the revenue needed to support itself. Companies have little choice but to commit these sins in the name of the almighty shareholder. If we can't expect corporations to pay their fair share. We need globally coordinated legislation to close these...
I'm surprised by the 28 nanometre process. That seems an obvious place to improve power consumption. Based on the complexity of iFixit's teardown I doubt that this is intentionally a modular component. It will be interesting to see what the refresh cycle is like with this. I have a hunch Apple will be more likely to maintain the internals for the time-being and refresh the bands.
I bought an iPad 2 because it had a flat back. I bought an iPad 3 because of the retina display. I bought an iPad Air 2 because it was so incredibly thin, light, powerful and came with touch ID. My next iPad has very thin shoes to fill.
 You see with your mind, not with your eyes.
The Milanese loop looks great.
I bought a 6 partially because I thought the international roll-out of Apple Pay would have happened by now. Compatible NFC terminals are ubiquitous in Australia - in fact US credit cards already work here. I'd really like to know what stage the negotiations are at with Australian Banks and where the hold-up is.
I was ready, mouse and credit card in hand, but still missed the launch window because the Apple website was down (probably due to the server getting hammered). By the time I thought to try the iOS App all of the day-1 stock for the model I wanted was completely unavailable.
 I see yellow, red and ORANGE *squeeeeeeeeeee!* 
I think it's interesting that some of the watches handed out are one-of-a-kind models. Apple definitely wants to encourage people to make theirs unique. It does make me wonder why the default sport band options are so lacklustre though. Light blue, pink and the most horrid shade of green I think I've ever seen; hand me a sick bag.
New Posts  All Forums: