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Tying healthcare benefits to employment is stupid. Access to healthcare should be a universal right regardless of employment status, with timely and free (or at the very least affordable) basic care for citizens. This is exactly this kind of reason why governments exist to leverage bulk purchasing power and centralised decision making to drive down costs. Privatising healthcare drives profit-based activities and leaves our most vulnerable to delay seeking treatment early,...
The real issue was that people who had automatic downloads turned on weren't given enough information about the implications of this, or enough notice to turn it off. For some of these people it was pushed to their mobile devices over cellular, which had the potential to eat up their entire data allowance or even cost them hundreds of dollars for exceeding the allocated mobile data cap on their plan. When you view it that way hundreds of dollars does seem like an awful...
Cloud services do not exist for the purpose of convenient data fishing expeditions. If they want access to personal data they should obtain a court order that demands the user hand over their passwords, like they used to before the internet. If he believes he is entitled to have back-end access without the user ever being notified then I wholeheartedly disagree. We need to be more proactive rather than reactive in maintaining social order.
 It's clear talking with friends that the primary appeal of Android devices has been the screen size differential. There are those that are  Android may be flexible but it's clear that developers just can't cope with the hardware permutations. There are points where Google gets it very right (tags in Gmail for instance - the one thing keeping me from migrating to Apple Mail) but most android software leaves a lot to be desired. basic apps like Facebook and twitter (and a...
 Agreed. I use it as a TV sound bar, home stereo and portable boombox. The sound is phenomenal for the size and cost.
There is intrinsic value in actively pursuing diversity in the workplace. Companies full of middle class, white men tend to make middle class, white men decisions. This has the potential to be a problem if your customer base is broader than just middle class, white men.
It's been way to long   iPod refresh. Is it too much to ask for cordless bluetooth headphones...?
The pace at which they've attempted to capitalise on this schadenfreude reeks of desperation. I have to assume this is a concocted situation because Samsung et al are terrified about conceding the large screen advantage. I guarantee you there were crisis talks analysing ways Android OEMs could spike the release of Apple’s new baby. They can’t afford to stop using plastic and they don’t have the engineering prowess to match the features/design of the iPhone 6 at this...
Phew! Thanks internets. I dodged that bullet.
 News flash neither did the iPhone 6.
New Posts  All Forums: