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Australia please. I bought an iPhone 6 Plus for this and it's ridiculous that the next model is almost out before this is rolled out internationally.
I hope the second generation Apple Watch gets some awesome improvements.
By that logic, so could trees for supplying oxygen.
 I still have my 24 inch iMac from 1999 for this very reason. 
 Then stop multiplying everything by the square root of negative one.
I traded in my iPad 3 for an iPad Air 2 and really couldn't be happier with it. I'd love to see an iPad mini as thin as the Air 2, even if that meant a dramatic reduction in battery life. It would be the perfect device for reading (though probably not for text entry).
 I have a new rule: If a site requires flash it doesn't exist. It's worked so far. Eventually they'll get the message.
 If you were going with a dedicated console you'd be better off with the new 3DS. Much better game library than the PS Vita.
 No outright iPhone is sold at a $99 price point. It's meaningless discussion 'on contract' pricing in a world where iPhone 6+ can already be purchased for zero upfront. Total cost of ownership is really the only thing that matters.
The new blue and gold tones are absolutely awesome. I have no idea why they stuck with the current iPod touch colours for so long. They are truly horrible.
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