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OS envy > screen envy   In my observation Android apps often fail to capitalise on the screen real estate afforded to larger devices in order to maintain compatibility with smaller screens on low-end devices.   Apple could easily have released a 6" iPhone two years ago but they understand that introducing new resolutions generates additional burden on developers. In my opinion, as impatient as I've been with them Apple have struck the right balance here and also in...
It looks like a low cost hardware component that will facilitate a number of tasks for businesses like helping customers navigate stores, displaying product information or prices on request, requesting staff assistance and facilitating sales transactions. This would solve many problems for businesses and could provide incentive for them to get on board with an Apple-managed mobile payment system. 
It makes you wonder what Reuters motives really are?
I don't have flash installed and never want to. It's the most bloated crap ever. I hate it when websites refuse to serve content in a web standard format. That "friendly" suggestion for me to download flash makes me want to punch your website in the face.
Well there would have to be skilled human workers to service the robots. At least until someone makes robots to service those robots. I'm genuinely concerned about the long term social consequences of robots replacing unskilled labor. If we get to a point where no-one can afford to buy the things which the robots produce then the whole system collapses.
If we do see two sizes I think it will be "iPhone 6" and "iPhone 6+" in line with the "iPhone math" rumors.
The new radial menu seems to be a very specific design decision and has me wondering if this hints at a potential watch display form factor.
I think we are going to start hearing a lot more about third party extensibility. There are lots of advantages to offering a single app with additional pro functionality being offered (at a price) in a compartmentalised, but structured, way.
 Eventually devices may have entirely cognitive interfaces. There is little need for a display when pure concepts can be projected into your consciousness.
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