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 I see yellow, red and ORANGE *squeeeeeeeeeee!* 
I think it's interesting that some of the watches handed out are one-of-a-kind models. Apple definitely wants to encourage people to make theirs unique. It does make me wonder why the default sport band options are so lacklustre though. Light blue, pink and the most horrid shade of green I think I've ever seen; hand me a sick bag.
 In Australia the 42 mm sport goes for $579. Add an extra $300 for the equivalent steel model. It wasn't so long ago we were close to parity with the US dollar. *Sigh*
That looks like the same thickness as the Air 2, which is just amazing.
 Very short-sighted. Taxes can represent a good return on investment by way of bulk purchasing power. The kind that funds public infrastructure which builds the stable economies from which companies like Google reap the benefit. Profit offshoring is a sin commited in the name of the almighty shareholder. 
I tried this out at the Apple store and it blew my mind how realistic the sensation was. It totally obsoletes Apple's older diving-board style trackpads that were already best in class.
This little tidbit has conviced me to get the 42mm version:   "Apple Watch battery performance claims are based on test results from the 38-mm Apple Watch. A 42-mm Apple Watch typically experiences longer battery life."   http://www.apple.com/au/watch/battery.html
If manufacturers were smart they would build this kinds of one tap ordering feature directly into their products and set them to order from their preferred supplier.
 No, what I wrote had nothing to do with "beliefs". I described a logical argument that discrimination towards others cannot be considered a valid expression of religious freedom. Here's another: Consider a situation where person A's religious beliefs are infringed upon if X happens and person B's religious beliefs are infringed upon if X doesn't happen. Who's religious beliefs take precedence? How would you resolve that situation under these discrimination laws? Religious...
 Agreed, the pastel colours are truly awful. Though I'm not in the market for one I would like to see a what they look like in the deep blue, scarlet and orange hues of the iPod nano days.
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