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I hope they can pick up the pace with the international rollout. Given that most of the terminals here are NFC capable I was expecting 4 months tops. Maybe they always intended to get the rewards program together first and the US rollout was more of a proof of concept.
On the subject of email when will Apple bring Gmail style labels to iCloud and the mail app. It's really the only thing keeping me from ditching my Google account. I was so excited when Apple reimplemented tags in Yosemite (finally a file can have more than one colour label!) but this really needs to be in email rather than the file system. With folders you can only keep things in a single place but with labels you can mark an incoming bill both "Paid" and "Tax...
 The specific context in Australian is that corporate tax avoidance has been red flagged for years, both by a formal tax review and by an upswell of public interest as people become aware of what is happening.  The expected revenue from this measure in the recent budget is marked as a blank figure with an asterisk. They basically have no idea about the extent of the problem and probably no real intention of actually repatriating any money. This is a toothless tiger, a...
It's not just Apple. There are 30 companies being targeted in this measure. The double-irish-with-a-dutch-sandwich might be legal but it is not ethical. Company profit is a BENEFIT of being able to conduct business in countries with a stable economy and infrastructure. Companies which profit ought to reinforce the stability of those same economies through appropriate taxation. It goes both ways: there is no point in governments supporting business activity that doesn't...
 The iPhone 6 plus already has a higher screen resolution (and ppi) than the iPhone 6 and earlier iPhones. It's one of the primary reasons why I purchased the plus-sized model.
Global corporate taxation needs a systematic overhaul. It's not ethical for any company to reap the benefits of operating within an economy only to turn around and create artificial business structures that rob that economy of the revenue needed to support itself. Companies have little choice but to commit these sins in the name of the almighty shareholder. If we can't expect corporations to pay their fair share. We need globally coordinated legislation to close these...
I'm surprised by the 28 nanometre process. That seems an obvious place to improve power consumption. Based on the complexity of iFixit's teardown I doubt that this is intentionally a modular component. It will be interesting to see what the refresh cycle is like with this. I have a hunch Apple will be more likely to maintain the internals for the time-being and refresh the bands.
I bought an iPad 2 because it had a flat back. I bought an iPad 3 because of the retina display. I bought an iPad Air 2 because it was so incredibly thin, light, powerful and came with touch ID. My next iPad has very thin shoes to fill.
 You see with your mind, not with your eyes.
The Milanese loop looks great.
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