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 Though for the same price you can get an iPad Mini with retina display which has the same display resolution, an A7 processor and is 321 grams lighter.
Called it yesterday. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/165527/rumor-apple-to-launch-lower-capacity-8gb-iphone-5c-this-week/80#post_2489918
An 8GB iPhone is almost a feature phone.   An 8GB 5C may not be a replacement for the 4S (at least for now) but something intended to create a more gradual upsell path in some international markets. Consider the difference in cost for each base iPhone model in the US and the Australian Apple stores.   Outright price as per the US Apple Store iPhone 4S 08 GB US$450  iPhone 5C 16 GB US$549 (+$99) iPhone 5S 16 GB US$649 (+$100)   Outright price as per the Australian...
I think people misunderstand the role of the 5C in the product line-up. The 5C is only lacking sales now because the 5S completely knocked it out of the park. The plastic enclosure means it is relatively easy to knock together, and refresh the lineup with new colour options. for this reason I believe Apple will opt to keep the 5C at its current feature set and push it into lower and lower price categories (rather than translate the 5S into a similar platic enclosure in...
I'm really tired of the way all the termites come out of the internet woodwork and start trotting out bible verses every time the gay question comes up.   Humanity has already solved that discussion.
 Business owners (like anyone) have always had a right to hold their own personal values. Declining serve to a customer because their personal values do not align with your own is not the practise of "having values."
This needs far more coverage in the media. For all the "lack of innovation" that Apple gets accused of I, for one, am extremely happy they get the structural stuff right, their internal review processes work and they are open about the problems they are working to fix. What does Google offer? They "scan" their store for known versions of malware. Really? Because antivirus software has been such an overwhelming success in the PC world. /s It's pretty clear to me that...
Great! Another icon to add to the many others I've never felt any desire to click on. Give me a App Store and a first party, actual hardware controller and then we're talking.
Interesting how instead of the usual garish icons Samsung are now using outlined icons at typeset at exactly the same visual weight as the text. I can't possibly imagine where they appropriated that idea.
I love my earpods but I'd love them even more if Apple cut the cords.
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