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It feels weird paying money for an operating system. I wouldn't mind installing windows on my mac but not enough to pay for it. They lost me when they shifted their office software to a yearly subscription business model. Yuck! I'll stick with Word 2011 until it no longer works, at which point pages and numbers will likely be feature rich enough to carry the torch.
This is very reminiscent of the beautiful Apple Store on George St Sydney.
It's not just a matter of releasing a display as an isolated thing. The beauty of Apple's introduction of retina was the interplay between software and hardware. Prior to the iPhone 4 increasing resolution meant that everything shrunk on screens. The specific way that they implemented it meant that legacy content looked no worse than it did before, retina-aware content looked amazing and don't was sharper across the board. The only trade off was in battery consumption...
 Actually religion is the problem. I'm nuanced enough to distinguish between the actions of a few extermists and those of the broader muslim faith. However the existence of moderate religion conveys a sense of legitimacy to the spectrum of thinking upon which fundamentalism resides. Moderate religion also serves up a convenient garden from which extremist groups pluck young, fertile minds primed for unquestioning, anti-intellectual thinking. Religion simply clogs up the...
It will be interesting to see which argument the media will use to prop up anti apple-sentiment when even the market-share domino is starting to waver. Lollipop is really the first Android OS I would even consider using (for non-critical applications*). But with a future market expected to dominated by innovation-adverse players like Xiaomi that fork the OS and run on virtually zero profit it's not clear there is even a "market" outside of the Apple ecosystem. After...
As someone who has travelled inside and out of the U.S. I can tell you that I was surprised to discover how quickly credit transactions in the U.S. are processed. The delay after making a payment is intrinsic to the process in many parts of the world, making tap and go much quicker than signing or even chip and pin.
I don't think Apple should be selling 8GB devices anymore but I fail to see how this is different from what has been standard industry practice for some time.
Thank you Tim.
I was excited about the watch but I think it will be quite expensive to invest in generation 1 model. I decided to get a pebble for $80 and I'm having fun with it for now. I can definitely see value in this product category. I imagine I will eventually migrate to the Apple watch but I'll give them a couple of generations to work out any teething problems.
New Posts  All Forums: