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It could be argued that technically a sim ejector tool is not itself an "electronic" device.
 I wonder what a correlation between this list of countries and local precedents on intellectual property theft would look like?
I hope Apple shuts this down hard. Everything about this has been lifted straight from Apple's designs, trade dress and brand voice. This is about promising the experience of an Apple device at half the price. It won't deliver on the promise but the consumer isn't going to know that until Apple have been robbed of a sale. I understand now why Apple is constantly pushing for ever thinner form factors. It's one of the only things copycats can't achieve using off-the-shelf...
 Exactly. I have very fond memories of nintendo consoles and games but the resistive, single-point-of-contact touchscreen display was the nail in the coffin for me. They needed to make the online store more like the App Store. Thousands of 99c games instead of a handful of mediocre releases on a weekly schedule. If they had pared back all the crazy, gimmicky peripherals, made it HD and cheap (basically an Amazon Fire TV backed up with their NES/SNES library and Nintendo...
 I can't see a reason why a two-tone flash bulb can't be shaped like a circle.
Obsession is the wrong word. It's more flabbergasted at the gall of it all.This has been so poorly constructed and, for a supposed exposé on their design process, nothing revealed is insightful or justifies their internal design process. It's just marketing copy and an attempt to craft their own falsified narrative.The article didn't even have to explicitly draw links between Samsung's "original" designs and their iOS 7 progenitors because they are so blatant they are...
I hope one day Apple releases the iPhone in the 4G/5G iPod nano colours. I'd really love an orange iPhone.
 I'm fairly certain that the more exotic parts of healthbook, such as blood glucose monitoring, are being designed to pull data from dedicated non-Apple devices. The kinds of centralised control that people look for in home automation are also helpful for health monitoring devices and appliances. The iWatch will not necessarily be the one device to rule them all but something that showcases of the kinds of things that can be achieved when iPhone is the centre of the...
Get a move on Apple. They could have linked Touch ID to a keychain that entered all of your online passwords last year. Limiting the functionality to device unlock and iTunes purchases, and omitting it from the retina iPad mini, were the main reason I decided to forgoe upgrading both my iOS devices last year.
New Posts  All Forums: