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  Well now you do.
    We are moving away from the years of the "flashy feature phone" to a point where the most interesting thing about your device is the content you have on it.   Get prepared for more of the same. Apple is the incumbent in a field where device manufacturers are converging on the optimal design.   Almost any radical structural change is going to be a backwards step. They are already adding NFC, a taller screen, a better external speaker, and shaving 2mm off the thickness.
  Saw it last night for the first time and yes that scene is amusing. Ten steps of instructions in a miniscule font. Samsung design for sure.
    So... a judge that studies the documents in detail and follows a logical argument is "biased" but someone who forms their opinion based on the equivalent of a tweet constitutes a "fair trial".   The door is behind you. See ya.   The galaxy range are decent phones. They're positively amazing for android standards. But the only thing supporting those tent pole features is the bedrock of useability enhancements first laid down by iOS.  
Hang on... Haven't we already established Apple holds the intellectual property rights to the use of rectangles?
You wish is my command: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk5wjcUfuj1qij8bto1_1280.jpg
That's what "alleged[ly]" means.
It also happens to be both the year and date of my birth. :-)
Skeuomorphism is not always a bad thing. Yes the virtual knobs in GarageBand are not as easy to use as slide controls, but there is much value in improving visual disctinctiveness between applications.
I will never forget Microsoft's acquisition of Rare. It killed off one of Nintedo's best third party developers. None of their subsequent outputs were remotely the same. Nor were they accessible to the fan base that were responsible for their success.I still find Gmail a truly excellent experience, primarily because of conversation view. It's a million times better than microsoft outlook, which i'm forced to use at work; too much crud in the interface, slow ass search and...
New Posts  All Forums: