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This guys earns more in an hour than most people earn in a year!
"Free" is not what it used to be. Ad-supported apps end up costing the consumer in other ways.
I'd prefer if content was the same price everywhere until the entire industry can standardise around a single eBook format. I'm not interested in having half my digital media in Kindle and half in iBooks. Though the price does need to come down significantly, especially if the publishers are going to fork us over with DRM. In many cases it is still possible to order a single dead tree book on-line and have it shipped internationally for less than the cost of the same...
This would be really nice, especially if they went for a HiDPI displays. The current design is starting to look really chunky next to the svelte Macbook Airs. My 24 inch iMac could do with a refresh this year, but at this point I feel it's not worth buying anything that doesn't ship with a HiDPI display.
Dude, where's my iPod?
Honestly Meryl Streep had this in the bag.
Tim Cook knows about your 1.6 GB collection of LOLcats. The horror! Now do a story on how Facebook and Google sell your personal data for advertising revenue.
Including Mac OS X or iOS? I think not.
But a SIM ejector tool isn’t a “consumer electronic product”—it’s a “tool”.
Yes because I don't want to have to manage a personal information economy. Just choosing not to use their software is no longer a legitimate option because of their dominant position in the market makes it impossible for other companies to offer an equivalent level of service.
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