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Could they just say "iPad. Nothing else comes close." without mentioning Samsung?
Dear Apple, For the love of Steve please cram a decent dedicated graphics chip in it. I don't care about heat dissapation or how many vaginas you set on fire during testing. I don't want the hassle of a 15-inch laptop or some windows junk just to get premium graphics performance in three year old games. Sincerely, Me
My thoughts exactly. The shuffle has little place left to go, although I think the current model is ideal for exercise use—particularly the lack of screen—to keep you focused on your workout. The ability to purchase music on the go would innovate the nano but this would be a little awkward on the current nano.
Seems like a defensive move on Apple's part. The form factor and pricing will create interesting questions for customers. I don't think they would release it at $200. $300 should be low enough to peak the interest of first time buyers without putting it into direct competition with the iPod touch or the iPad line.
It depends on the velocity of the iPad relative to the observer.
Agreed. Now that wii u is about to price/complicate itself out of the casual market a gap is about to open up in the gaming market for a low cost iPhone like tv gaming console that supports a decent physical controller, effortless purchases, updates and iOS pricing. Touch controls have progressed gaming, but software controls are not so good if they mean you have to look away from the TV screen.
Worlds most energy efficient lap warmer with built-in entertainment.
I would think that the biggest barrier to social networking is that it is proprietary. Facebook has a large enough user base that most people will just put up with minor inconveniences such as an abysmal UI, unintentional privacy breaches and "apps" which exist solely to datamine, hijack profiles and spam contacts. Google+ actually has some decent tech but fewer than 10% of people I know use it. If only social networking was an open standard then I could flip zuckerberg...
It's not an unreasonable request. An 11-inch MacBook air with a 1 GB dedicated graphics chip would be my ideal machine. Ultra portable but a decent gaming machine when paired with a montor, mouse and keyboard. I realise heat dissapation is one barrier but the real issue is that apple leverages graphics performance to create tension between their low end and high end lines to encourage up sell. It would be nice to have an apple computer where individual components could be...
Developers would do well to take a look at TripView Sydney on the Australian App Store. The best implementation of transit app I've seen by far.
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