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Just curious: why trade gorgeous simplicity for outlook's clusterfuck of interface implementation masquerading as pro features?In the time it takes to locate any obscure menu in outlook I could have sent the email, sent the next one, scheduled a calender event and made a sandwich.
Hopefully this hints at Maps/Locations integration in international markets.   I'd really like to be able to request local restaurant reviews, directions etc.
    The deleterious effects are not on this sale but on the long term brand value.   The discounted retail price quickly becomes the norm demanded by all future customers. Wholesalers demand a lower wholesale price to maintain their profit margins. The manufacturer is then forced into the position of  developing the same product at lower and lower price points over time. This is likely to happen any way but manufacturers want to slow the process any way they can.
The key thing to remember is that part of the magic of "retina" is in the software. Specifically the way non retina-aware graphics are pixel doubled rather than shrunk.Any PC manufacturer can push out HiDPI panels and deal with customers complaining about the size of everything on screen. Dell and other PC manufacturers are dependent on Windows building in support for this. Windows 7 still does not display fonts anywhere near as smoothly as the antialiased ones in OS X and...
Exactly. The real development behind these displays is the way Apple seamlessly combines pixel doubling for non retina-aware graphics with sharpened fonts and retina aware graphics. Hitting some theoretically limit to acuity is less important than dragging the display industry out of the ~100ppi dullsville that it has been stuck in for years.This is more elegant solution than resolution independence which can't cope with lossless rescaling of non-vector graphics. It also...
The part is upside down. The headphone jack is to the bottom left and the earpiece is centre bottom with the speaker facing into the page. This part more or less confirms a similar device width to the 4S
    So if we take into account the ten year lead time that other tablet manufacturers have had over Apple they are really killing it.
In that case I'll take two.
"Cellular" and "cell phone" are not a part of the Australian vernacular. "Mobile phone" is used.
Burned? What were you listening too!!!
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