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That patent application is literally just a flow chart.
FYI—You'd be hard pressed to find an Australian car running on "gasoline". Aussie cars run on "petrol". This entire thread is ridiculous, because the ethereal definition of 4G is ridiculous. HSPA+ is technically 4G and my iPhone 4S has been running on it since launch day. Someone needs to nail these standards down. I'm very happy with my new iPad. It's a million times better than any other device with a similar form factor.
"Being polite" might be a new concept for you but keep at it and you'll adjust.
Exactly. This is a regulatory body responding to a complaint, probably by another manufacturer (Samsung?). There's no need for anyone to call anyone stupid. These days it's not enough just to say "it's in the fine print". This is not a "buyer beware" market. The onus is on manufacturers to ensure their claims are not misleading. I was really surprised to see Apple didn't do more to clarify this issue on the box (just like they didn't do enough to clarify that Siri...
Temperature is a non-linear scale. The amount of heat (in calories/joules) given off would be the same but is unlikely to result in a 20 degree increase in both examples given. That is why ambient temperature is relevant.
It stops third party advertisers/developers offering prizes like free in-game currency to users who download all the other specified apps in a group. It is currently possible because the advertiser can check if both apps have been accessed by the same iOS device. It also allows in-app advertisers to know which apps you own and how much time you spend on each etc. An ad-hoc system will be different because there is no way to link both apps to the same user without having...
Why? Can't any graphics files that not digitally signed as "retina ready" just be automatically upscaled like they are in iOS.
I wonder if only some of these cases are affected. If the polarity didn’t matter previously Targus might have just put them in randomly. Not matching the magnet orientation from Apple’s existing design is a pretty big engineering oversight.
Sounds like someone didn't read the article.
Why would it? This is exactly the situation the networks wanted to create.
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