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Can the protocol be updated? Folders are basically a labelling system where the maximum number of labels per file is one. When you move an file between folders it's analogous to applying a new label which erases the previous label. Far better to keep all content in one "All Mail" bucket and allow multiple labels to be removed/applied at will. For instance an email might be a shared utility bill in which case you might wish to mark it both "paid" and "follow up" to remind...
 All my iOS devices are still grandfathered into the Exchange server method, but that was one of the more shady moves they made.
Does this update bring native support for Gmail's labels? The folder paradigm (one location per file) is so limiting. I honestly prefer the simplicity of Apple's software but even the flag button iOS interface only lets you "mark as unread" or "move to junk" rather than apply a flag ("star" in Gmail) or label, which should be the logical function of that button.
Here's hoping they're gearing up for an iPad mini launch, though sporadic dates suggest it's likely a back-end upgrade.
Really happy to see sales in Australia going strongly. Yesterday I overheard two middle-aged guys on the train having a discussion about the dire straights Apple must be in and wanted to slap them hard.
I think Amazon deserves credit for producing such a quality tablet. I have a personal preference for Apple hardware and apps but could understand why many would find the fire's features and price points very appealing. I own a paperwhite and that's about as much kindle as I need for now.
I really love the zoom effect for entering/exiting apps. It gives you the user much more spatial information about where they are navigating to/from. The animation would benefit from tightening up just a little though.
 All versions of an app include retina assets, regardless of the whether they are loaded onto a retina or non-retina device.
Just held one at the Apple store. The drop in weight from an iPad 3 is definitely noticeable. I think I'll wait for the retina mini though. The only advantage I can see to the full size iPad is touch typing. For the difference in price you could buy the mini plus an actual bluetooth keyboard for less than the cost of the iPad Air. I was planning on buying a leather smart case but after handling them in store they added significant bulk and looked like plastic. definitely...
On iOS it would be great to if tapping and holding on a song would let you perform actions, like adding the song it to an "up next" playlist or queueing it to play immediately after the current song (before reverting back to the existing playlist). With bluetooth speakers there are loads of times when a song or artist will come up in conversation at a party and it would be good to play it shortly thereafter without interrupting the flow of the music. I much prefer to read...
New Posts  All Forums: