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 This is the biggest sticking point for me. I will need to see real world statistics on battery life before I commit to a model or not. I REALLY wish they had made the iPhone 6 enclosure flush with the camera lens and used the extra space to bump up the battery capacity. I think a lot of people will be opting for the 6+ just for the higher resolution and PPI display and increased battery when size-wise at least they would be better suited to the smaller model.
Every year I wonder how they can possibly make it better whilst still keeping it simple and accessible. Every year they amaze me with new, and critically, useful features.
 Oh how I do love a good price-based argument, especially in comparison to brands that made "negative profit" in the last financial year. As a customer I'm happy that Apple have decent margins it means that they have a stable future. How many people how invested in the Palm ecosystem are thrilled about it today? As an iPhone 4S user I happen to think the iPhone 6 plus represents good value for money, even if a raw spec sheet comparison might say otherwise.
 In the last year alone I've had two friends lured to Android handsets by sales reps to scores of facebook praise by Android users offering to help them set it up. Within a fortnight they were both posting ads for someone looking to buy a "barely used" Samsung model and both ended up with an iPhone 5S. The online backlash was amusing. One guy even said people were "expecting too much" if they wanted an Android phone that synced/backed-up in ways iPhone/iTunes has for years!
 The doublethink is Orwellian.
Amazing innovation Samsung. You took an existing product and made it larger without any considerations to function. When Apple waits until they can do it properly, with system-wide enhancements like Reachability they are just late to the game. Who in the world would possibly care about OS aesthetics, desktop class first party software, unparalleled 3rd party developer support, seamless interoperability with an ecosystem of devices, properly enforced app sandboxing,...
Personally I'd like to see a return of the bright anodised colours like the burnt orange and cobalt blue previously used in the iPod lineup.
 Google wallet uses Turkenization 
Oh man, reachability is an awesome implementation!
I hope the international rollout for this is rapid.
New Posts  All Forums: