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 No, what I wrote had nothing to do with "beliefs". I described a logical argument that discrimination towards others cannot be considered a valid expression of religious freedom. Here's another: Consider a situation where person A's religious beliefs are infringed upon if X happens and person B's religious beliefs are infringed upon if X doesn't happen. Who's religious beliefs take precedence? How would you resolve that situation under these discrimination laws? Religious...
 Agreed, the pastel colours are truly awful. Though I'm not in the market for one I would like to see a what they look like in the deep blue, scarlet and orange hues of the iPod nano days.
Tim just sold me an Apple Watch with his awesomeness.
How anyone can think that "religious freedom" extends to imposing their beliefs onto others is beyond me.   If someone has a religious objection to gay relationships the appropriate outcome is don't have one. Period. It doesn't give them special powers to discriminate against someone who might use their business (yes even a bed and breakfast) in the same way that my personal/religious objection to firearms doesn't strip other people of their 4th amendments...
 I fixed that for you.
 It's already autumn (fall) in the southern hemisphere. Does that mean we get new iPhones a full 6 months sooner than the rest of the world?
 It's actually worse than that because half the time when you do have it correctly oriented it's not aligned perfectly and because you don't want to push it in the wrong way and break something you end up trying the other side anyway. Then you have to work out which side felt the "least wrong" before jamming it in firmly.
I'm both terrified and excited about what the Apple Watch means for Apple moving forward.
It would be great if they made a physical controller with a 4-axis d-pad, ABXY buttons, 2-shoulder buttons (4 is too much) and twin analog sticks. While I recognise that the touch interface is great for some types of games (cardand board games) the touch interface is truly awful for interacting with games that don't require you to manipulate objects directly. I love my Wii U but it really struggles from a lack of third party content.
I really thought this would be in Australia by now. Compatible EFTPOS terminals have already been rolled out extensively and there are only a handful of major banks that would need to support it at launch all of whom have expressed interest. At least the NFC is locked down watertight so we don't have to deal with every bank trying to roll out a flustercuck of mediocre propriety versions.
New Posts  All Forums: