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 Business owners (like anyone) have always had a right to hold their own personal values. Declining serve to a customer because their personal values do not align with your own is not the practise of "having values."
This needs far more coverage in the media. For all the "lack of innovation" that Apple gets accused of I, for one, am extremely happy they get the structural stuff right, their internal review processes work and they are open about the problems they are working to fix. What does Google offer? They "scan" their store for known versions of malware. Really? Because antivirus software has been such an overwhelming success in the PC world. /s It's pretty clear to me that...
Great! Another icon to add to the many others I've never felt any desire to click on. Give me a App Store and a first party, actual hardware controller and then we're talking.
Interesting how instead of the usual garish icons Samsung are now using outlined icons at typeset at exactly the same visual weight as the text. I can't possibly imagine where they appropriated that idea.
I love my earpods but I'd love them even more if Apple cut the cords.
 Maybe it's because Apple is in the industry of manufacturing computers and not manipulating their own share price through dubious financial arrangements.
I'd love to see it mandatory that all company shares be held for a minimum period, say 24 hours or a week. In it's current form the market is just too manipulable. Day traders, and high speed trading systems on algorithms who start and end the day with no shareholdings produce nothing but pure profit (money pick-pocketed from others).
 I would say the biggest threat to Google is that they deal in an information economy rather than a cash economy. Google users are not customers but the product being sold to advertising customers. Awareness around the real world consequences of the information economy is building. Browser plugins that block all adwords, trackers and social networking plugins across the web are relatively trivial to implement. In fact in typing this reply I'm currently blocking 7...
 Well.... (Ahem)... That certainly increased the "thrown cat"-to-pigeon ratio.
I felt that withholding Touch ID in 2013 was a clear indication that the next version of the iPad mini and Air would otherwise see a modest bump in 2014. Touch ID in 2013 felt like the thin edge of of a much bigger wedge. Given it's initial success with a limited audience I can imagine Apple backing touch ID in a big way. Aside from enabling big push into mobile payments I'd really like to see them connect touch ID to a system-wide password keychain and simplify access for...
New Posts  All Forums: