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It could be kind of clever if the headphones themselves provided the ultrasound waves required for the de-burring process.
I agree. Technically it wouldn't be the ACCC, so where should we complain?
The only ebook I've purchased is Steve's Jobs biography which was $10 on the iBook Store even though it was $17 on the Kindle Store. I still see physical copies priced at $45.
You really are just an angry human being aren't you? The US may have a bigger apendage (Florida) but at least ours (Cape York) can still get it up.
I expect we will see this smaller process appear in the new iPhone. Think similar performance to the A5X but renewed focus on power efficiency and an “A6” moniker to reinforce that it’s state of the art. They are likely to move to 4G which will require power savings from other areas. The piece on extending the height of the display without affecting the width is very compelling. While I prefer the display ratio on the existing iPad and iPhone to that of most widescreen...
I concur with this entirely. I would also say Maps is also pretty excellent and Reader is... well... functional. The problem with Google is they are not using this new platform as an opportunity to do away with antiquated interface elements like the windows start menu. Selling out now for market share is going to bite them in the butt down the road. Pandering to corporate users in the now and forgetting to plan for the future is, and will be, the downfall of...
I thought it was an equivalent reading level to the post it was in response to.
You’re confusing two different stories here. It's more accurate to say it's "glassified metal". The “glass” portion refers to the disorganised amorphous (rather than crystalline) arrangement of the metallic molecules. The radio transparency derives from the amorphous state, which is not subject to magnetization or the shared electron flow of crystalline metals that results in them acting like molecular faraday cages. Cubic zirconia and zirconium are different things....
This guys earns more in an hour than most people earn in a year!
"Free" is not what it used to be. Ad-supported apps end up costing the consumer in other ways.
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