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Introducing the new iPod shuffle: The Internet. In your ear.
Because in "feeling for" a capacitive button you have already pressed it (even if this was not your intention). A physical button allows a user to differentiate between locating and activating.Imagine how annoying it would be to use a mouse that didn’t have any physical buttons and activated everything the cursor inadvertently moved over.
While I’m far from an expert on the subject I’ve read a little about designing/structuring spaces to enhance particular ways humans interact with the environment. The comment that this campus is not well integrated within the rest of the city is a valid point, but in all fairness which company really does that with their HQ now that secrecy is paramount to maintaining a competitive advantage? The design is not bad it’s just emphasising internal rather than external...
I think you get more than just “that Apple logo”.Windows and Mac OS X are poles apart in terms of usability, aesthetics, software integration, etc.What represents “value for money” probably depends on whether the consumer views the product as a means to an end or whether they value the experience of using the product as a whole (in which case they are most definitely not "the same thing").
I'd be concerned that the application icons for contacts, phone and folders are almost a pixel reproduction of the iOS ones.
Lets see: Siri voice integration Sensible notifications iCloud integration Improved camera sensor Better processor Larger capacity Larger display Thinner form factor If you collate all the rumours this update sounds almost too comprehensive for an Apple update. A response to the Android marketshare perhaps? Of those points I can most likely see them opting out of “larger capacity” - though I would like to see a 128GB model so it can truly become the one device...
Prior art?
That's a very sad situation. I have treated a number of stroke victims and I still find it upsetting when their body doesn't allow them the capacity to express their mind freely. My point is that it would be great if you could set up the tools your mum need to use in a layout that made sense to her rather than have to conform to some arbitrary layout decided on by a Microsoft employee.It's not that big of a deal. I'm just pointing out that you really can't get enough...
I know. I use it everyday. But unlike previous incarnations it can only support a single row of icons!!! This is not enough space to hold the text editing tools in addition to the other tools so you still end up having to juggle back and forth between the ribbon.
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