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Does anyone know why the standby time drops to 200 hours (from 300) for the new iPhone?
Dear Siri, how much will AAPL slide today?
I for one welcome our new iPhone overlords. What's with calling it "iPhone 4S" though? Perfect way to showcase the great new features by reminding everyone it looks exactly the same as last year's model.
The same people who currently pay $399 for an iPod touch.
The point is economies of scale. Significantly less coverage, but exponentially less subscribers. The American population might be uniquely distributed. But I would expect this extra infrastructure cost to be reflected in other industries such as freight and supermarkets where the US is clearly more price competitive.You’re quoting a contracted plan that includes handset costs. My comment was in relation to the cost of the actual service - best reflected in pay-as-you-go...
The phone network in Australia covers similar ground distances, consists of fewer carriers (potential for less competition) and exponentially fewer subscribers. Economies of scale mean we should be at a disadvantage. Plus our main internet connection routes through Denver!
In a normal market that should mean that any carrier with a lower prescriber base should be willing to poach customers from the others just by not screwing the customer for an arbitrary service fee (for a service that is not provided). I'd say that's evidence of cartel behaviour/criminal price collusion between the carriers. Why are people not rioting over this?
Is US$90 a month standard practice in the US? If so consumers are getting royally forked. Carriers thrive on less than US$30 a month (excluding the cost of the phone) elsewhere in the world. I’ve seen decent pay-as-you-go plans for as little as $12 a month. If capitalism is supposed to give power to the consumer why are none of the carriers undercutting the competition? Forcing carriers to release phone numbers and handsets for porting between networks would be a good...
The nano was bound to replace the shuffle given the similar form factor. I still love jogging with my second gen shuffle. I think the rusted orange remains the best colour finish on any of their consumer devices. It's still in pretty good nick. It will be a sad day when I eventually have to retire it. Does losing the classic hint at an 128GB iPod touch? I could see them going either way on this one. With iCloud and social technologies they could push the idea...
I think Amazon will do ok with this. If they can make the interface light and nimble it doesn’t really matter what limitations the revision 1 device has compared to the iPad. Although not so well established in international markets, their ecosystem is probably integrated well enough to establish a user base in the US. The primary failure of android tablets has been the inability to compete with the iPad on price. $250 is a lot more gift-able than $500 so this entry...
New Posts  All Forums: