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LetÂ’s just agree that there exists bad and good journalism on both sides of the political spectrum. Neither side can really claim the higher ground.
I'd like to live inside your mind, just for one day.
Sad. I wanted to invest in AAPL stock way back in 2003, but I couldn't spare the cash at the time (I was a university student living on 2 minute noodles).
And yet Samsung tablets are 1/4 of the experience of using an iPad. \
Decent GPU + Retina display. Please don't undercook this Apple.
My launch-day iPad just got delivered an hour ago. The display is awesome! Can't wait to get home and sync my apps.
Just got mine an hour ago. Retina display is fantastic!
To avoid individual customers from degrading the network to the point that other customers begin to cancel their service.They don't want to give a service away for free that they can otherwise charge for. They figure they have clout because of their larger network compared to Verizon.Because you have already paid for those minutes. They want to sell you something else. Also FaceTime utilises a data connection rather than a phone conversation connection. We had to deal with...
Can anyone confirm if this is currently possible with an iPad 2 tethered with an iPhone?I thought the distinctive tethering icon means apple devices treat tethered wifi connections differently to vanilla wifi.
Ive is such a stud.
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