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Is this the technology equivalent of the uncanny valley in action? The closer the iPad approaches device perfection, the more disproportionate it's limitations appear.
The actual tax rate is irrelevant. It the hope of a lower tax rate that is keeping money overseas. If it was half what it is now corporations would still hold out if there was a promise that a hike might be lower still. What is needed is for the US government to incontrovertibly rule out future tax hikes to remove the incentive for companies to hold money offshore (just in case). Taxation and the government should take steps to avoid becoming a system that can be gamed,...
113 degrees F is 45 degrees C which is the upper limit of the suggested non operating temperature on the iPad page.
Wifi will have zero effect on your child's brain or upbringing. Any evidence to the contrary is usually just real science being misinterpreted/misappropriated by people who want to sell you stuff. If the energy was intense enough to interface with organic systems we probably would have evolved the ability to see (or otherwise perceive) background micro-wave radiation in the natural environment. Only reason micro-waves ovens cook food is because they are a very specific...
LetÂ’s just agree that there exists bad and good journalism on both sides of the political spectrum. Neither side can really claim the higher ground.
I'd like to live inside your mind, just for one day.
Sad. I wanted to invest in AAPL stock way back in 2003, but I couldn't spare the cash at the time (I was a university student living on 2 minute noodles).
And yet Samsung tablets are 1/4 of the experience of using an iPad. \
Decent GPU + Retina display. Please don't undercook this Apple.
My launch-day iPad just got delivered an hour ago. The display is awesome! Can't wait to get home and sync my apps.
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