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Just got mine an hour ago. Retina display is fantastic!
To avoid individual customers from degrading the network to the point that other customers begin to cancel their service.They don't want to give a service away for free that they can otherwise charge for. They figure they have clout because of their larger network compared to Verizon.Because you have already paid for those minutes. They want to sell you something else. Also FaceTime utilises a data connection rather than a phone conversation connection. We had to deal with...
Can anyone confirm if this is currently possible with an iPad 2 tethered with an iPhone?I thought the distinctive tethering icon means apple devices treat tethered wifi connections differently to vanilla wifi.
Ive is such a stud.
Yes. Limited bandwidth. A few pigs at the trough spoil it for everyone else. Flawed forward planning by the carriers is to blame. Why they ever offered unlimited data in the first place is beyond me.
Your reality distortion field emitter appears to be malfunctioning. Please assume the party escort submission position and an automated appleinsider service robot will attend to you shortly.
Siri is absolutely Apple's way of tackling Google search. The one thing easier that navigating to your browser and typing is holding a button then talking. Why then didn't they bring Siri to the new iPad in full? If you are going to do dictation why not allow the user to reschedule a meeting or ask about the weather etc. I'm sure Apple have their reasons but they would be interesting to know.
I'm so glad this revolution is finally happening. Display density is one feature in consumer computers that has not improved greatly in the last several decades.
Siri seems to understand me most of the time. I tried Japanese Siri on the weekend but couldn't get her to understand anything other than "atsui desu ka", which is not surprising considering it's not my native tongue. Australian Siri sounds the most natural to me. Even the vocal pitch and inflections are spot on for the content. When she apologizes she actually sounds concerned.
Make it happen Apple. Multi-Touch is great for some applications but transparent controller overlays are very frustrating.
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