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I know. I use it everyday. But unlike previous incarnations it can only support a single row of icons!!! This is not enough space to hold the text editing tools in addition to the other tools so you still end up having to juggle back and forth between the ribbon.
Not meaning to be harsh but I'm often. 1. Moot point as of Lion. Also, expose and spaces means that window sizing is a "set once and forget" activity. 2. Agreed. Macs or not optimised for dual monitor set-ups. Though in all other instances having the menu bar at the top of the screen (rather than in the window) makes it much faster to access drop down menus (because targets at the top of the screen have an infinite height). 3. Doesn't the login screen just ignore Caps...
Agreed. Things like copy/paste/rename/select all do not need dedicated buttons. Even my mum knows to use ctrl+c etc. Why do they need to take up so much space with visual clutter? But the tabs are really what kills the ribbon. Why not just allow drag and drop customisation of a single menu bar? Power users should be able to take off the training wheels and have all the tools they actually use a single tap away instead of having to juggle back and forth between nested...
The "black" (which looks grey to me) might just be a layer of foil on the other side of the white paint. It could be there to improve the opacity and reflect more white light through the front face of the device, making teh white appear more brilliant. I do notice the “foil” doesn’t have the same footprint as the white paint on the outside though. Could this be the origin of the “thinner bezel, larger display” rumour? I hope we see a 64GB iPhone 5 this year.
This is why the iPad (and iOS) is a magical device. Microsoft, has conditioned people into thinking viruses are just an inevitable part of computing. They are certainly not going away when antivirus companies have an ongoing financial incentive. Apple has shown them that the system just needed to be overhauled. I'm sure there will be the occasional virus that sneaks through the App Store in the future but I trust that Apple will be quick to deal with it. They...
I'm backing this approach.
Will anyone join me in moving a few copies to the "religion" section of their local book shop?
I wonder if Apple gave any thought to constructing it from the "highly recyclable" glass used in many of their products.
It will be sad to see such an industry heavyweight fall. Gaming would not be what is today without Nintendo. But the writing has been on the wall for at least the last three years. I knew for sure that they were treading water when they started drawing heavily on their back catalogue The Wii initially looked very prosperous but most of the successful games were Nintendo staples. Zelda Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are seriously good games. But once...
Dropping the optical drive will allow them to overhaul the form factor. It will be interesting to see which direction they take this in. Is this the first time they've had a Mac with a dedicated graphics card for under $1000?
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