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I'd settle for any Mac under $1500 with a 1-2gig dedicated graphics card. It could have a 6 inch screen for all I care. Pigs might fly!
Easy. The product is priced based on it's perceived value, rather than it's actual value.If the consumer's choice is only between iPhone A and iPhone B (since you can't use iOS on any other phone) then Apple are not subject to the same types of competition as the manufacturer of a phone using a generic operating system.This is what PC enthuisiasts refer to when they reference the term "Apple Tax". In reality it happens everywhere from pharmaceuticals to skin care to popcorn.
I'm looking forward to seeing the final costs associated with this service. It would be very nice if over-the-air syncing of basic stuff like emails and contacts formed a complementary service for those with an iPhone/iPad. The data involved would be negligible compared to something like streaming video content. Wishful thinking probably.
Why would it be 4GS? That's just unnecessarily complicated. It will be iPhone 5 running iOS 5.
Those methods all require active input from the user and planning in advance. Apple's service can happen automatically in the background whenever you purchase a new track. Not saying it's necessarily worth the money they will want to charge for it though.
The redesigned nano primarily exists to upsell adult customers to an iPod touch. By removing the click wheel they removed the primary reason (other than price) people sight for preferring the nano over an iPod touch. Children seem to manage the screen ok with their smaller fingers.I also think it's strategically part of their forward planning. At some point in the future the cost of manufacturing the nano will start to bump up against the cost of manufacturing the shuffle...
This might just be the first time I buy one.
Ballmer is the best employee Apple's ever had.
There are tons of numpties out there. They google "free Mac antivirus" and implicitly trust whatever google search throws up. They probably also click on banner ads proclaiming them a winner for being the millionth person to visit a site. Before using any web service for the first time I, at the very least, google "servicename + scam". That's not to say it's not Apple's responsibilty. I hope this is another area they take the lead, unlike Microsoft, which allowed an entire...
This x 1,000,000 Windows alerts are logic haiku. Unsave changes? [yes], [no] or [cancel]
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