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Really looking forward to how all this is falling into place. Retina display, improved camera optics and Siri all address the primary limitations of the iPad 2. I doubt it will feature a quad core processor, 128 GB or LTE though. Seems like too much at once. I like the idea of Apple TV but will wait and see if they will be pushing a dedicated app store or leveraging airplay.
I think this is a pretty strong indication. Releasing a week after the announcement is about optimal amount of time to generate maximum hype.
Can't wait to play Carcassonne on this beast.
Looking forward to the death of pointlessly enormous, low-pixel-density displays. So many of today's computing tasks can be achieved more efficiently on a modestly sized display with a higher pixel density.
Don't forget the Coloured Ray Array Processing.
I would legitimately buy an Apple bike.
If I have to use a PC I use chrome so I’m glad that the unified entry bar is coming to safari. I wonder how this will translate to OS X since the on-screen keyboard for URL’s is different to the one for general text entry (ie [ . ] [ / ] [ .com ] instead of spacebar).
LOL. Actually my transaction was in another currency but well done.
Oh Noes!
The screen alone is a monumental update. The processor gain probably won't be realised because of the increased graphics demands but it the update will be nicely rounded out by Siri and better camera optics. I'd be more likely to consider cosmetic and form-factor changes as insignificant updates. The iPad 2 was a notable exception in this regard because the rounded back of the iPad 1 was completely fugly, unnecessary and impeded function.
New Posts  All Forums: