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In the absence of a "definitive" android device for developers to develop software for: yes.
The software is still at fault for not accurately communicating functionality to the user. Microsoft Office is a huge offender in this regard. Even the "help" section is hopelessly convoluted.
I look forward to reading about their success/failure on my new iPad.
Well you could always buy a truck and take up farming.
Not if Apple has detail R&D documentation leading back years/months and those other Samsung products were tossed together weeks before their release (not saying that's how it went down). The key aspect of Apples "retina" display technology is the 4x increase in pixel density which offers the most elegant solution for backwards compatibility with non retina graphics. Specifically the same implementation I suggested, on this very forum, they should adopt many months before...
It's because no one really wants a shitty Google logo watermarked on their journal content. That and they may be testing the waters for a broader roll out. I was half expecting something to come out of that highly detailed mapping tech we heard about a few months back.
I feel like the new Apple TV interface is just taunting me with the promise of a dedicated App Store that should be there but isn’t. But the iPad update is fantastic!
Same here but last week and different currency. Actually had 5 buyers lined up! Thanks rumor mill!
They've never acknowledged that it even has RAM! It always been established by post purchase teardowns.
LOL, I think not!
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