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If they do curve the glass in some manner it's probably going to be very subtle, imperceptible even. I'm inclined to think that many of us are thinking about this the wrong way - that the curved glass is really a reference to "softening" the sharp edges near the external antenna. Imagine doing away with the plastic frame that holds the glass in place, both the front and back surfaces "melting" around the edges to meet the antenna. Apple have an increased incentive to...
I doubt it will be called "iPhone 4S". The iPhone 3GS was probably only called that because it was the third iteration of the device but "iPhone 3" sounds like a retrograde step coming from an iPhone 3G. Steve has never been fond of convoluted product names. In can't imagine he would be thrilled to label a product something which suggests it is only a half baked improvement on the previous model (think Nintendo DS > Nintendo DSi > Nintendo DSi XL).
I imagine it would be reserved for tracks you have purchased from your iTunes Store account for three reasons: 1) the integrity of that data is guaranteed 2) Apple has existing access to this data 3) It adds value to music purchased through the iTunes Store compared to music purchased elsewhere and imported (which Apple does not make money from)
Is Google just spooked by the relative ease with which handset makers could displace Google Search with Facebook or Bing if it were truly an open platform?
But doesn't that just create lots of shadows?
I am very happy with my iPad 2 for most things, but would definitely buy a kindle if it was more or less the same as it is now with a touch responsive screen (instead of the awkward keyboard and four way direction control) and it integrated seamlessly with text based web services like Google Reader, Gmail, Twitter etc.
I've never had a problem getting podcasts onto my 2nd gen shuffle. You just drag and drop them onto the shuffle (or into the playlist you sync with your shuffle). I listen to them at the gym all the time.
So now they're buidling castles in the sky...
I have an idea they're doing it so the focus is on the content. I like the aqua blue look and was initially sad to see the brushed metal looks go, but I now think that was for the best. Now that Microsoft et al have effectively "cheapened the brand" by plastering overly glossy textures and transparency effects everywhere (even in places it doesn't make sense to include them!) Apple has to distance themselves from the gaudy sideshow. This is all about focus, reducing visual...
So how long until we see a "system on a display?"
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