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Same here but last week and different currency. Actually had 5 buyers lined up! Thanks rumor mill!
They've never acknowledged that it even has RAM! It always been established by post purchase teardowns.
LOL, I think not!
Well spotted
I agree with everything you've just said.
If Apple stores provide free wifi what would be the point of in store LTE exactly?
Yes but it’s all fun and games until someone loses a finger (or an eye). If biometric information is if stolen it cannot be changed (unlike a credit card number).
LOL! That is how the rumor mill reads sometimes.
Gesture for one digit backspace has been there a long time to my knowledge. Have used it from time to time.
Well I did predict Apple would quadruple the pixel count on their mobile displays to simplify backwards compatibility months before anyone saw the iPhone 4 or apple coined the term "retina display". They can't all be winners.
New Posts  All Forums: