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My thoughts exactly. This is probably a defensive patent but there is prior art written all over this.
Actually, abstinence has a failure rate second only to the rhythm method. Indoctrinated shame around condoms is the primary reason why American teen pregnancy rates are six times higher than in many other developed countries with comprehensive sex education in schools.
In Nintendo's case it would actually be a terrible move. The majority of their profit is driven by hardware sales and software exclusively released on their own hardware. Additionally, none of their software is suited to a device without tactile controls.The wii is a very good system - it's the online experience that is lacking. They should borrow from the app store rather than acquiesce to it.
You can. I use it all the time, because I read the fine print and chose a service where tethering was supported free of charge. The only reason it might not work in the US is because short-sighted carriers offered plans with unlimited data which they are now trying to claw back using every mechanism at their disposal. It's interesting that US carriers responded to iMessage by upping the one-size-fits-all access fee. They are driving customers onto a service that directly...
Those grapes are pretty sour Microsoft. The "preaching to the choir" marketing strategy from Samsung and Microsoft is a sure sign that they are bilging customers.
Me too. It's the perfect upgrade from my second gen iPod touch.
You misunderstand. Any exclusive arrangement would be with MasterCard at the exclusion of Visa (or vice versa) rather than the exclusion of Google. Apple brings a captive market to the table. The advantage for the card partner is that all payments from that captive market go through them rather than their competitor. Visa/MasterCard would gain no benefit from signing any agreement with Google or Apple that would limit their own share of NFC transactions to a single market....
I posted exactly same idea the first time this rumour was discussed. I don't think apple has the leverage to cut the card companies out of the picture entirely. After all the iTunes accounts are linked to credit cards in the first place. Apple can't allow you make purchases using gift card credit because those regularly sell for as much as 33% off the face value. Imagine the chaos if people realise it only costs $40 worth of iTunes credit to purchase $60 worth of iTunes...
It would make a decent alarm clock for those without an iPod touch/iPhone. Hopefully it will not be used for music though. People who sit on public transport listening to rap or bollywood music through external speakers make me want to punch humanity in the face.
I mostly like the new kindle lineup. It's not a Jony Ive standard of design but they're not as fugly as some of their competitors either. Time will tell if the quality of the content is going to justify the investment in the ecosystem. They are definitely getting a leg up from the success of the App Store though. You only have to look at the apps they are showcasing in their promotional materials. The want you to think you can have the app store experience for half the...
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