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Apple TV HD. Calling it.
Well at least it's now clear what the motivation behind the trademark dispute was.
Yes I’m over the wall of application icons all branded with “HD” to identify them as iPad specific. Apple needs to reign this in and encourage more developers to release universal apps.Better to watermark “HD” on the buy button like they do with “+” for universal applications.
The convex back is horrible. iPad 2 is at least as comfortable when held and it's way more stable resting against a flat surface.
The smart cover is fantastic. Scratching is not an issue if you take reasonable steps and don’t treat it like a Frisbee. My iPad 2 fits in a separate compartment in my day bag so it’s never in contact with keys or coins. If resting it on a rough surface I just place it smart cover side down. Insert or clip-on cases detract from the aesthetics/feel of the device. That's enough to make it worth getting over the anxiety of trying to keep it in mint condition. I Just sold...
I think it's related to accessory compatibility. The new iPad will not fit most ipad 2 cases because of the slightly thicker back panel. They will probably avoid calling it iPad 2S for this reason.
Really looking forward to how all this is falling into place. Retina display, improved camera optics and Siri all address the primary limitations of the iPad 2. I doubt it will feature a quad core processor, 128 GB or LTE though. Seems like too much at once. I like the idea of Apple TV but will wait and see if they will be pushing a dedicated app store or leveraging airplay.
I think this is a pretty strong indication. Releasing a week after the announcement is about optimal amount of time to generate maximum hype.
Can't wait to play Carcassonne on this beast.
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