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I'm sure Apple will become very interested in selling us on the benefits of music formats with larger file sizes when they want us to upgrade from 1TB SSD iPhones and Macbook Airs to 10TB SSD iPhones and MacBook Airs.
I think iOS is going from strength to strength. The people I’ve spoken to who prefer android tend to fall into 2 categories: those who enjoy spending hours tinkering with code and customising their devices and those who are happy with 60% of the iPhone experience for 60% of the price. iOS + curated App Store has solved so many fundamental problems that other tech companies have long relegated to the “too hard” basket–identity theft, malicious code, software compatibility...
I think consumers would be more interested if it had a dedicated Game (App) Store for HDTVs, slightly roomier internal storage (16-32GB) to better support app storage and supported a standard Apple-branded console-quality controller out of the box (even though that would mean a higher price). It doesn’t need to be as gaudy at an Xbox/Playstation controller. Just something more tactile than a multi-touch glass surface.
"Stay hungry?" A review of their in flight service perhaps? I kid. V Australia actually has the best in flight service I’ve ever seen.
Survivor Guatemala! Now those were the days...
This article begs the question: why haven't American carriers figured out they can give away every iPhone for "free" simply by rolling the upfront fee into the monthly charge (which can simply be different for each model)? The only price that should matter is the total cost of ownership, so if the upfront price is a barrier to many customers why not just eliminate it altogether?
The iphone has the best hardware and construction but lacks physical controls. The PS vita has the best button layout but the software is hit and miss. Nintendo has the best software catalogue but the construction is half-assed, plastic, clamshell, two-screened, awkward, behemoth with zero battery life. What's a gamer to do?
And yet self immolation is still preferable to navigating America's healthcare system.
And orange smart covers.
What "new dimensions" do you think it will bring to gaming? Apple have traditionally been very conservative in this area. I think it would quickly devolve into 99c apps like angry birds you can play during ad breaks.
New Posts  All Forums: