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A spudger is the probing tool they used to disconnect the connector, rather than the name of the connector itself.
This rumour I believe.
And isn't the purpose of paying taxes for the "social good"?
I think it's simpler than that. It is significantly easier to find & subscribe to content on an iPad than using some publisher's own web service. The cost of producing content+profit gets evenly divided amongst all subscribers. Publishers can be reasonably be expected to gain more subscribers if their product is available. If ALL subscriptions are done through the app store they only need about 40% more people on a subscription to make more profit at the same price point...
It would be nice not to wait another year just for a retina display but I think it's unlikely. Considering the lack of competition in this market I'd expect them to launch updates on pretty much a yearly cycle. To stabilise the share price Apple also have a need to even out their sales figures throughout the year. Currently iPods occupy the (northern hemisphere) autumn slot. We have iPhones roughly 3 months before that and the iPad roughly three months before that. I...
For a retail price of US$200 outright it would be difficult to deliver a handset with enough compelling features without cannibalising their own price points. I'd say it's unlikely unless it's part of a bold move by Apple to have everyone using a near field chip connected to an iTunes account to make purchases, instead of their credit card. I wouldn't put it past Apple, but it would take a bold, and well coordinated, move.
Things work very differently in other parts of the world. I still can't believe you actually get charged for receiving calls and texts (it's free to receive on this side of the pond). You are 100% correct in saying the "real" cost of the phone is incorporated into the plan. It's in the phone companies best interest to have everyone locked into a contract. If you're not getting significantly better deal when you are outside of a contract then you are being taken for a sweet...
Fair point. That's mostly just xbox live and people taking themselves too seriously. It annoys core gamers as much as it annoys "newbies" though. Don't let them put you off. Personally, I love introducing people to new experiences and watching their faces light up when it "clicks". Some games are just more quality experiences than other games, particularly if the player is forced to make interesting tradeoffs (starcaft 2) or the mechanics of the game reward experimentation...
Is that interface based on real information? A windowed interface is just embarrassing on a portable touch device at this point. Microsoft have an opportunity to innovate handed to them on a platter and they deliver the same interface over and over again.
I guess this explains the popularity of The Sims. "Mainstream" gamers really need to suck it up. I found the difficulty gradient for World of Goo to be extremely well thought out. Sure, I had to take pause for thought every so often. After all you are continuously being bombarded with types of challenges you've never seen before. But that's the stuff every gamer should dream of.
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