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Just wait until the near field communications chip allows apple to take a cut of every transaction you ever make.
Very true. The lack of credible competition means they have breathing room to push out a mediocre update. I know why they do it. Why not make extra profit by using ipod image sensor components if you can get away with it? But now I've gone from "here's my money" to "maybe/maybe not".
A major challenge for the film industry is that people are generally willing to pay for content but they are not always willing to wait until some arbitrary, "official release date" in their region. Region locking feels very unfair in what has become a global village.
Lack of vetting apps before they are uploaded is the main problem. Rogue software is a huge problem. It's good to see apple take the lead here on an issue everyone else has put in the toohard basket (or worse: sought to monetize like the antivirus approach).
As a user I am all for this. Software installation has, in the past, been a hazy agreement about what was being installed where and how permanently. It's like being asked out on a blind date at a tattoo parlour. Applications like Adobe Flash appear to be little more that sugar coated trojans which exists solely to allow advertisers to track your behaviour online. I'm not going to use it for all my software but the App Store provides peace of mind that if I drop an...
Defintely iPhone only for now. The advantage this has over the visa model is that the iPhone's screen can be used to display the transaction amount securely and provide a simple "tap to confirm purchase" button. It could also generate electronic receipts so that businesses save on paper. All they would have to do is slightly undermine Visa/Amex/MasterCard fees, make it plug and play and businesses would be on board.
The cynic in me wonders if the slight repositioning of the mute switch will flow into the iPhone 5 design and if consideration was given that this would force early adopters to discard their free iPhone 4 bumpers for new, paid ones.
I thought it was a great article. As a gay man I enjoy reading about people being successful in the traditionally homophobic boys club of big business. Cook has had such success in his personal and corporate life that it would be hard to see him being upset by this overwhelmingly positive discussion. And it is relevant because it speaks to the corporate culture at Apple where people are celebrated for their performance and their ideas. If I could suggest one improvement...
I'm with this. But the information we are hearing does seem like too much to upgrade at once. Perhaps apple views honeycomb as a marketshare threat and wants to hit this one hard. Regardless, I am expecting apple to find a way to underspec some critical feature so people generally love the device but are more or less forced to upgrade next year.
Scaling by non integer values does introduce significant distortion, especially for text and straight lines. I suppose you could windowbox the game though. That might work. I wonder what pre-iPhone-4 apps will look like on it at 4x zoom.
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