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I wonder if Apple gave any thought to constructing it from the "highly recyclable" glass used in many of their products.
It will be sad to see such an industry heavyweight fall. Gaming would not be what is today without Nintendo. But the writing has been on the wall for at least the last three years. I knew for sure that they were treading water when they started drawing heavily on their back catalogue The Wii initially looked very prosperous but most of the successful games were Nintendo staples. Zelda Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are seriously good games. But once...
Dropping the optical drive will allow them to overhaul the form factor. It will be interesting to see which direction they take this in. Is this the first time they've had a Mac with a dedicated graphics card for under $1000?
Awesome. Anyone want to fund me to develop a protective case that can use the iPhone accelerometer to detect a fall event and deploy a miniature parachute?
Boggles the mind why anyone cares which oppression du jour is cheerfully re-branded and espoused by this unintelligible cretin.
Magsafe works well for laptops because they are heavy enough to resist being pulled off the table if you trip over the cord. You could conceivably scale down the guass for a lighter device but then you run the risk of a weak magnet making it feel cheap.There are other tantalising possibilities. It could be primarily for helping the connector to snap into place for inductive charging. No need to dedicate space to a cavity that only serves to accept a dock connector. iCloud...
I heard it will be powered by the dashed hopes and dreams of android fanboys.Too far?
I agree with the consensus, but would like to add a few points to the discussion. Does this analyst understand the reason companies release new or upgraded products? There is a perception that companies immediately release new technology as soon as it's available for the altriustic benefit of everyone—this is rarely true. The drivers of th upgrade cycle are primarily:to stimulate growth in sales to gain or maintain market share (especially in a highly competitive...
Slightly concerned that the dip between January and March correlates with when my partner lost his iPad 1 travelling overseas.
According to the article it's called an Emily.
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