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I wouldn't have thought "very" poor but thanks for taking the time to let me know. I'll be sure to run my thoughts by you before posting next time.
Will Australia be one of the few markets to see a price drop for the iPad 2?The Australian dollar is 15-20% stronger against the greenback than when the iPad 1 launched.And the iPad 1 dropped a massive $180 in Australia following the iPad 2 announcement. US $499 -> US $399AUD $629 -> AUD $449My hunch is that the Australian iPad 2 will be priced from $599.It's a rounder figure than $629 but still leaves a conservative buffer should Apple be concerned about volatile changes...
I don't think that was genuine information. Was't it just economic speculation that the lead up to Christmas is generally a peak purchasing time and therefore a good time to launch a new product if you want quick market penetration? I think Apple products are generally seen as a "destination" purchase by most consumers. It probably doesn't really matter when they get released because people save up and buy exactly what they want rather than make do with what they can...
Wait. I'm confused by your response. There was nothing hysterical about my post. Of course Apple know about scalpers. Why else would they limit purchases to two units per person?
This is what I assumed to be the case when the US shipping dates for the online orders slipped within hours. Apple Australia are advertising that they will have them available for "preorder" online which I guess will give a few days notice next week if that's the case.
It would be polite of Apple to release it internationally according to the schedule they announced. I've already arranged for the day off work on the 25th and want to claim a refund on the sales tax, which I can only do if it launches before a trip that has already been booked and paid for. An international launch helps Americans get their products quicker too because it removes the market for professional scalpers.
Actually it needs a multifaceted approach. Lots of it is spent on prevention. In africa in particular it takes a lot of money to dispel the misinformation spread, by the catholic church in particular, about the use of phrophylactic methods.Monogamy and abstinence are certainly methods that can be effective novel approaches to combat transmission. But I think it is naive to suggest that everyone is equally suited to, or even capable of, those approaches.I'm intrigued by...
I hope Apple's willingness to delay the American shipping times to "2-3 weeks" so quickly is an indication they are dedicated to the international release schedule as announced. March 25th - here I come!
I hope international shipping runs to schedule. I've already arranged for the day off work. I have gift vouchers left over from Christmas so I'm constrained to buy it at a particular store.
I hope Apple retains the current design for the iPhone 5. I'm not really a fan of this "tapering edge" fetish.
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