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No it's not. It's double the resolution along each axis. It's a four-fold increase in pixel density but resolution does not mean pixel count.
Too many models. More likely to be: iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi - US$499 (as is) iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi - US$579 (A5X chip, retina display) + 3G option iPad 3 32GB Wi-Fi - US$649 (A5X chip, retina display) + 3G option iPad 3 64GB Wi-Fi - US$729 (A5X chip, retina display) + 3G option I think LTE will debut in the next iPhone.
That’s a common misconception about what the word resolution means because the words “along each axis” are implied but frequently omitted.“Resolution” is not synonymous with “pixel count”. The pixels are resolved to each axis (vertical and horizontal) which is why resolutions are reported as “640x480” rather than 307,200 pixels.Resolutions are used because they are more meaningful that a raw pixel count–which doesn’t contain any information about the ratio of the number of...
That was my first thought too... but I wouldn't trust their intel to be that reliable.
I understand what you are trying to say but oversimplifications of this nature (good v evil) which fail to accommodate the actual complexity of the circumstances are generally not helpful?
They'll probably save that for next time. We're already getting an exponentially better screen and processor. If they do too much now it creates a problem the next time you want everyone to upgrade. The better camera makes sense now because of the screen.
Oh that's gravy. I'm glad you registered just for this!
That says it all, really. I wouldn't be surprised if Bush personally hand-picked him for the position based on their "mutual qualities".
Wii sensor bar. I saw those homebrew head tracking videos when they first came out and I can’t believe that still no major manufacturer has followed up on this. It seems like the head tracking effect would work wonders for on-rails shooters - having to duck and weave IRL to dodge virtual projectiles “bullet time” style.
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