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Give the 11 inch air 1GB discrete graphics and I’m there. Best Starcraft 2 device ever. I think the 11 inch Air is the only Mac that supports the (optimal) 16:9 resolution.
Do we know the sales figures? I remember those orange shuffles being pretty popular back in the day.
Thanks. That's good to know. Red would have been my choice too.
Why would they discontinue the orange cover? I can't imagine it was less popular than some of the others. They've never done justice to the color green. A darker forest green in polyurethane would look nice. I would have bought a leather one except I read that the dye stained other fabrics. Is that still (or was it ever) an issue?
Oh this is juicy. And Steve was right of course. Everyone else was chasing miniaturised QWERTY keyboards and/or resistive mono-touch displays until the iPhone came out. Google bought android because they knew if Apple gained market share then they would lose their death grip on mobile search. Having sat on the board of directors throughout the original iPhone development Google was privy to specific information about Apple’s business model. It’s not as if this...
The situation will never really be rational until the carriers offer pricing that doesn’t assume a built in subsidy.If carriers were legally required to unlock multicarrier devices at the end of the contract period (since the customer has effectively purchased it in full) then normal market forces would keep pricing fair.If at the end of your contract period they stopped automatically charging you the hidden “subised handset fee” then more people would be satisfied with...
I've been using command+spacebar for basic calculaions since Leopard. In Australia the service charge is built into the cost of the purchase so us Aussies rarely get much practice tipping. When I travelled in the US last year I found Tipulator quite helpful. It’s particularly good that you can round the tip to the nearest palindrome so that when you review your bank statement it is blatantly obvious if someone took a larger tip from your card than you had signed for.
Incorrect. It shows the rate of iOS adoption was slowing, but that more users were still purchasing iOS devices versus android. Even if the rate of adoption fell below that of Android it would might take a while before the installed user base tipped in favour of Android.
The natural language aspect is great isn't it? It's rather humorous how it gets derided as "just another implementation" of voice control. Detractors don't seem to appreciate that it's a decidedly different approach to a computer parsing your speech for specific, predetermined phrases.Siri is here to stay for the simple reason that it is easily the fastest way to input calendar events and set up reminders. I can't wait until the location-based stuff works outside the US...
Works amazingly well in Australia. I'm very impressed with how well Apple have managed the software. I think Siri has a slightly different accent in Australia to the voice demonstrated in the US version. Most of this message was constructed in dictation by Siri, with a few minor edits. Still, I asked her to tell me a joke and she replied: "two iPhone's walked into a bar". Indeed.
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