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Zynga don't make "games" so much as they manufacture environments where people make micro-transactions in order to "do stuff". They basically appropriated the same business model used by slot machines. Cigarette manufacturers also have a successful business model. Does their economic success absolve them of their social responsibilities?
Hah! This from a company that can’t even develop a native iPad App? Who would trust a service this infamous for bilging basic personal information onto search engines and newspapers with something as sensitive as their credit card details? Enjoy playing farmville while the hackers are mining your bank account.
This is exactly how my mind reads posts of this nature. If you indicated you were turning the random Toshsamsonydell thingy into a hackintosh you would have a point worth making.It's not that Macbooks don't go horribly awry, because they certainly do from time to time, it's that volunteering to use Windows software feels like volunteering to have a frontal lobotomy.
I can confirm that they're real, frequent enough to be considered the "actual" price and not tied to any purchase.http://www.giftcardsonsale.com.au/calendar/ Disclosure: I have no connection with the above website.
After installing Snow Leopard I thought any direction Apple took the operating system was just going to be gimmicky. I wasn't that thrilled about iOS creeping into OS X, but after watching the developer preview I'm really looking forward to Lion, particularly their incredibly disciplined implementation of multi-touch. As an observer, the staged roll-out of multi-touch, from halcyon days of two finer scrolling, felt excruciatingly slow, but extremely satisfying now that it...
Doesn't every student already own three iPods by now? It makes sense that the promotion is iTunes credit since their focus is now on cultivating a garden of users with healthy (paid) app-etites in order to attract developers. Though $100 credit is not really $100 value. Those cards routinely sell for 25-50% off their face value in brick and mortar stores. However, the current line-up of macs offers more value than they ever have (particularly for international...
In the example you have described the resolution has been doubled along one axis. The iPhone 4 the resolution was doubled along both axes. In a theoretical volumetric display you might double the resolution along three axes. The "along all axes" can be inferred because modification of the aspect ratio results in a qualitatively different type of array. The root word "resolve" has very specific meaning.
It is correct to say that it quadrupled the number of pixels on the display or quadrupled the density of the pixels but this is not what the term "resolution" refers to. But when measuring a display's resolution the number of pixels are "resolved" to each linear axis. Since the number of pixels along the vertical and horizontal are have both been increased by a factor of two it is accurate to say that the resolution has been doubled. It is implied that the aspect ratio is...
Elsewhere in the world, BYO (bring your own phone), Prepaid, Month-to-month plans are much cheaper than the equivalent “contract + phone” plans. In most cases they are cheaper by approximately the “hidden” cost of the phone. Also US$649 is cheaper than any unlocked iPhone currently available internationally so those prices may prove very popular with travellers.Carriers want customers locked into a contract because it guarantees their custom for the duration of the...
I thought Americans had guns to resolve situations like that.
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