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The iphone has the best hardware and construction but lacks physical controls. The PS vita has the best button layout but the software is hit and miss. Nintendo has the best software catalogue but the construction is half-assed, plastic, clamshell, two-screened, awkward, behemoth with zero battery life. What's a gamer to do?
And yet self immolation is still preferable to navigating America's healthcare system.
And orange smart covers.
What "new dimensions" do you think it will bring to gaming? Apple have traditionally been very conservative in this area. I think it would quickly devolve into 99c apps like angry birds you can play during ad breaks.
I like the felt, chalk and wood grain. It reminds me of the pool table racecourses from micro machines.
My thoughts exactly. This is probably a defensive patent but there is prior art written all over this.
Actually, abstinence has a failure rate second only to the rhythm method. Indoctrinated shame around condoms is the primary reason why American teen pregnancy rates are six times higher than in many other developed countries with comprehensive sex education in schools.
In Nintendo's case it would actually be a terrible move. The majority of their profit is driven by hardware sales and software exclusively released on their own hardware. Additionally, none of their software is suited to a device without tactile controls.The wii is a very good system - it's the online experience that is lacking. They should borrow from the app store rather than acquiesce to it.
You can. I use it all the time, because I read the fine print and chose a service where tethering was supported free of charge. The only reason it might not work in the US is because short-sighted carriers offered plans with unlimited data which they are now trying to claw back using every mechanism at their disposal. It's interesting that US carriers responded to iMessage by upping the one-size-fits-all access fee. They are driving customers onto a service that directly...
Those grapes are pretty sour Microsoft. The "preaching to the choir" marketing strategy from Samsung and Microsoft is a sure sign that they are bilging customers.
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