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If I have to use a PC I use chrome so I’m glad that the unified entry bar is coming to safari. I wonder how this will translate to OS X since the on-screen keyboard for URL’s is different to the one for general text entry (ie [ . ] [ / ] [ .com ] instead of spacebar).
LOL. Actually my transaction was in another currency but well done.
Oh Noes!
The screen alone is a monumental update. The processor gain probably won't be realised because of the increased graphics demands but it the update will be nicely rounded out by Siri and better camera optics. I'd be more likely to consider cosmetic and form-factor changes as insignificant updates. The iPad 2 was a notable exception in this regard because the rounded back of the iPad 1 was completely fugly, unnecessary and impeded function.
I’d like to see the new chip for Apple TV allow for an App Store with the complete console experience. I hope this update is not just about a spec bump to 1080p. How would Airplay mirroring even work now that iPad 3 is getting the retina display?
I have a buyer coming to purchase my 16 GB wifi model for £300 today.
This is literally how my mind parses posts of this nature. I'd be interested to know if I'm the only one.
No it's not. It's double the resolution along each axis. It's a four-fold increase in pixel density but resolution does not mean pixel count.
Too many models. More likely to be: iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi - US$499 (as is) iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi - US$579 (A5X chip, retina display) + 3G option iPad 3 32GB Wi-Fi - US$649 (A5X chip, retina display) + 3G option iPad 3 64GB Wi-Fi - US$729 (A5X chip, retina display) + 3G option I think LTE will debut in the next iPhone.
That’s a common misconception about what the word resolution means because the words “along each axis” are implied but frequently omitted.“Resolution” is not synonymous with “pixel count”. The pixels are resolved to each axis (vertical and horizontal) which is why resolutions are reported as “640x480” rather than 307,200 pixels.Resolutions are used because they are more meaningful that a raw pixel count–which doesn’t contain any information about the ratio of the number of...
New Posts  All Forums: