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Get a move on Apple. They could have linked Touch ID to a keychain that entered all of your online passwords last year. Limiting the functionality to device unlock and iTunes purchases, and omitting it from the retina iPad mini, were the main reason I decided to forgoe upgrading both my iOS devices last year.
Still I wish that Apple would change up their release schedule to make it a little less predictable. If they always release in September/October then competitors clearly know when to ramp up the anti-Apple PR machine.
If Apple Insider doesn't do its due diligence in moderating this discussion away from being another soapbox for the heteronormative cheer squad I'm going to stop visiting this site. So many self-identified experts yet so little insight. And then with the bashing.
iPhone 4/4S is ~600,000 pixels iPhone 5/5S is ~730,000 pixels 1,334-by-750 is ~1 Million pixels 1,920-by-1,080 is ~2 Million pixels I really hope that they get the screen resolution right and aren't too conservative, especially since they won't revisit this for another 2 years. I realise they have been somewhat hamstrung by backwards compatibility but 1080p is a pretty important spec to hit. Android phones have been shipping with 1,920-by-1,080 displays for a while. We...
 I was certain they were in the wrong over this, but what you have written does make a lot of sense.
 Welcome to the iPhone 4S keynote circa 2011. 
I'm conflicted. My brain's left hemisphere thinks it's obscene that anyone can get paid that amount my right side knows with Tim Cook it's worth every penny. I'll think I'll have to revise it to it's obscene when bad CEO's get paid that amount.
 I wonder if this will fall under the scope of Apple's patent on using a touch screen gesture to unlock a mobile device?
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