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I miss my orange smart cover.
 By all appearances the display on the gold model has definitely been faked. If you look below The edge of the display and the (parallel) edge of the phone don't have the same vanishing point. The headphone jack also looks weird. 
It looks legitimate to me, at least for a design model. Especially after seeing it's dimensions overlaid with an iPhone 5S:     Some points: Sunny Dickson has a recent track record Component quality, fit and finish is similar to other Apple device leaks The design improves significantly on the current model without introducing many tradeoffs (except for a small increase in height). Maintaining the same width as the iPhone 5S avoids the main drawback of...
I feel great sadness for the many decent people in Russia who have had their country hijacked by corruption and divisive politics. Some people should just never be given the reigns of power. My country is reeling from a similar, appalling lurch to the political right. Six years unwound at the stroke of a pen by a fearful, duped public, and the machinations of a complicit media empire. It's not even traditionalism or conservatism: it's just cronyism, scapegoating and class...
 Nothing says marketing win like the phrase "only slightly larger." And this would be totally be compatible with Touch ID.
I can see the concept of the Apple wearable more clearly now. Where others have envisaged a screen on the wrist that duplicates what is happening to the phone in your pocket the Apple wearable will give your iOS devices insight into what is happening inside your body. Imagine future iOS devices doing situational and context-aware computing. Options like "do not disturb" could have a setting that turns it on/off when you are asleep/awake.
 This kind of "close enough, good enough" thinking that typifies the PC world, drives me crazy. Flash might be easy to code for (debatable) but doesn't provide a good user experience - it's propriery, resource intensive does not allow the user to perform secondary click actions and creates yet another hidey hole for advertisers and trackers to snoop on the unwitting user.
 If you speak with an Australian accent you should set Siri's language to Australian otherwise it will not correctly interpret your natural speech; particularly vowels.
Regardless of whether PayPal is involved Apple has a lot riding on mobile payments. If they can deliver an acceptable mobile payment experience (that kind that NFC promised but failed to deliver) touch ID mobile payments have the potential to eclipse even their iPhone business.
New Posts  All Forums: