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On iOS it would be great to if tapping and holding on a song would let you perform actions, like adding the song it to an "up next" playlist or queueing it to play immediately after the current song (before reverting back to the existing playlist). With bluetooth speakers there are loads of times when a song or artist will come up in conversation at a party and it would be good to play it shortly thereafter without interrupting the flow of the music. I much prefer to read...
I love the way Jony's brow oscillates between surprised and determined/serious when he talks.
It's really curious that the new iPad Air and Mini are matched spec-for-spec except for price, weight and PPI, all of which the mini beats out the Air. I was willing to sidegrade to the mini from iPad 3 for the weight alone. A7 makes this is a massive upgrade. It seems doubtful that the mini could match the Air for battery life as quoted though.
 I don't understand why people talk down what Apple did with retina. Computers which emphasised larger displays at low DPI have been grating my eyeballs for decades. High DPI displays made digital typography not just bearable, but a thing of beauty. I sold my iPad 2 for an iPad 3 and suddenly I could read scientific literature as  full page PDF without having to zoom in. I also get my local newspaper delivered digitally. It's just been wonderful.
 Pixel count and resolution are related terms; both independent of display surface area. It's pixel density which varies (inversely) with the display surface area. The mini simply used the display panels from the iPhone 3G cut to a larger size. A retina mini would likely use iPhone 4/5S display panels with a comparable 4x jump in pixel density. Expect the mini to look exactly like the display on the iPhone 5S only larger.
 Agreed. Though that definitely makes it a win for Apple. I think the 5C will really pick up momentum when it cascades into lower price tiers and begins displaces iPod touch sales. I'd like to see them refresh the colours. Red, orange and purple would all look nice. The yellow model is excellent. I'd like a to see a more intense blue (ultramarine?). The pink and green models are truly hideous.
Could Apple realistically require Samsung et al to remove capacitive multi-touch from existing and future devices?
"A lot" gives me hope that we'll see Mac Pro and Macbook Pro announcements in addition to iPad and OS X Mavericks.
 I only know one person who owns a mac mini and it's basically a content server for their home entertainment system, something that could be replaced by a USB hard drive connected to a router. Much of the joy of using a mac is interacting with Apple-quality display and peripherals, something you don't get with BYOKDM.
New Posts  All Forums: