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I don't understand the use case that drove this specific design decision. It feels like the hardware team had the technology to do it so they just did it then the software team had to make sense of it. The only function I can see that actually makes sense is the tool that allows you to use it as a lined ruler, but even then it still compares unfavourably against a 30c plastic ruler. This is what Apple refers to when they talk about FOCUS being defined by the ideas they...
 I'm inclined to think that Apple will keep the iPhone 5C exactly as it is and just continue to drop the price. It is relatively easy to keep it fresh by changing up the colours without other modifications. Their goal with this model is to eventually offer a very cheap phone that will displace the iPod touch from the line-up. They have chosen not to launch it as a cheap phone but launch it as a premium model and adjust the price downwards over time as they did with the...
This is going to be a massive upgrade from my iPhone 4s. The last two years have been a bit of a struggle with Apple setting up a lot of infrastructure behind the scenes and not appearing to make much external progress/ In the meantime Samsung et al were taking all the easy wins with screen size, price etc. Now all of Apple's ducks have lined up and they're ready to reclaim the thunder. I predict this will be another huge inflection point where Apple's sales/profits take...
iPhone 6 (plus) iPhone 6 iPhone 5S iPhone 5C That's a lot of price points.
Exactly. This is not a timepiece, but an iPhone peripheral that provides it with more context because of it's continuous intimate contact with the user. Think do not disturb mode that turns on when you're asleep rather than at set times. It has a place in the future of technology because it enables things that were not possible before.
 Introducing the most power-efficient iOS device yet.
"Wish we could say more."   More screen, more talk time and one more thing...
 That's funny. I've had both September 9 and September 19 bookmarked in my calendar for at least the last few months based off information garnered here, or on similar sites.
That's funny. When I saw the circular shape my instinct was "oh cool they've redesigned true tone into a single bulb instead of using two separate bulbs".
I, for one, welcome our new sapphire overlords.
New Posts  All Forums: