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Tim Cook is a champion. He absolutely gets it. This is why I'm more than happy to spend my money supporting this company.
I wish this was in Australia already. It's one of the reasons I upgraded my iPhone. I thought the international rollout would be so much faster given that most retailers already have the EFTPOS terminals. Seems like financial institutions are dragging their heels.
If employees can unionise to ensure that they're not being exploited by their employer why can't publishers unionise to ensure that they're not being exploited by Amazon? There is nothing that says Amazon has a right to sell books. Their business model (selling eBooks at a loss to spur kindle sales) was clearly at the expense of publishers hard copy sales. In my opinions publishers threatening to window Amazon was no less ethical than Amazon introducing artificial...
 This actually happened to a networked drive in my workplace last week. Cryptlocker virus. Thankfully we were able to just restore from a backup.
As someone with very limited training in visual basic from my school days plus a brain-full of creative ideas at least as cool as flappy-bird balanced by the full understanding that an app may be a passion project with zero return on investment, how would you suggest I get started on building my first app?
I think Tesla's looks great but I don't think I'd ever spend that much money on a car.
This is a smart move by Obama. So called "tax holidays" unfairly favour companies with lots of cash that can afford to keep it overseas. If you grant them, companies are only going to manipulate their taxation behaviour in the future.   I obviously don't know the detail on this bill (and with politics the devil is always in the detail). But speaking generally It's not a good idea to allow companies to repatriate cash at 5% when you can tax at a higher percentage...
This speaker was is one of the best purchases I've ever made. The sound is ample for a small house party. The auxiliary input connects to my TVs headphone jack for use as a soundbar. I love that it's portable with great battery life. Very easy to pick and take to any room of the house or even the backyard, park or beach. The bluetooth connections can be a bit fiddly to set up if juggling multiple devices.
It feels weird paying money for an operating system. I wouldn't mind installing windows on my mac but not enough to pay for it. They lost me when they shifted their office software to a yearly subscription business model. Yuck! I'll stick with Word 2011 until it no longer works, at which point pages and numbers will likely be feature rich enough to carry the torch.
This is very reminiscent of the beautiful Apple Store on George St Sydney.
New Posts  All Forums: