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 Nothing says marketing win like the phrase "only slightly larger." And this would be totally be compatible with Touch ID.
I can see the concept of the Apple wearable more clearly now. Where others have envisaged a screen on the wrist that duplicates what is happening to the phone in your pocket the Apple wearable will give your iOS devices insight into what is happening inside your body. Imagine future iOS devices doing situational and context-aware computing. Options like "do not disturb" could have a setting that turns it on/off when you are asleep/awake.
 This kind of "close enough, good enough" thinking that typifies the PC world, drives me crazy. Flash might be easy to code for (debatable) but doesn't provide a good user experience - it's propriery, resource intensive does not allow the user to perform secondary click actions and creates yet another hidey hole for advertisers and trackers to snoop on the unwitting user.
 If you speak with an Australian accent you should set Siri's language to Australian otherwise it will not correctly interpret your natural speech; particularly vowels.
Regardless of whether PayPal is involved Apple has a lot riding on mobile payments. If they can deliver an acceptable mobile payment experience (that kind that NFC promised but failed to deliver) touch ID mobile payments have the potential to eclipse even their iPhone business.
We'll I'm due for a new iPad and iPhone in 2014. This has more to do with the iPad 2 and 3 being such stellar products (and planned obsolescence on behalf of the android crowd: need the latest firmware? buy a new device!).
 On the contrary I think the 5c will be around for a looooooooong time. It's currently out-shined by the 5s but represents an apex of simple, technical design. Once Apple begins building more differentiating value into their high end devices, such as larger resolution displays and services centred around touch ID (key-chain and mobile payments) the 5c will be more freely able to cascade into lower price points without cannibalising profit margins where I can easily see...
Happy 30th birthday Macintosh (and me!).
It's the small touches and refined attention to detail that most endear me to Apple.
2014 is warming up to be the year I upgrade both my iPad and iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: