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Isn't the contract sufficient at securing payment from the customer? Do they unlock the device after the contract period expires? Could be a ploy to diminish the resale value.
I’m not surprised by this. The iPad 2 runs very smoothly on 512 MB of RAM. Safari caches internet content making multi-tab browsing fluid. I’m not a number cruncher but iOS can probably achieve more with 512 MB than a PC could with 1GB because of the lack of overhead. Although some people malign Apple for not offering “true multitasking” I see their implementation as a boon for users because it prevents software developers from authoring lazy code that constantly runs...
Nintendo have always prioritised online safety above fostering a sense of community.I have owned several Nintendo consoles from the NES to the Wii so count me as a fan. But even I can see most of their innovation comes from Shigeru Miyamoto. They have increasingly drawn on their back catalogue in recent years which makes me nervous that they are scrambling.The physical controls and lack of lag (eg kinect) are very strong points. But compare the seamless connectivity of the...
Agreed. The graphics processing capabilities of the iPad 2 are excellent. Can't wait to have the A5 in my pocket.
The potential is pretty awesome, especially given the spoking support for legacy devices as long as there is an A5 hub. Glad to see an Aussie developer (Firemint) managing to punch above its weight. I hope this is an avenue Apple will be very interested in exploring in the future. Apple TV would be a much more attractive option if they built in support for their own App store. The Wii U will probably underwhelm in the seamless connectivity department (and the tablet...
We should all send an Apple card to 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino.
Indeed this is a sombre moment, but I feel incredible sense of peace. He died a supernova; extinguished at the peak of his career, his influence will pervade the entire known universe. Although we never met in person he was the most influential man in my life. He truly changed the world. And me. RIP Steve
In comparison to the iPhone 4, Yes. Though it's heaps better than the 128x160 display on my Nokia.
New Posts  All Forums: