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Agreed. It's a beautiful piece of equipment but a failure to take into account the conductivity of human skin when in contact with the exterior of the device is undeniably a design flaw. Regardless of what Apple's official response is this generation I guarantee that the antennae on the iPhone 5 will be properly isolated. Steve is well aware that an early recall of such a high profile product would cost money and tarnish Apple's brand image. But when you actively cultivate...
If the world really was serious about poverty we would have a 0.001% tax on international currency exchanges. That is a speculative market that produces nothing except wealth for those who are already wealthy. 0.001% is negligible for most individual transactions but would still generate several billion dollars per day that could be earmarked for food and medical care for those in poverty.
Thanks for the info. All my concerns are now resolved. I doubt that the bars were being "accidently" over-represented though. Up until today I assumed that there was an agreed standard to the units being displayed. But if it's an algorithm that is able to be independently manipulated of course Steve is going to set it to overestimate the bars to "showcase" the new antenna design. I bet he figured that any dropped calls from five bars would be blamed on the network. Still...
I'm curious if this issue also occurs if you bridge the other seam between the antenae at the top of the phone. I am holding off until the end of next month to see how the dust settles on this issue. I will be disappointed if apple use their market dominance to pass off substandard products. People might say just buy a different phone but once you're enjoying the integrated connectivity of the iTunes ecosystem there really are no other phones worthy of considering. Just...
Apple employees will never have seen so many penises in their lifetime.
This all seems like an horrific oversight to me. They should never have had seams for the sake of seams in the first place. If they engineered the headphone jack and the 30 pin connector to become "natural seams" necessary to isolate both antennae that would not interrupt the clean lines of the design and would not introduce the same kind of interference regardless of holding the phone left or right handed. But why are there three seams if there are only two sections...
if you make that decaffeinated it's called a "why bother".
I think the new mini looks nice. The price increase this time is probably strategic. That gives them two opportunities to drop the price by $50 instead of adding new features at the next upgrade cycle. Apple needs that space in case CPU/hard disk bumps are not cost effective for them around the time of the next upgrade cycle.
The iPood...?
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