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I thought it was a great article. As a gay man I enjoy reading about people being successful in the traditionally homophobic boys club of big business. Cook has had such success in his personal and corporate life that it would be hard to see him being upset by this overwhelmingly positive discussion. And it is relevant because it speaks to the corporate culture at Apple where people are celebrated for their performance and their ideas. If I could suggest one improvement...
I'm with this. But the information we are hearing does seem like too much to upgrade at once. Perhaps apple views honeycomb as a marketshare threat and wants to hit this one hard. Regardless, I am expecting apple to find a way to underspec some critical feature so people generally love the device but are more or less forced to upgrade next year.
Scaling by non integer values does introduce significant distortion, especially for text and straight lines. I suppose you could windowbox the game though. That might work. I wonder what pre-iPhone-4 apps will look like on it at 4x zoom.
Here are the images in question.
Instant purchase.
I guess this means the new nano was popular. I like the simplicity of the home button. I like that consecutive taps always take you to the app folder>springboard>first home screen>search no matter where you are. I don't see Steve ever asking people to perform a scrunch gesture (five finger pinch) on an iPhone sized screen for something as rudimentary as returning to the home screen. If they did remove they home button anywhere it would be the iPad. I imagine that...
I would have thought network performance was entirely dependent on the quality of the signal each company was able to provide in a given area. In that sense the model that suits you most will depend entirely on where you are using it. Is that too fanboy?
Yes and no. I think if it was about cosmetics then Steve would prioritise having fewer gaps than having more in order for them to be symmetrical. I was surprised that he didn't didn't disguise them further the first time around by locating the gaps at the headphone jack and the 30 pin connector socket. I think this means the antennae sections will be at the top and base of the device and the two straight metal sections on the sides will serve to separate the two antennae...
I thought that was clear from the outset. The speaker will be on the bevel so it is not in contact with any surface the iPad may be laying against. The design cue is from the iPod touch not the iPhone 4.PS- Merry Christmas!
That's not true:http://images.apple.com/ipodtouch/de...ks20100901.jpg The rounded edges now level out into a completely flat surface (so the iPod lays flat). This is not the case for the third generation iPod touch and first generation iPad. The current iPad has a sharp edge but a rounded back surface. Apple took this design cue from the iMac (so the consumer would think of it more as a computer than an oversized iPod touch).
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