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Slightly concerned that the dip between January and March correlates with when my partner lost his iPad 1 travelling overseas.
According to the article it's called an Emily.
Smart move on Apple's part. I initially thought that going with copper now would cause all kinds of headaches in the future. But if the current ports will truly be forward compatible this will let them get the technology out now at price that can compete with USB3 and allow them to defer the optical technology until a time dictated by the market.
I hope I can shed some light on this issue. Apple seldom adjusts the pricing on their products mid cycle. The international iPhone pricing was set last July when the American dollar was much stronger against the Australian dollar than it is now. The good news is that this will be adressed when the iPhone 5 releases later this year.
First rule of business. Get agreements in writing before investing in infrastructure. ...and didn't Apple buy a bunch of glass contouring machines for their suppliers so they didn't have to shell out?
So true. The pricing on the 3TB is a bit awkward though. Buying two 2TB time capsules only costs $100 more for an additional 1TB of additional storage and basically a repeater for doubling the size of the network footprint. Considering you don't need to buy them both at the same time and I can see this down-selling customers who would otherwise consider the higher capacity model to a 2TB in the short term.
Fewer models simplifies supply issues. Cosmetic features are an easy way to add perceived value to a high end model. They are also more likely to spur sales when they are genuinely infrequent.
I have to call you out on that. I would have to assume you've not spent much time abroad. America doesn't have mandatory voting the only people who vote are those who feel most strongly about political issues. Since moderates tend not to vote they also tend not to actively pursue information about political issues which means that there is no market for news sources which do not assume their audience has a particular political affiliation. Although it's presented in a news...
Admittedly they did spend a lot of time working on the appropriate multi-touch gesture for "I consent to all of my personal information and the personal information of all of the contacts in my address book being instantaneously and irreversibly uploaded onto the internet".They were going to go with flipping the bird at the screen until Zuckerburg realised nails are not sufficiently conductive to operate a capacitive display.
I agree with your points I just find it overwhelmingly depressing that "$" is the benchmark of "success".
New Posts  All Forums: