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I'm still annoyed that Microsoft bought Rare. Some of their SNES and N64 games were incredibly innovative. And then they started developing for xbox 360 and just petered out into nothing. If they were releasing games on the Wii they would be creating pure magic and the prequel to Perfect Dark wouldn't have sucked. Sometimes it feels like Ubisoft and Capcom are the only decent 3rd party wii developers left.
Free iPad engraving is Apple's way of preventing people from returning Christmas presents for the updated model due to be released in January.
I think that some people would be happy to trade away some control over content for a dramatic increase in perceived security. At the very least the app store might encourage developer to really polish the entire user experience. Lots of developers make sure they have glossy buttons and CGI introductions but then dump files in the most random places in your operating system making it difficult to remove the program. Then again, large corporations already have their own...
looking forward to the upcoming Keynote.
I have a facebook account only because everyone else does. I don't use it to share what I'm actually thinking because of concerns about security and that something I say write may come to bite me in the ass. I think most people use their presence on facebook as "a performance". Those are the three things that I hate most about facebook.
I'm sorry to disappoint you but Best Buy doesn't exist where I'm from. I shall have to assume you're far more informed of what's happening on that side of the globe. Perhaps it's best chalk it up to one of those international peculiarities like vegemite or handguns.
Ouch. ha ha. In my experience, which is probably very little, most people have a genuine gmail address for regular communication and an alternate for signing in to things that require an email address "for verification purposes" but you don't really want the inconvenience of being bombarded with their "newsletters".
That's funny.I don't know any tech person who DOESN'T use Gmail as their main email address.I like the look of mobile me but the barrier for me is the business model that emphasises recurring costs. I wouldn't mind a high one-off cost like I did for Snow Leopard or iWork. But I don't even have a phone contract. Call it subscriptionitis.From a consumer standpoint I think the kindle has the most fantastic business model. Free, ongoing, international 3G access for the cost of...
We already have cameras that can recognize and take a photo when you smile. Chatroulette has technology that can detect male genitals in a live webcam feed. Didn't apple buy a company that had face detection technology from within video. A way for Apple to appear more wholesome and worry free for parents is probably an easy path to more sales. Though why any kid would be given an iPhone is beyond me.
Affected me yesterday. I just reset the alarm for an hour later and went back to sleep.
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