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The extent and variety of imperfections in those defective boules suggests very lax quality control.   It makes you wonder if there isn't a major design fault in the furnaces themselves.
Launch it in Australia already! Apple Pay compatible PayPass/PayWave terminals are everywhere.
I went from the 4S to a 6 and adjusted within two weeks. I thought I'd miss one handed use but I really don't. Pocket-ability is the main priority. I'm not a big guy but it's fits in all of my pockets no problem. The display is stunning. It's noticeably more crisp and spacious than the regular 6. Great for surfing the web and watching movies. The display and battery means it could easily replace a lot of the reasons I use an iPad. And that's what the 6 feels like; an...
Maybe he's just a regular guy like the majority of people you offended with your binary stereotypes.
Still happy to use Office for Mac 2011. I don't need another yearly subscription fee in my life.
I encourage everyone here to be respectful in their replies to this article. If you hold strong personal views on this topic please a deep breath and consider that a technology forum might not be an appropriate forum to share them.
 In the short term the question really boils down to whether customers want the reward points enough to change where they shop, and how much custom the retailers can afford to lose in their effort to avoid credit card fees. We already know the answer to this from the existing credit card system. Many business absorb fees because they can't afford to lose customers. I imagine that Apple Pay/Passbook will eventually work in tandem so you can choose to subscribe to coupon...
 I actually don't understand everyone's opposition to iTunes. Apart from The removal of the sidebar (which was momentarily confusing) I think the interface has improved a little at a time. I do wish the iOS version was easier to use - for instance a long press on a song should give contextual options like "add to playlist". On the go playlist management is a million times more awkward than it needs to be. I agreed that they really need to spin other content out of iTunes...
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