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 Google wallet uses Turkenization 
Oh man, reachability is an awesome implementation!
I hope the international rollout for this is rapid.
Those models will get apple pay functionality via a connected apple watch.
iPhone 4S - 8GB (3.5") [some markets]iPhone 5C - 8GB 16GB (4")iPhone 5S - 16GB 32GB (4")iPhone 6   - 16GB 32GB 64GB (4.7")iPhone 6+ - 32GB 64GB 128GB (5.5")
If they can do them for 99c without a contract I'd pick up a few for handing out as business cards.
 iPhone 5ciPhone 5s As is. No changes, except for cascading down the pricing tier.
 This. A million times this. An electronic payment system is the missing piece to PassBook. 1) Customers get better than card present security and a unified system to replace all the loyalty card chaos. 2) Businesses get iBeacon advertisements and easily quantifiable stats and tracking for repeat customers, possibly with a lower fees than they could individually negotiate with credit card companies. 3) Apple gets access to reliable data on businesses for their mapping...
 Have you considered that the rounded display edging might be an intentional evolution of the design? The point being to remove sharp edges and marry the display to the enclosure in one continuous, touchable surface. Since recent versions of iOS have introduced edge of the screen gestures this has a functional aspect in terms of improving user comfort. I wouldn't be surprised if Sir Jony Ive addresses it specifically in his design overview. It's also something I've...
 There is no way Apple would load up an entire cargo ship with their products. For starters they need to transit product to more than just two locations. Also container ships do occasionally sink and that loss would represent an unacceptably catastrophic risk for the company. Even if they had insurance to covered costs the cost to the brand in botching a release would be immense. It's more likely that 70%+ of the cargo is reserved for even more regular commoditized freight...
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