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It's been way to long   iPod refresh. Is it too much to ask for cordless bluetooth headphones...?
The pace at which they've attempted to capitalise on this schadenfreude reeks of desperation. I have to assume this is a concocted situation because Samsung et al are terrified about conceding the large screen advantage. I guarantee you there were crisis talks analysing ways Android OEMs could spike the release of Apple’s new baby. They can’t afford to stop using plastic and they don’t have the engineering prowess to match the features/design of the iPhone 6 at this...
Phew! Thanks internets. I dodged that bullet.
 News flash neither did the iPhone 6.
This is a pretty massive beat-up. This is definitely user error. You just have to look at the way news agencies are reporting it and the intensity of opportunistic schadenfreude in the comment section to see we've now entered the twilight zone of internet fanboy-ism. There are people who have been frothing at the mouth to beseige Apple with the next antenna-gate.   That said I'm not a fan of Apple using of aluminium as a material. Yes it's light and inexpensive but it's...
 Predictions:Update on "phenomenal" iPhone 6 launch and iOS 8 update. OS X Yosemite available free today. iPad Air and iPad mini retina to gain touch ID and iphone 6 like rounded edges. Announcing AppleStar Galactica: command an intergalactic force for good. Available in sliver, gold, rose gold, space grey, and black hole product red* *Samcylons sold separately
 Probably the same since the rate limiting step is currently the manufacturing side of the equation.
This is pretty huge.
 Not if you are reading this on an iPhone 6 + and those lines were down-sampled :-)
 This is the biggest sticking point for me. I will need to see real world statistics on battery life before I commit to a model or not. I REALLY wish they had made the iPhone 6 enclosure flush with the camera lens and used the extra space to bump up the battery capacity. I think a lot of people will be opting for the 6+ just for the higher resolution and PPI display and increased battery when size-wise at least they would be better suited to the smaller model.
New Posts  All Forums: