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 I think it's pretty clear that Apple purposefully limited Touch ID's initial capabilities to allow time for the technology to be accepted. Remember how many people there were trying to circumvent Touch ID when it first came out? I'd be very surprised if touch ID didn't eventually substitute for a password for almost every instance of user authentication in iOS, including internet logins and mobile payments. That said this cautiousness was one of the reasons I decided to...
 I think the universe just folded in upon itself :-)
 Hi Tony, we've got another cadaver on the line. Yeah... um.... he says his house burned down because a moth flew in front of his NEST. Do you want me to patch him through or put him on hold with the others?
Samsung: You reap what you sow.
Interesting. USD99c apps used to be AUD$1.19 a few years ago then just the lowest tier was dropped to AUD99c. I wonder if they will leave the 99c tier and raise the others. Personally I'd like to see the AUD over parity again, since I'll be travelling to the US later this year.
 This is the best quote in the history of Apple reporting to come from the mouth of someone other than Steve Jobs.
 Youtube says this demo video was uploaded on 1 October 2009.   It's "typing" rather than "texting", which probably means the world of difference in the patent world, but what would I know.
As a global community of internet users we need to have a serious discussion in how we can decouple our future from total alignment with the core business values of the likes of Facebook and Google. It's very well to say "just don't use these services" but for many people that effectively means social isolation.
Dear world, I am sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Me
What if iTunes for android was really the soft diplomacy way to link an Apple account to an android device so that if Apple rolls out a mobile payment system it is functional across ~100% of mobile devices instead of just iOS (or just android). Mobile payments have been technically feasible for a while but past and current implementations leave a lot to be desired in terms of security, ease of use and rate of adoption. Note that Apple has a proven track in these...
New Posts  All Forums: