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I don't understand why anyone would spend almost a grand on a 16 GB iPhone. 128 GB all the way.
 It's not really an heirloom but a fashion accessory that collects health data to seamlessly give the phone more context about what the user is doing. Though I think a day one purchase kept it in mint condition could very well appreciate in value, spending thousands on a "disposable" device is an intentional indicator of wealth. The gold with red leather classic buckle will be the most expensive model and is blatantly oriented to the Chinese palate. The gold edition...
For me it's either an Apple watch or a pebble for a year or two until the Apple watch finds it feet. I didn't jump into the iPhone until the 4S or the iPad until version 2.
Here's hoping this will improve the POI data. I love using the Apple maps software except that train lines are not visible unless you zoom right in. And sometimes pins identify addresses blocks away from their actual location because they're presumably estimates. I actually had to cancel an appointment this week because maps directed me to a similar street address in the wrong suburb and it was too late to navigate to the correct address. It would be nice if Siri gave...
The extent and variety of imperfections in those defective boules suggests very lax quality control.   It makes you wonder if there isn't a major design fault in the furnaces themselves.
Launch it in Australia already! Apple Pay compatible PayPass/PayWave terminals are everywhere.
I went from the 4S to a 6 and adjusted within two weeks. I thought I'd miss one handed use but I really don't. Pocket-ability is the main priority. I'm not a big guy but it's fits in all of my pockets no problem. The display is stunning. It's noticeably more crisp and spacious than the regular 6. Great for surfing the web and watching movies. The display and battery means it could easily replace a lot of the reasons I use an iPad. And that's what the 6 feels like; an...
Maybe he's just a regular guy like the majority of people you offended with your binary stereotypes.
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