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 I'd say this is on the money. The 11" and 13" inch models are pretty close in price now anyway. Combining the weight and portability of the 11" model with a (much) better display than the 13" model feels like an upgrade with a lot of upside. I used a 12" PowerBook back in the day. It was a wonderful machine. 
 If a default option is the best in it's class then customisations can only ever detract from it. Apple spends their time refining the default option rather than confusing users with a smorgasbord of mediocre offerings.
 Agreed. There is no "Apple tax" but there is an "idiot subsidy".
iPad > iPad 2 > The new iPad > iPad with Retina display > iPad with Touch ID
 They can't add a Touch ID sensor without the A7 and there's not much point putting in an A7 in without a retina display. Maybe they will keep at least one iPad mini without a retina display and drop it to "from $299". If Apple released an iPad Mini with the specs you quoted at the current price points I can't imagine too many people willing to shell out more for the iPad 5 just for Touch ID. I love my iPad 3, but if I can get the same number of pixels in a more...
To mini or not to mini? That is the question.   I wonder if the new iPads are likely to be discounted in any potential Black Friday sale? It seems kind of soon for Apple to do that.   Bah! I'm probably better off hocking my current iPad as soon as the new models are announced and just buying one anyway.
 Announcing the new iPad shuffle. Now all your documents are just a triple-click-and-hold then double-click-while-shaking-the-device away.
Quote:Originally Posted by alpal16 And a completely lackluster design....it had no sole. No need to be so callus.
Why would Apple go back to using grey microfibre on the inside?
I'd like to see some different screen sizes. I find 21.5" a little too small and 27" much too large.
New Posts  All Forums: