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Serious question: Are there any usable workarounds for Endnote referencing support, mailmerge and pivot tables? These are literally the only 3 things keeping me from ditching Microsoft Office forever.
I genuinely don't understand why people are fanatical about swype-type keyboards. It seems to me that dragging a finger across glass is slower than two-thumb pecking. It also gives the predictive text software less information to work with (eg. one tap per letter), which makes it more likely to suggest incorrect words. What am I not getting? The only thing that really bugs me about the iPhone keyboard is how easily the dictation button can unintentionally triggered.
 It's not a question of innovation rather one of useability. I've always felt there was far too much bezel in the iPhone lineup, particularly above the display. The reason it's so big is to a sense of visual balance/symmetry between the chin and forehead. Also it probably allowed for a larger battery since that's where the loss would have most been felt if they had minimised the forehead. The actual sensor used by touch ID is much smaller than the home button though so...
 I certainly hope so. And I hope this comes with the iPhone 6. The introduction of touch ID in iPhone 5S was an extremely conservative proof of concept. iOS's sandboxing and touch ID intersect in such a way to enable powerful security without additional complexity. PayPass is convenient but it lacks a verification step. Touch ID can introduce a verification step that is more simple than remembering a pincode and is not vulnerable to being glimpsed at the checkout. This is...
I'm pretty sure the "3D" tech in Amazon's smartphone will basically be a commercial implementation of this tech demo from 2007 except tracking your eyes directly instead of requiring an a pair of infrared light sources stuck to your head.     It's not true 3D but I find the illusion even better and it' much easier on the eyes. Seems resource intensive for a mobile device but it still strikes me as odd that no-one has really pursued this until now. Of course the...
The thing I am most looking forward to in iOS 8 is installing any keyboard that makes the dictation key less prone to activating unintentionally.
Although none of those "features" actually exist in a device you can use until Google solves the malware problem.
I'd love to see some of the nicer iOS 7 design cues migrate their way into OS X. I'm talking hyperlink-style buttons, outlined icons with the same visual weighting as text and generally elegant typography. The iCloud interface for Pages, Numbers and Keynote feel like the perfect blend of iOS 7 and OS X.
 Trying to manage media on an 8 GB iPhone would be my definition of hell. Given the 2x (and now potentially 3x) graphics assets bundled into every app anything under 32 GB quickly becomes unusable for all the reasons you might actually need to purchase a smartphone. Considering the markup on flash memory this comes across as a cynical move. Instead of pushing a subpar experience onto new users I'd really love to see Apple focus on getting the cost of the higher end models...
It would be amazing if they let me remove the dictation microphone from the keyboard without turning off Siri, or at least change the button to hold to activate. I activate it unintentionally ALL THE TIME and it makes that stupid "ding ding" sound even when the phone is on silent.
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