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It's the small touches and refined attention to detail that most endear me to Apple.
2014 is warming up to be the year I upgrade both my iPad and iPhone.
If it was $30, had the build quality of a first-party console controller and was backed up was implemented in a wider variety of games in a standardised way I'd buy one.
 But that's not really what "retina" was about. The real magic behind retina was the 4x increase in pixels so that it was fully backwards compatible. It was the most optimal transition possible because it made retina aware apps look great and non-retina aware apps looked no worse than they did before. The whole "indistinguishable pixels" thing was only even just marketing to package the concept. I have always been able to distinguish the pixels on iOS devices, though the...
I think the iPhone 5C will fill the niche of their low end model. In terms of technology it represents a very capable device in it's own right, yet one that will be easy to differentiate from higher end models (enclosure materials, touch ID and, eventually, display size). It launched at a fairly high price (especially in non-US markets) but I believe it will pick up momentum as it cascades into lower and lower price points over time. The plastic enclosure will make it...
It's looks clunky to me. The watch face is much too big relative to the display, which is made worse by the logo on the face pushes everything off centre. I like the concept and category, but Apple needs to enter this space and quickly so we have a stable, iOS-like platform for good development ideas to flourish. Firstly we need to decide if the smart watch is something that pushes biometric data to the phone, or something that replaces taking your phone out of your...
The take home message from this is that Samsung mobile executives are so desperate to emulate the Apple rumour mill that they need to seed it themselves.
 Exactly. Apple only secured the right for Publishers not to undercut Apple's prices elsewhere. Apple didn't care what the pricepoint of ebooks was. Steve knew that if the price was the same people would opt for customer experience they could outmanoeuvre Amazon with in-app purchasing. Amazon would have to swallow the in-app purchasing fee or make customers pay outside of their app to comply with App store rules. Once the publishers had signed with Apple they knew that...
It's even more impressive when you realise the rankings break down the iPad models by colour.
It looks kind of tacky. Maybe it's just unfinished.
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