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I bought Chrono Trigger in the 90s for $99.99!
I was absolutely raked over the coals by some members here for suggesting the new Apple TV should support 4k content because "no one owns 4k tvs" and "only X small % of Americans have sufficient internet to stream it"
Yeah, I love all those audio cassette tapes i have lying around, which I had to repurchase.  Makes me really fuzzy.  
How many new releases are on Netflix? I read somewhere that Netflix's ENTIRE BUDGET would be used if they wanted new episodes of BIG BANG THEORY b/c advertisements are 400 000 dollars on that show. Netflix is great for watching sitcoms produced in the 90s and movies that are several years old. Apple has brand new Album releases on its service, and as noted above, WAY larger library. PS didn't netflix raise their prices recently? A quick scan on the net says yes: 
The Beatles is the only thing I've wanted to listen to and not found. I've also been pleasantly surprised by finding stuff in the "for you" section that I loved.  I'll also keep it on.  Of course, I'm not a switcher from Spotify or anything else.
Except not always.  cf. Macbook, which used to be the cheapest computer, or the mini, which a few years ago had the minimum low-tier price increased. I think they could easily keep their Apple TV 3 around for $79 and put out a new Apple TV Pro (or whatever) at a higher price point than $99, depending on features (i.e. if its a local gaming machine it's going to need a whole bunch of storage on board)
I don't believe it should become el captain, though it could if enough people wilfully change its name. Most loan words (or calques) retain their original pronunciation. Cf. almost every french word (deja vu, gourmet, cliché, et al.)
Next time maybe a quick google before making an asinine statement? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Off-balance-sheet
I replaced my dumb phone with it 3 or so years ago instead of getting a smart phone.  I have wifi at home and at work, and in many places down town and 95% of my friends/family have iPhones so I can iMessage frequently and FaceTime, plus use Apple Music/other apps.  I think maybe 5 times or so its been a problem not having a phone vs. the iPod and I've saved ~$2500. My wife has an iPhone, however, so when we are travelling together I do have the option to tether or use her...
That's a really poor argument.
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