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What is "typically generate" precisely? Mean? Median? American Average, worldwide average?  I assume this area of New York would have a large density of people and a large number of wealthy people, meaning it might generate much more than only $54M / annum.  I'm totally speculating baselessly on that though.
While you consider this a complement, if Apple were the type of company never even considered building a television set they'd be a heck of a lot less successful than they are.
I've never had my machine beachball on me once!
So did my old macbook pro.  Hell of a lot lighter than the Toshiba my co-worker had.
How do you figure?  Are MacBooks heavier than plastic computers?   I think Aluminium is heavier, but has better strength-to-weight ratio than plastic (so can be much thinner to get same tensile strength), but its more expensive.
I stopped using my iPad as much as I used too, but its also 5 years old.  My wife has bought 3 iPhones in that time frame; i agree and think the turn-over rate is the main factor in Tablet sales declining
If they stopped selling iPods today they'd make less money in a year than if they didn't. I agree the iPod is on its way out, but it still makes money, so why stop?  Eventually people will all migrate to Watch/other wearables, but not right now, so why cut the iPod early?
You' d also need to factor in huge R&D costs for the phone that have long since been recouped for the iPod Line
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