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I use a Touch exclusively, because 95% of my family and friends have iPhones and I can iMessage them from wifi which I have access to about 95% of my life. Literally saved me thousands of dollars.
There's a story of a professor getting fired for using that word because the public was incensed thinking he was being racist. I wish I were making that up.
How much energy would we waste getting it out of earth's orbit? (not to mention money and materials for the rocket) edit: from Nasa.gov: Today, it costs $10,000 to put a pound of payload in Earth orbit. edit: and from wiki it takes 973 gigajoules to launch a rocket to mars that weighs 10000kg. (which is 973 GW/seconds, I think): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spacecraft_propulsion#Effectiveness To put that into perspective, it would cost $10000 x 22000 lbs = 2.2 billion...
Good god man.  Good god!
 ... this is like, joke trolling, right?
Throw in a 1/2 hp impact drill while you're at it!
It says right in the article: to take advantage of in-camera crop modes. A 24 megapixel would not necessarily look better.  You are assuming it would have less noise (and you might be right).
I dunno.  He got the iPhone 6 more or less right....
Its not. But claiming that the old phone is most popular because it sold more units over several years compared to a new product, especially when that product is selling outstandingly, is mind-blowingly asinine, which is the original claim to which I'm referring. Edit: upon re-reading I think we are on the same side and I misread your retort to peter236.  Mea culpa
I thought its pretty clear the 6 numbers are record breaking?
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