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Yeah, a lot of iOS 9 posts are dredged up from summer and I find it really confusing before I pay attention to post dates.
This is my healthcare plan too.  I'm just not going to get sick.
But the (sort-of) of good news is that tvOS might get a significant 2.0 upgrade (vs the paltry upgrades the current gen gets) that might fix it?
Mine has worked great too.  It so nice streaming the music directly from my AppleTV instead of having to load my local library.  Well worth $27 for free back up, some track quality upgrades, and the ability to stream my music wherever.
True.  I've heard of this adamantium.  Maybe they should explore using that.
Yep. The old cases will fit the "S" models.  The new cases will fit the "s" models better (and, one assumes the "non-S" models worse)
The culprit! This was hanging out in the female slot:   
He created his account on an iPad, so...
more like 2.5 years of moderate use - but would the battery go from lasting 7-8 hours to not recognizing the charger?  The phone stayed on for days, it just wouldn't charge.  I've trouble believing its the battery. Edit: I realize i Put 4G when its a 5G.  Got my generations mixed up.  Got it Xmas 2012
Used it heavily but the batter wasn't dead - it was fully charged (or almost so) when the charger stopped being recognized and lasted still a few days (of minimal use).  Was getting all-day use still (with backlight low and I didn't use it heavily) I'd rather just the batter died so I could keep it plugged in and use it as a dedicated music player with a speaker in one of the rooms in my house :\
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