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You're a regular Nostradamus of who gives a shit
OMG this is bullcrap. No Visa or MasterCard?  FAIL.  Apple is going to hell under Tim Cook. Time to fire him. I'm buying a Samsung.
Graphene, man!
hint: he will continue to argue with you forever even though he has no fundamental idea what he is talking about
Maybe supporting 3d is easier?  I mean, that doesn't make much sense.  I think you're argument of no content is probably why.  They want people to buy 4K movies from iTunes to watch on Apple TV, and so they'll wait for that.  That's my guess (all the "4K is useless unless you sit 2" away from screen!" arguments aside)
I wonder if they'll be a dual market not unlike Kindles and iPads for reading.  People can own both of those, so its a little different (i,e. no one would wear a pebble AND an apple watch), but there may be people who want the always-on long battery life less functionality of a Pebble vs the expensive, full-colour OLED, charge everyday Apple Watch
That's what I mean! edit: that is, using an Apple pay system without the server watching you pay (like they do with credit card chip-in systems we have here) isn't really adding the to the risk of non-payment
This is a great idea once these details are ironed out - just have an NFC at the table and pay when you are done.  Really what's preventing people from dining and dashing anyway except waiters/staff/cameras around?
It disrupted the market!
True, most people don't even realize the iPod didn't even play music when it was released!
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