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Yes ... the mail is reliable and nothing ever gets stolen in the mail.
Agreed, though LED bulbs can last for ~25 years so the hardware will be outdated well before the light bulb 'burns out'
You ever touch a door knob then your phone?  Or do you wash your hands every time before using your phone after touching a door, a wall, your kitchen, another person, putting your hand in your pocket, pulling out a chair in a public place etc. etc. six thousands more things you do every day
You ever look at penicillin and think "well, lots of people died young before but I guess civilization somehow powered through"? I don't either. edit: to be clear I do think things can be overboard, but i think that your argument is weak on the basis of past survival.  Also, I will assume that Corning may have done a modicum of research about how gross your phone screen can be. For instance, a very quick google search brought up this: "Mobile phones harbor 18 times more...
You know, germs are airborne, hey?
Sounds like a new cologne line
Agreed - but are Polaroid TVs any good? That's a general question to anyone who's dealt with them/looked at them when purchasing a set - I'm too lazy to do any research on my own!  
I remember a few years ago, in the white-plastic era, where it was common knowledge to never buy a rev A because they had too many problems. Waiting for Rev B.   Old school!
So a 1600 dollar monitor that needs calibration by a graphics expert is comparable to a 999 dollar display that comes calibrated.  Or am I missing something? I recently downgraded from an Apple Thunderbolt display to a  Dell that cost almost exactly the same price at work.  This monitor is atrocious - it has a soft screen and only DVI, lower resolution, is chunky hot plastic.  Shocked they were the same price point.
"Average title download size is approximately 50 GB" - http://us.support.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3848.
New Posts  All Forums: