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I don't work in IT, but when I want software it generally comes to my desk as a DVD. There are all sorts of non-tech reasons this could be, such as payment. Or it could be old software. Maybe it's just the specialized stuff I use. (Though it can't be because I use Ms Office and camtasia, among other things)And I'm not defending whatever reasons they give me, only suggesting that some organisations need their employees to have ODDs, even if if they technically shouldn't....
Its a joke that parents don't really have a damn clue what teachers/education system do/need.  Speaking as the spouse of a teacher, I can pretty much confirm that stereotype.   Also working at a university I can tell you that (some/many?) big organisations do in fact need optical drives for software, which might be stupid, lame, so last year, whatever, but its plain simple fact.
My guess the reason for the recent increase is because as of a few years ago (5? Too lazy to check) you need a passport to get into Canada even by driving.  Not really a germane post, but either way.
Wouldn't be reflective, so direct sunlight on the ipad surface would make it very difficult to see
No, this is:  That would be top 5 at best!
A great democratic officespace for the future!   Wait, on second thought it sounds sort of communist ...
  Ignorance is not an excuse
I have no problem with people making fun of us Canadians, but no one here sounds like that! Maybe Newfoundland, but more often than not people doing "Canadian" accents end up sounding like Minnesotans !
Its more of a 'paraphrase' than an impression
Agreed - this 128 bump is for the people who complained that 64 wasn't enough ( they are now claiming that 128 is too expensive)
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