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If apple drops %25 tomorrow you HAVEN'T lost any money - unless you need to sell tomorrow, for some reason.  Do you consider yourself poorer every time the dollar drops a quarter of a cent?   GTAT stocks could dissolve, so you'd lose everything when that happens
Was thinking the same thing (about the beats burn) - except I don't think the iMac needs better speakers. Some nice Apple-branded external speakers that didn't look disgusting (as 99% of them do) that some how attached the macmight be nice though, though the attach part seems far-fetched. Or perhaps a sound-bar in the chin, though its probably too damn thin to sound good
Yes you do
Does Joe and Jane average know anything about screen quality? And people buy smart phones for camera? Edit: Looks like the screen's only advantage on the + is higher PPI, its actually got worse contrast ratio.  And according to Apple's site, the camera is identical in the two models (as is almost everything, except battery)
It says "Requires iPhone 5 or later."  I don't have an iPhone, and would like the watch, and so this means it has to "come with a data plan" for those of us without phones. Unless that's just in reference to something specific?
Well, now we know which posters are white WASP males ages 19-45
Couldn't they just ignore input on the side of the screen?  Unless a certain app wanted it for some reason. I actually don't completely hate it, but the benefits seem fairly small to me
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