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Normal LEDs can be got for 20-30 per bulb, and in lots of places this is subsidized - to make it a little less ridiculous   This lighting seems overpriced and unnecessary but in the next 20 years I think it will be commonplace to have this type of functionality.  Warm White is good for soft lighting while Blue White better for reading etc., - Someone has to do it first
If I ran an IT department that could use that set up I'd stick the word Thermopylae on the server-room door
This.  And Spartans.   Spartan would be a great high-end workstation name.
anyone else think the colourful banner may indicate colourful iPad minis?
iTunes 12 
the entire Frasier series is up about 3 or 4 times over.  I've also watched countless operas and movies, many of which are still up.  And I haven't even been looking, really.
"12 percent of e-ticket buyers opted to receive their tickets in Passbook"
That's just because they are uneducated
Nothing simple multi-touch features couldn't emulate.  Swipe up for channel change up, swipe two fingers for "page-up", etc. - but of course the whole UI could potentially be so different that it doesn't require the same commands as the standard cable-box UI does.
Agreed.  I have just a dumbphone now, which I'm going to turf.  I have wifi everywhere I frequent (or my wife wife's iPhone), except on the bus to/from work basically. Going form $40 a month for basically just texting to one-time 300 dollar cost will pay for itself within the year
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