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He told you why - because they will also offer a box.   If apple offered a high-quality TV with built in AppleTV functionality I would rather buy that than a new Samsung + Apple TV. However, I don't need a new tv so I'll buy the box. But people who DO need a new tv, could buy Apple's. (and when I replace my TV in 5 years or buy a 2nd one when I finish the basement, etc. I could buy Apples TV instead of another Samsung+ATV combo)   Not that I'm thinking apple is or should...
Amazon should have the right to hand these out for free. Its simply a loss-leader.
Fair enough
London Drugs is doing it here in Saskatchewan at least
That was Brando
Agreed - convenient way to show brother-in-law our new house, see an out-of-town friend's new baby - obviously this could be done via some other program, but facetime makes it simple and its a feature we use often
...   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunblane_school_massacre
Actually 2% is brilliant if you consider the amount of innovative devices coming out of cupertino. 
For some reason that one really made me laugh
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