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Think it will be black to match the apple TV/Mac Pro?
I had a few issues with having to click in different spots (i.e. going to the "installed" portion instead of updates, and in some cases actually going as if I were to purchase it in the "Mac Apps" section of the app store) However, I have an '09 Mac Mini and got Mavericks, iLife and iWork updates for free. Not long before that Mac Mini I had an iBook, and was paying $150 for the OS and $70 for the i-suite products.  This 600 dollar mini is certainly getting stretched a lot...
Not that I like 3D nor will afford 4k anytime soon but even Netflix will offer content in 3d 4k soon so a processor bump would be great for that.Does 4k require display port or can HDMI handle it?
Starting to feel unsafe that my house has only 1 smoke detector...
Our public radio has ads now, so this would be a nice addition
 Agreed. It's more channel stuffing.
Especially considering people could pre order the 5C
 I assume the next iPad will have this as well. Then by next year (year after?) it will be on the Mini and iPhone 6/7C (or whatever its called. Tallest calm down). As for Macs - I'm not as willing to hazard any guesses.
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