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I remember some app being rejected "pornography" when it really sold bathing suits or something.  I can't remember. That's the only time I remember them apologizing for rejecting an app on bogus grounds
Quickly look up how statistical testing works then come back and edit that post
I was under the impression that Lytro camera lenses required a fair bit of depth to get the directional light information, and couldn't go into any of Apple's thin devices?
Because a new TV isn't $99, unless you watch everything on this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Insignia%26%23153%3B+-+19%26%2334%3B+Class+(18-1/2%26%2334%3B+Diag.)+-+LED+-+720p+-+60Hz+-+HDTV/5606251.p?id=1218671114012&skuId=5606251   I'd rather spend 2000 (no idea where you got that number) on an apple full tv than 1500 to samsung + 100 for an apple tv box, if i were looking to buy a new tv.   However, no one is talking about disposing pre-existing televisions.  My remarks...
He told you why - because they will also offer a box.   If apple offered a high-quality TV with built in AppleTV functionality I would rather buy that than a new Samsung + Apple TV. However, I don't need a new tv so I'll buy the box. But people who DO need a new tv, could buy Apple's. (and when I replace my TV in 5 years or buy a 2nd one when I finish the basement, etc. I could buy Apples TV instead of another Samsung+ATV combo)   Not that I'm thinking apple is or should...
Amazon should have the right to hand these out for free. Its simply a loss-leader.
Fair enough
London Drugs is doing it here in Saskatchewan at least
That was Brando
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