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Make it then! Seriously, why do you think that?
I think you meant German.
Ignorance is wonderful, isn't it?  I mean, I wouldn't know.  But I've heard from others.
I'm betting this is very common, you just aren't following those movies, and so it seems "troubled."  Lots of movies that have won oscars have all sorts of "did you know that XX turned down the roll?" trivia etc. Daniels is good in The Newsroom, which is a Sorkin project.  I'm surprised Bradley Whitford hasn't signed on for someone.
For free, if you're a member of Amazon Prime
Scratching is very simple.  If something is two things come into contact, the harder thing scratches the softer thing.  This is why Diamond doesn't scratch. There are indices of hardness measure (i.e. Mohs scale. I'm sure there are more relevant ones) – simply put, make the glass harder and more common things (keys, rocks) won't scratch it, though a diamond coated ice pick still would. ​I've never seen a windshield scratched, though I'm sure it could be.  Cracking is, of...
I worked at a movie theatre.  We never closed.  Not even Christmas Day, on which I worked.  Not the end of the world
I should have made this reference instead! 
Glad to see you work in a hyperbaric chamber
That's what I used to think about iPods Of course, they do a lot more now for 300 bucks than the old 600 dollar white ones, but still
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