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My time machine, it worked!  Its 2009!
You forgot to shoehorn apple should go private into that post.
His or her source was probably him/her writing "I think," which also pretty much shores up the speculation bit
A lot of Modernist writers were influenced by Japanese culture, esp. Haikus, and I think Steve loved the Bauhaus, which was a German art&architecture movement that developed between the wars which I think coincided with the aesthetic appreciation of the Far East.  So i think there are some intersections here that are believable.
In Canada they've said as much as using a VPN to watch US-only content is stealing.  Not sure about using an in-country VPN or not
Lol.  Obviously you mean "backup batteries ~ 1-2 minutes quick charge"
Surely its the same as the 16 GB iPhone "controversy."  They simply want to up-sell and since the screen costs more in the 27 in the first place they extend that further.
Yep, just like "it just works as long as you have back-up batteries."  I'm not really seeing your point, but then again, I won't, so whatever
Not to nitpick, but i don't think much of it should end up in a land fill (its highly recyclable).  But to be honest, if you keep your iMac 5 years, then use your old iMac as a dumb second screen, doesn't that make it about a 10 year window?  And screen technology comes along way in 10 years. edit: I say 5 years because if a mac mini is good enough, then an iMac is probably good enough after 4-5 years.  People who turn computers over faster should sell them not throw them...
I'm not dumbfounded, i'm annoyed. Essentially you are arguing with yourself.  I'll make it easy I AGREE WITH YOU it is still stupid.  We can't kvetch because there is a stupid, but logical reason for something?
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