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There are less expensive Nikon's that are 24 MP as well (http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/04/19/Nikon-D3200-with-WiFi-Option) It has more to do with the sensor, which Apple DID update on the 5S - and would be a much less disingenuous way of upgrading the camera.  The sensor on phones is already terrible compared to high-end camera - so bumping the pixelage would create a tonne of noise
Makes perfect sense - it was the Lion thing that caught me up in confusion. Thanks for the info.
 My question would be: if Apple uses BASE-10 and Samsung/other use BASE-2 (unless I have that backwards) then how can they both be "16GB" phones, assuming they are using the exact same chip? For marketing purposes does Apple mean BASE-2 when they say we have a 16GB iPhone? And if so, does this make DED's argument valid? (i.e. is the "remaining" memory also BASE-2, when put in this comparison)
I thought that was a bioga?
She seems to me to almost be a professional troll.  I'm basing that only off information from this article/thread though.
Ahh - fair enough. I was thinking more battery use but of course audio quality is paramount for people who actually listen to music ( I tend to just listen to podcasts/itunes U)
I'm wondering with bluetooth 4.0 if we are able to ditch the headphone jack all together?  Or when?
I think you suffer greatly from misunderstanding semantics.  Opinions can't be true or false - unless the opinion is given falsely in order to misdirect. The very nature of an opinion is that it is what one believes to be true. The conviction behind the opinion can be true or false, or more likely somewhere in between.
 I've found the "Apple TV 3" preset correctly sets up 5.1 Although, IIRC I had to change something in the settings (from Automatic to Dolby Logic Pro or something) to get the 5.1 to start working
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