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more like 2.5 years of moderate use - but would the battery go from lasting 7-8 hours to not recognizing the charger?  The phone stayed on for days, it just wouldn't charge.  I've trouble believing its the battery. Edit: I realize i Put 4G when its a 5G.  Got my generations mixed up.  Got it Xmas 2012
Used it heavily but the batter wasn't dead - it was fully charged (or almost so) when the charger stopped being recognized and lasted still a few days (of minimal use).  Was getting all-day use still (with backlight low and I didn't use it heavily) I'd rather just the batter died so I could keep it plugged in and use it as a dedicated music player with a speaker in one of the rooms in my house :\
My iPod [double edit: its an iPod touch from 2012] 4G 5G randomly arbitrarily stopped recognizing the charger.  The charger still charges my wife's iPhone. I've tried different cables and different computers and different wall plugs we had lying around.     It wasn't dropped or updated.   Any ideas?  Would cleaning the female lighting contacts help? This is the only thing I can think of.  I looked in there and nothing looks damaged/filthy.   I've looked at other...
And you think this $150 Apple TV should facilitate that? 
Other posters have wondered if maybe a 2-year product upgrade cycle might begin with iPads since people apparently upgrade less anyway.  Currently on an original iPad, finally getting this new Mini for the wife because YouTube stopped working on it :\ (among other problems with a 5.5 y/o device)
Watch a lot of uncompressed video on your Apple TV, do you?
That's not how it works and you know it
Amazon could easily have a different agreement, but point taken
That song limit could very well be coming from Music labels
I'm thinking they may be targeting, not the PS4, but the PS5. If they build a health app eco-system they could, esp. if the A series catches up to (but not necessarily catches) the types of processors in the Ps5/Xbox720, have an AppleTV Pro (or whatever) that can really keep pace with gaming. Of course, they may not, but that option is certainly more attractive if you've got scads of developers already working on TVos.
New Posts  All Forums: