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What about a new iPod Touch back up to 249, possibly at 5" 
I didn't know that and i AM amazed.  As long as it doesn't give me cancer ... I mean, if they implement that in the Watch they are golden!  I don't really understand the difference between mAh and watthours but the Apple Watch must only be a couple of wh at most?
I think lower-brow stores have them on the shelves like Wal Mart and Target, but nicer stores tend not to display it because its ugly.  Also when you get to really nice stores/restaurants sometimes they don't even have prices listed at all!
Good points, both (though I meant "app" in the broadest possible sense)
the if is the if. its a pretty huge app, though
I agree.  I could afford a phone, but i'm in a wifi area 95% of my life in the city i'm in (home/work/downtown) and 95% of the people I talk to have iMessage (and all have email) - so far I've saved roughly $3000 not having an 80$ plan for the past 3 years! edit: in case not apparent, i have an iPod touch, and personally would love the option to upgrade to an iPod Touch "6"
Or run OS X
http://www.apple.com/music/membership/ - scroll to the bottom "liner notes": Does Apple Music work with iTunes Match?
No - they are "independent but complementary" according to the website. At least for now.
From the website:What happens to my Beats Music service?
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