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I think he's joking. The human eye is estimated to be only able to see 10 000 000 colours anyway.  There are other reasons for going higher depth though, like alpha channels and stuff I don't understand.
My time machine, it worked!  Its 2009!
You forgot to shoehorn apple should go private into that post.
His or her source was probably him/her writing "I think," which also pretty much shores up the speculation bit
A lot of Modernist writers were influenced by Japanese culture, esp. Haikus, and I think Steve loved the Bauhaus, which was a German art&architecture movement that developed between the wars which I think coincided with the aesthetic appreciation of the Far East.  So i think there are some intersections here that are believable.
In Canada they've said as much as using a VPN to watch US-only content is stealing.  Not sure about using an in-country VPN or not
Lol.  Obviously you mean "backup batteries ~ 1-2 minutes quick charge"
Surely its the same as the 16 GB iPhone "controversy."  They simply want to up-sell and since the screen costs more in the 27 in the first place they extend that further.
Yep, just like "it just works as long as you have back-up batteries."  I'm not really seeing your point, but then again, I won't, so whatever
Not to nitpick, but i don't think much of it should end up in a land fill (its highly recyclable).  But to be honest, if you keep your iMac 5 years, then use your old iMac as a dumb second screen, doesn't that make it about a 10 year window?  And screen technology comes along way in 10 years. edit: I say 5 years because if a mac mini is good enough, then an iMac is probably good enough after 4-5 years.  People who turn computers over faster should sell them not throw them...
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