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Then charge it before its at 0?  Make a reminder on Fridays to charge it over night.  Its not rocket science and what are you Bill Shakespeare? Delicate genius never needs a 2 minute break? Edit: that was supposed to sound jokey, not as mean as it reads
But you could daisy chain them! 
Those are two different discussions and you are the only one still making the banks-not-on-board one.  We know that. We agree with it. I agree it means nothing to the banks, or, well, it would if ApplePay were a huge success, which its not.  It means a lot to the customers.  Sorry if I wasn't clear but the fact the banks aren't supporting is frustrating to us customers because if they did we could use it everywhere right away, so it would be a huge difference, compared...
While this is true, you are obfuscating the point.  Apple Pay will be ready for 90% of merchants (or more) in my home town once the banks (or whomever) allow it overnight. That is an important part of the narrative.  That is not debatable.
Yes - you have to own a 16-AA-battery charger system? Are you telling me you just happened to own that anyway???
Cool. So you bought an extra bunch of shit and it works almost as well.  
Very true.  And i've yet to see an Apple Watch in person (though they came out later in Canada I think and my city isn't very big). Many people pay for starbucks with their iPhones here though.  I personally would use Apple Pay as I HATE having to carry a wallet around, which includes my license, my healthcard, my debit and credit card and thats it.  I'm not holding my breath for our government to get our License and healthcard electronic, but my debit credit should. (here...
Agreed, but I've not ran into a merchant in the past 5 years  to take Debit and NOT credit in my home town, so I can't see how ApplePay versus regular credit card changes anything.In Canada we pay the exact same way with debit and with credit (i.e. NFC and chip always on both)
Why would the merchants want it harder for people to pay? I doubt they want it more difficult for people to pay. I've never seen one really caring about my security (back when you had to sign for things I think only Safeway ever checked my signature against my card) Saying they are worried CC companies will raise their fee% because Apple will also take a cut makes sense to me, though where are you reading that Merchants are blocking it (or are you one/know some?)  Because...
My understanding is that having NFC compatible terminals was a major barrier in the USA to having ApplePay take off.  Literally everywhere I shop has "tap" via NFC terminal - however the banks have been blocking it (from what I've read). I assume that if the banks get on board we will have a very high ApplePay compatibility rate over night (for participating banks). Am I wrong?
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