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Yea I like the 'summarily dismiss as not thinking it through' straw argument that a few have thrown around in this thread, and then arbitrarily say 2 lbs. Multiplying height/width of Air/Mini Retina = 1.487x bigger for the air at just 1.369x more weight. Using these numbers you'd get a iPad "Pro" at 13.9 inches (width) for 1.369 pounds. But anyway the point of the comment still stands.  Ireland's absurd "how could you hold it?" comment doesn't hold any water.  1.369 or 2...
A new 13" pro would probably be no heavier than the original iPad, which I have and my arms haven't fallen off yet.
This is way nicer.   Next: add folders!
From an August 2012 Report Despite the continued posting of losses in the US market, according to a Reuters report, the gaming industry is projected to hit $70 billion, globally, up from $65 billion in 2011.
Those aren't competing ideas.  At all.
Also, people seem to forget that the smaller a product is the a) less material is used b) less weight/volume is shipped c) less has to be recycled. Making a smaller producet a) saves on material costs b) saves on shipping costs c) saves on recycling costs Smaller products = cheaper to produce* and more environmentally friendly *assuming similar fab costs
Think it will be black to match the apple TV/Mac Pro?
I had a few issues with having to click in different spots (i.e. going to the "installed" portion instead of updates, and in some cases actually going as if I were to purchase it in the "Mac Apps" section of the app store) However, I have an '09 Mac Mini and got Mavericks, iLife and iWork updates for free. Not long before that Mac Mini I had an iBook, and was paying $150 for the OS and $70 for the i-suite products.  This 600 dollar mini is certainly getting stretched a lot...
Not that I like 3D nor will afford 4k anytime soon but even Netflix will offer content in 3d 4k soon so a processor bump would be great for that.Does 4k require display port or can HDMI handle it?
Starting to feel unsafe that my house has only 1 smoke detector...
New Posts  All Forums: