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 Firstly, as I believe someone mentioned above, there's nothing to indicate that an A8 is more expensive at this point than an A5 anyway, due to economies of scale and the dedicated fab space. Secondly, there are plenty of reasons besides 4K that they could use a SoC upgrade, App store/Games being an obvious one. Thirdly, they could easily announce 4k content from iTunes.  Come on, man. edit: ok that third point is weak, considering the context of the argument.  But also...
CRT screens were good enough for my grandfather and they are good enough for me dammit!  #480p4life
Apple is a content producer (do you mean provider?). However, a 4k-capable AppleTV wouldn't actually have to give anyone 4k.  It just needs to be able to via a firmware/software update at a later date.  I think that's all people are asking for - an updated A chip that would allow for h265 and 4k.
And i guess the 5 people on earth who need 8K monitors will do that, then
Are those not the same thing?
What about amount of space per device?  We have bought 4 iPhones, iPad, iPod, etc., which is all money in Apple's pocket.  Perhaps the device could include 5 gb of storage, so I'd be up to 30 now.  Or iPhones include 5, iPods only 2gb or whatever.  Just a thought. Though I'm happy paying 3 dollars a month  for 200 gb to back up my photos and not having to worry about anything failing on me or dealing with a 3rd party.  I don't find it as big a rip-off as some, though i'm...
I'd settle for what's in the 13" - like you I don't need (or want to pay for) a screen and battery. 128 gb PCIeSkylake whatever processor8 GB RAM - config. up to 32GBTB 3, USB 3, SD reader, Ethernet, HDMI (i guess) To me would be an attractive machine for, I dunno, starting 599 too wishful?  I know its not a lot of storage for a desktop (though I'm using an 80GB SSD right now) but a TB external drive would more than make up for it.  I guess a Fusion drive could solve it,...
What is "typically generate" precisely? Mean? Median? American Average, worldwide average?  I assume this area of New York would have a large density of people and a large number of wealthy people, meaning it might generate much more than only $54M / annum.  I'm totally speculating baselessly on that though.
While you consider this a complement, if Apple were the type of company never even considered building a television set they'd be a heck of a lot less successful than they are.
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