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That's a pretty specious argument. "Computers should never need to get faster, since older computers were used by 100% of people"
I'm not arguing with you.  But that chart means squat and does not improve your argument one iota.  In fact, it weakens it because its such a transparent rhetorical move. The best part about facts well-known is that you don't have to cite sources!
Using that chart to prove your point is such a huge logical fallacy that I'm sure you already know that you are reading the results to fit your argument, so I won't belabour that point.
You are really inconsistent.  You insist that the Air must have high performance, but also that performance will differentiate the Pro and the Air?  Anyway we'll see what happens later this year. Cheers
I agree it could and might be done – but the philosophy espoused- Needs high performance, needs many ports et al. - is a MBP philosophy.  So use this chip and keep the ports and shrink up the MBP slightly; But compared to the difference between the MBA and the MBP when MBA first came out, there's not much point in keeping around a rMBA at 12-13" right alongside the rMBP if you want them both to have high performance.  What differentiates them? The MBA's philosophy should...
Total blind guess – if there is indeed an iPad Pro coming in April/May as i think has been rumoured, that seems like a time they could introduce iPod Touch "6" - supply for the iPhone has normalized and a new phone would be out not long after to overshadow it. I think iPods used to get refreshed in April long ago, did they not?   Anyway I use a touch solely, no phone, and would love an upgrade. I think there is still a market
You really don't want an Air.  Everything you are describing says "I want a MacBook Pro"
I agree.12" retina / non - retina versions look a lot cleaner than 11", 13", 13" (or 12") retina and probably brings down manufacture costs. 
Make it then! Seriously, why do you think that?
I think you meant German.
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