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You may be on to something ... cloud-based ATV could with a subscription fee to unlimited movies would make it extremely attractive to me. Cloud-based gaming could follow.
it very well could be a coincidence. But the timing is a bit odd isn't it?
what colour are yours?
edit: you covered it. but:And you would NEVER say "a HD" because its an acronym, hence pronounced "aitchdee" which of course starts with a vowel.Not that any of this matters at all (as an English M.A. I can't resist from commenting)
The problem with Project Gutenberg is that it sucks. I'm still hoping for a "Penguins classics" or "Oxford World Classics" to offer books in the 1-4 dollar range, but I'm not holding my breath.
he said netbooks were crappy, not the ratio (edit: and a screen with cardboard as crappy too). Quit being****** all the time and engage in the conversation like a normal person. You've got the kernel of a good point in your posts, but its hidden by all your rhetoricizing and bravado. Stop it.A theory: "HD" apps would be in true HD, which the iPad can not display ... yet
whotf learns to skim read? No wonder the US education system sucks. They teach kids to skim! edit: if you actually read all the posts you might have something relevant to add once in a while.
Nintendo has publicly stated that they consider the iPod touch a threat to their portable gaming console.
not to mention its 10 inches big. (thats what she said). I doubt HD would make much difference @ that size, unless you held it quite close to your face?
For me, it was iWork. Keynote and Pages (for notes) in meetings, plus internet is all I need. The rest is gravy.
New Posts  All Forums: