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Or due to his death ...
He really doesn't understand the function of iTunes. Does he hate Wal Mart for the same reasons? I mean, all they do is put some cds in the front bin with a poster, which is no different iTunes featuring them via an email or front page. Its kind of disturbing how someone who has made millions doesn't understand the basic business model in which he made his millions.
Quit making an ass of yourself. This whole content this is mind boggling. Why is this so hard? I pay 100 a month for internet and about 6 channels I actually want (I get maybe 200, and thats "basic" +HD). The first company to pull their head out of their asses and offer me anything close to a desirable format gets my money. If it weren't for my wife I'd have cancelled cable a long time ago.
Unless there is some hidden fine print saying that by emailing the remember steve you are granting Apple copyright, the copyright will be with the writer (sender) of the email, like all intellectual property.Implicitly I suppose the writers's are granting permission for reproduction by Apple, and technically that could make his posting them an infringement, but Apple would not have the recourse to remove it; only the authors's would.Unless of course, as I intimated, there...
I'm sure its more complicated than that. Sasktel, a regional carrier where I live, got the Phone last year, even though many other's don't. Windmobile is in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, etc. and has only slightly less users for instance.
Take off!
How does JC feel about talking about it on an internet forum?
Even those who live in Montreal, Que
Why would they change something with incredible brand recognition? iQwikster?
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