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re-watch some Seinfeld classics and note who gets the writing credits at the opening episode. Many of the funny ones are Larry Charles. Though, like you suggest, many are also Larry David. Larry Charles is an extremely funny dude. This show could go either way.
OMG my time machine works, its January 26th again! Seriously though, not the thread for this. I'm fine with the 2-per-person-limit. Especially if those production rumors are true. Those who want like 12 for their entire family can just have their family order them!
Try a local university. They often have media labs with all the equipment and a handy tech guy who can do it for cheap or, if you are lucky, free. That's what I did.
you know you can still access the internet if you really need to jack off to porn that badly.
it crashes my firefox badly. On my PC at work too.
Agreed. Plus the iPad fills the Macbook Air domain in a lot of ways. Unless there is a) some new technology we are not aware of or b) they make this thing an ultra-expensive (OLED, Silver battery technology, whatever) machine to differentiate it from the Macbook Pro 13".
Whoa ... I totally never even thought of that!edit: I'm sure Nintendo would not allow it though ... what with it being on the Wii download thing.
The thing about iPhone OS is that any one can develop for it, so by announcing it early people can start to think about the programs they want to make.
I'm inclined this way as well.
a Kindle which basically costs the same as an iPad. with NO touch screen NO colour NO internet access NO applications NO video basically Kindle = EPIC FAIL a post in the style of Techstud
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