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Why would a school/educational instiution have a slow internet connection?
Oh man, I was a tourist in NYC this summer and had an iPhone (complete with wife's pink bumper) flailing for all to see on the subway like all the time. Did I narrowly escape death? Or does Manhattan not count?
Not really, since it clogs the thread. Has anyone ever posted a good sentence and complimented a writer here, by the way? Also, should we start quoting each other's posts whenever there is a typo just so everyone knows? If one wants to constructively criticize the orthography then he or she should email the editors, really. I hope someone finds and points out several typos in this post.
Agreed, and called iConnect or something delightfully lame like that.
While I'm not too crazy about it being too much thinner, a little lighter wouldn't hurt.
absolutely nothing wrong with the title
And if its not 4G, and they call it 5, and the next [6] IS 4G, you can't go back to iPhone 4G from 5, but you COULD go from 4S to 4G, although that, too, seems clumbsy.
Jobs defines it as a pixel density at certain distance from the eye that exceeds the limits of the human eye. For the iPhone, at a [recommended?] distance of 12" (i think), it is 300ppi - the phone actually exceeds that at 326 or something. the iPad is likely meant to be held at a greater distance, requiring a lower ppi to be "retina"
I would bet the channels already have agreements in place with cable companies which would prevent something like this
Gruntle: 1. To utter a little or low grunt. Said of swine, occas. of other animals; rarely of persons.2. To grumble, murmur, complain.fromed from the verb `grunt"Gruntled" as the opposite of disgruntled is merely a comical counterpoint, as disgruntled is a frequentative of grunt. (I should add: the 'dis' seems to be an intensifier here, not a reversal, as in disannul as opposed to disengage) First OED citation is from Wodehouse, if that is any indication.
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