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how does it make them greedy to not offer large arbitrary discounts for no reason?
actually, sexicore. Which is even better. Hex is Greek though.
where is teckstud's har har har 5 dollars har har comment? 41 off a touch is a nice little incentive
Do you really think Apple will do this? (this is a serious question) PS - Solip, solid gold.
There's no way it was to save a buck (or, cent). Apple tends to have their products fairly linear, and so to have a feature on a cheaper product is out of line with their model.
you've got more hits than Chris Brown my friend.
yes, go to "user CP" and add him to the ignore list. Made my life way better.
looks? Aren't you one of the many who complain about the "racoon" look, which the air lacks? And the macbook air is meant to be a portable type-writer. Its not lacking power unless you bought it for the wrong reasons.
New Posts  All Forums: