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oh shut up. You assumed apple would release a tablet for years now, it just so happened you were right. I could use the word "predict" next time if it made you happy.
you decided to spend twice as much on a machine that offers (at best) 6.5 hours of battery life and is twice the weight? I mean, it looks like a decent little netbook (thought overpriced), but its not really a similar product.
I think he means the name. And I remember it getting made fun of alot, and no people use it as a verb without a second thought
the fact that iPad jokes are 8 years old make me happy, because everyone and his dog thinks they are so f----n smart because they can make the incredibly oblique leap to maxipads and think they are being funny.
It also replaces 35$ hardcovers. I assume older books will sell as "mass paperbacks" for anywhere from 50 cents to five bucks.
they are quoting Jobs' response to an oral impromptu question (by Mossberg or whoever). Honestly its not a big deal, everyone knows what he means, and I'm sure if he were to write a book he would correct the egregious error.
I agree with you, but it is possible that during the testing process they decided that the motion of the iPad for "normal" use was too high and they are waiting for better software to somehow reduce that. Likely its a preplaned Rev B thing, however. Although that is sort of a "wow" feature that would have impressed many of the naysayers at launch.
think of it like thisHardcover = movie out in theatressoftcover = buying it in a bargain DVD binThe "hardcover" means it is brand newthe "softcover" means it has been "reprinted" - and cheaper. Think of it also like syndication for a television show.Stephen King made hardly anything for the first run of "Carrie", but made 400 000 dollars when they brought out the mass trade paper back. So "softcovers" should be cheaper in electronic form
and with 9 years of inflation on top of that. The same people were saying the iPod Touch was too small to watch TV on. People just complain.
No its not. That was their downfall before. They want control, but they NEED other manpower to produce this stuff. To call iPad "not open" like that MS guy did is foolish. 140 000 aps is not "closed"
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