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Probably offset by the low lighting bill. Many windows is eco-friendly, especially good windows, which I'm sure this is.
If the Apple Representative told you the display wouldn't be obsolete for many years, he was right. If the told you a new one wouldn't be coming out for a few years, you are a fool for believing him, especially as others have pointed out, there have been many articles about Thunderbolt for over a year now. If you bought it more than a year ago, thems the breaks. So, really, come off it.
I think the iPhone/Pad is the entry point - not sure they are worried too much about cheap low-margin computers. Their current model is pretty successful.
Another thing: Is the "power brick" now gone off the cord? Is that what some of the optical drive space was used for? I hate the effing power brick on my 2009 mini cord. update: it is! Huzzah!
It seems very strange that a company willing to pour resources into something that will only last a little while (like Rosetta) and not iTunes. Perhaps, amid rumors of iPods being slashed away, that iTunes will disappear soon? i.e. Music integrated into the MAS.seems unlikely, but so did iTunes not being 64-bit like 2 years ago.edit: at least on Macs ... on Windows I don't see what they can do
There will be a USB for 69$ next month. That is, if your overages are 39$ for a couple gigabytes, I guess its a better deal.
Because this sexy beast looks a lot better than the first iPhone:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_N95
I don't recall anyone 'backing it'. Some people rationalized it, mostly suggesting it was cost related, but thats hardly backing it.
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