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I disagree. My wife's entire school division bought "mini Dells" which only have about 10" screens.
I think iPads make more sense. Even with keyboards they are cheaper. And kids have good eyes.
If the 13" MBP drops a little I could see that, combined with the 999 price point for the MBA squeezing it out - then you have your choice of capacity or size.
... yes
Well, Canada, for one.
If you read the entire post you would have understood I wrote that it was longer, but it is still not unreasonable to assume it wouldn't settle into an ~8 month groove like all 4 other Mac computers, especially since its the newest and most likely to have outliers cause significant changes in the average.edit: my point is to emphatically assume Apple would not update it so at 8 months is preposterous, not that I think they will update them right away.
I thought they got 1000. At 90/3 months it would be 33 months. Is Apple's 1000 cycle battery claim false?
The cloud may help this - especially if more (desktop) features are added in future updates to Lion. But for example, don't keep much music on the harddrive, download it when you want it and delete it again. It may be hard on ISP data, but where I come from there is no cap and I'm often at work (university) with free wifi, and we also have it downtown.
Average update times Imac = 229 days Macbook Pro = 215 Days Mac Pro = 259 days Mac Mini = 258 days Those are all between 7 - 8.5 months. The Air's history is longer than that, but its not unreasonable to assume an Apple computer would be updated in around 8 months time.
New Posts  All Forums: