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They should have just used a head-shot of Eisenberg.
What a useless post, more useless than this post, whose use is very limited.
you mean tofu dogs
Good for Georgey Boy!
Yes, I had a carbon fibre softball bat, which broke after a few months of use. And softballs are, well, pretty soft.
See the following:
I, too, am wondering if there was supposed to be some "hype" set up from the agreement or something, as we know the Beatles have been difficult about this over these past years. But, the main thing is, how can people be disappointed? 36 Hours ago you didn't know about any of this. Its like Lewis C.K.'s bit about people who just found out about there being internet on the plane, and then its down and being pissed off. Its a good bit, btw.
What kind of laptop do you have? for the 13" MB or MBP its hardly a difference (1280×720). Perhaps the 15 or 17 would notice improvement.
the context of the discussion was the objection to the word "just," which he clearly demonstrates is used because it lower than other major manufacturers. If you want to complain about durability issues, fine, but that is not the context of the discussion, so to become agitated based on that is bad form.
How is Final Fantasy Deficient in any way? It is actually a better game than the PS version and a PERFECT example of how DS games could succeed. Brain Age also comes to mind.
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