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One gets used to it.
I think its important to note that the MBA seem to be like a beta test for both unibody and integrated battery model MBP. Now it has to, like that poster mentioned, be more than that because of your point - the price.
from the source:perhaps they will roll it out in Saskatoon and Regina first, and then go from there? My friend has a Bell 3GS from Albert and it seemed to work here already. Unless it was somehow on Rogers network ... ?
It's a crown corporation, meaning its funded by the government, but I'm not sure if "owned" is quite right in a standard sense. People's GSM 3G phones from out of province already seem to be working on the network
I've always found solip to respond respectfully and intelligently to respectful and intelligent comments. This thread reads like a youTube comments section, and I'm sort of getting sick of this forum becoming a bunch of idiots being caustic without provocation and the repetitive process of he-said she-said, calls for ignoring trolls, and then the trolls counter-attacking by calling someone else a troll and then everyone is tattled on to the moderators. Kind of makes it...
you're either not funny or really sad
Sasktel (crown corporation for those of you not in the know - government run cellphone) should be getting 3g right away and they might have a non-monthly. This would be sask-only however. Canadian Cell Phone providership is a joke!
great schtick, top shelf
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