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I thought they got 1000. At 90/3 months it would be 33 months. Is Apple's 1000 cycle battery claim false?
The cloud may help this - especially if more (desktop) features are added in future updates to Lion. But for example, don't keep much music on the harddrive, download it when you want it and delete it again. It may be hard on ISP data, but where I come from there is no cap and I'm often at work (university) with free wifi, and we also have it downtown.
Average update times Imac = 229 days Macbook Pro = 215 Days Mac Pro = 259 days Mac Mini = 258 days Those are all between 7 - 8.5 months. The Air's history is longer than that, but its not unreasonable to assume an Apple computer would be updated in around 8 months time.
So if skyscrapers are a phallic symbol of a hubristic pissing contest .... then Apple's new building looks very much like one of Freud's "feminine symbols" hmm...
Maybe i just don't have many friends - but I've got about 7 people i text constantly with an iphone and about 3 who don't. My solution = buy a Touch in September, cancel my unlimited messaging (on my non-smart phone) which costs 13 dollars a month. Touch pays for itself in just over a year, and yeah, I carry 2 things around with me but I can still text for 50c a message for those that don't have iOS devices.
yes - cloud only is lame
I don't know why you would assume that you can't put them onto your ipod/phone/pad/laptop like always.Personally, I ripped all of my DVDs to watch on my iPad. Until there is a 1.5 TB iPad, streaming works or me. I already do it via homesharing, but to do it at the cottage would be a big bonus. Of course, I always leave a season of Seinfeld on it in case the internet is down.
Not in good ole' Saskatchewan - no bandwidth charges (at least in foreseeable future)
Well the iPad only emits light in one direction, so when held vertical the light is vertical, and when in landscape, its horizontal (or vice versa, i dunno). The accelerometer flips the screen, the but the backlight doesn't "flip," if you know what I mean. PHYSICS!
in my neck of the woods, aboriginals are the highly marginal group, but yes, anyone wearing a baggy "dragon" (or whatever brandname) bunnyhug (or, hoodie, as the rest of the world calls them) is subjected to visual prejudice.
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