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The iPad is held further from the face, so that kind of pixel density isn't as big of requirement.
One that plugged into the dock connector would work magically
lightpeak might happen
Wasn't there a rumour about a new iLife piece? New chat tool that uses Facetime? Although it doesn't seem worthy of an iLife suite now that I think of it.
this is stupid. He insinuated third parties count figures for APPLE that include upgrades.
I assume that when the stock runs out its gone ... so its not updated but they aren't going to stop selling it while they still have some.
That sounds about right! I forgot about OS 4.0 for iPad coming out right away ... sweet!
The difference being you would OWN the box set. For me, I watch very few shows and cable is expensive here. I could probably get by on 8 dollars or 12 dollars a month and nothing in the summer - which would be WAY cheaper than $40 for cable with 100 channels I have never once watched.
KaBlamo Somebody passed to Logic 110
I think the point is that it doesn't have to be important. It will be convenient so you can do it whenever you want. A lot of people would rather see the person they are talking to if its easy enough.
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