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Apple TV is not a failure, but it needs work. Also: I'm guessing Microsoft will wait until after Apple releases the tablet to undercut their price.
it took me a while to figure out this guy pulled a 6 year old thread out of the basement. I was all "10gb ... wtf"
i'm almost 100% positive at one point you mocked the iPod for its lack of FM radio. Also, the classic, which merely got a size increase, is best in show, even though the Nano doubled capacity, and had a host of (albeit not fantastic) features?
To be fair, these days it seems you attack any product from Apple no matter how good it is.
another marvelous display of wit. What is interesting is with text-talk and iPod videos the eyes/ears have merged in our new multimedia world.
A lot has changed in the past 8 years.
There are lots. But Sgt. Pepper's is amazing. Brian Wilson actually quit music for a while proclaiming that "the perfect rock album had already been created."
Well my girlfriend's grade 4 music class asked her to play the Beatles the other day. I was also 16 (about 6 years ago) when I discovered the Beatles. You don't sell 600+ Million albums to one generation.
People have been calling for this for a while. How about an iPod battery in the mouse/key board with detachable USB cord (i.e. same one as iPod)? that way its wireless and rechargeable
I know this is posted a lot But what about this: New screens with DVD burners in them (like the iMac): that way when you buy a laptop (sans optical drive) and you connect to the LED LCD, you not only get power/screen/speakers, but an optical drive as well. Do you see this happening?
New Posts  All Forums: