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I hope you at least bought it supper first
edit: Voldemort.
Rarely, evidence around here would suggest.
thank you!
Its more offensive to those with a sense of humour.
Agreed: this feature will allow someone to buy an iMac, and then in x years when they upgrade, use it as a second screen. By the time that 2nd iMac is replaced (assuming current trends) the old one is either old enough that the display isn't great, or else the newest iMac would (by then) allow triple-monitors.
yesno, shock damage is a factor. Not the only one, mind you.On what? reading? writing? I recall reading some benchmarks where only certain tasks performed better while others were marginal at bestnow don't be pigheaded: for many people even 256 isn't enough. For instance, I've used up ~200 gb at work (luckily we have a servor for me to dump my crap on) in 2.5 months.They do - in the touch. If my music fills it up, I'll need more for my computer. Unless you mean a...
remember, Techstud, there is an emoticon. [he is being facetious and you are one of this targets] This new macbook looks great.
edit: is it his fault if you can't read?And yes, you are tackling 'real' issues, but in a) the wrong thread and b) every day and c) by posting the same thing and by d) being intentionally antagonistic. Which is fine. I'm just posting about the 'real' issue of you flooding the board with "omg no bluray" comments
for such a sarcastic person you'd think you'd be able to pick up on this. Can't we just have a "techstud complains about everything" forum and let people who want to see every other post as another familiar complaint/antagonistic remark just go there for (entertainment?) value?
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