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Its recognizable to everyone and as such a good synechdoche for newspaper publishers everywhere
I'm curious as to how it matters?You've got keynote on your iPad, and just hook it right to the projector ... so ...edit: unless you mean you are wanting to work collaboratively with people who only use Powerpoint, which I suppose is a good reason.
based on your scathing replies in other threads, I'm guessing this is sarcasm?
I also would use one to take notes in meetings (where not too much typing is needed) or classes. Mail / lite surfing while at the Cabin, too. I think apple envisions a class room where this replaces a pencil, notepad, and textbooks by rolling them all into one. Eventually it may get there.
There is one - Rogers - but I think one or two others are getting into it, like Telus and Bell maybe?
That includes talk doesn't it? needless to say, I'm frightened for the potential prices for Canada.
Ireland, they called you crazy. Just like Van Gogh, you were just ahead of your time.
is that Ludwig Van??????
I agree Apple is going away from removable battery. But the only product that it actually makes sense to have a removable battery is the iPhone, so its possible. OLED? Will it be as poor as the Zune?
My friend in the RCMP (Canadian Feds) arrested some Greenpeacers for crawling all over the machinery at an oil site.It was waaaay north of Edmonton, and the funny thing is they all rented big trucks (that burn gas, and use oil by the way) to drive all the way up there (at 20 mpg) to tell them to shut down their operation.Its like they are TRYING to be completely ironic and idiotic.edit: they also flew in some "big names" from around the world and caused the police to drive...
New Posts  All Forums: