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the man DOES have a point. But then so do the "whiners." Personally I would love to see it flush, because I would leave it in there as a backup. Actually, considering that fact, I think I would prefer removing the optical drive for storage. Esp. in a few years when ~128/256/512/whatever GB become affordable
Yea that is a tough call. I suppose in the future we might have 1.8" SSD affordable drives, which means there could be two AND enough battery for 8 hours, but in the short term I'm not sure which I'd prefer.
Scrolls roll up, not fold, so its not a scroll.
I feel its mostly the low end too. I don't suppose a compromise is possible? base machine non-expandable (but same housing), with upper level machines costing more and being expandable? Seems like confusing/not "neat" enough in Apple's eyes though.
beautiful mouse pad
that is the VERY upgrade I (and many others, likely) plan to do with the mini. I'm going to wait a year or two for the prices to drop significantly. Then, when the warranty is gone i'm gonna go to town.
Yes - its important to define xMac:is it an addition to the lineup or a replacement for the mini?Most people mean the latter i'm sure.Personally, If the mini were twice as big, had 3.5" drives (cheaper) and more room for heat dissipation, I would much prefer it.Maybe i'm alone on this one.edit: actually, if the mini morphed into a computer twice as big i.e. the cube and also into a computer twice as small (atom) perhaps there would be room for the xmac:mac nano for really...
Very nicely done, and this will help me (first time attempting to upgrade a mini) when i do it. Speaking of ... what are you (or anyone else who upgraded the memory themselves) doing with that spare 1GB stick ....
Its this kind of aesthetic fetishism that would make Marx roll in his grave! I think you are right: apple sells based on OSX and aesthetics, not best dollar-to-features ratio or by producing computers to fit ALL sections of the sectors and based on their growth/profit, who are we to tell them otherwise (except depressed apple-users who want an xmac)
Seeing as how Apple is now producing a wired keyboard sans keypad, this is probably too big. Try replacing the key-pad with the trackpad. I would like to see this because, as aforementioned, people who use laptops sometimes get used to them as a navigating too. If it takes too long to get across the screen: change the system profile. Newprograms like iPhoto really benefit from the trackpad, and it is likely to feel familiar to PC users who are switching and have used a...
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