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I think it was a legitimate underestimation last year, which shouldn't be (as big?) a problem this year. Here's hoping
I'm assuming he thinks it funny because it sounds vaguely like "god dammit"
The irritating irony here is that If I wanted to, I could easily steal DVDs sent to my house (with handbrake and the 15 year old technology of DVD burning), yet streaming is much harder for an amateur like myself to steal (if not impossible) ... so what is the hold-up? I pay ~90 a month for cable internet and I only watch about 2 shows (plus sports, which I would give up) - the wife wants to watch other channels. I'd gladly pay double my nextflix subscription cost to get...
Or sharks with fricken laser beams on their heads
what is your definition of "heights"?
When I had a CDMA phone (I'm from Canada) it worked in every province I've ever been in, ftr.
They should have just used a head-shot of Eisenberg.
What a useless post, more useless than this post, whose use is very limited.
you mean tofu dogs
Good for Georgey Boy!
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