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Classic. I bet he comes from a country with single digit mac users. MIRITE?! But in seriousness, it is odd to see Canada with a higher % of mac users, considering our overall culture is very similar (and, probably, our overall wealth lower)
Hahahaha To Teckstud: I'm DEF. not in the 10% wealthiest and I'm an owner of 2 macs!
does this mean we are cooler per capita than the States?
True: but weren't they "digitally remastered" when they first came out in CD?
I think HELP! is the first album worth owning (and every subsequent release). Rubber Soul / Revolver is great. I'm like others: I already own 10 Beatles albums. So this is not big news to me. But the Beatles still sell extremely well AFAIK
Is the dip/staticness of 2002/3/4 due to the G5 fiasco? Was 2005 the switch to Intel? Its been so long I forget
Depending where you look, often iTunes is cheaper in Canada: 10 CND instead of 15 (for new releases)
I think the very fact that you are sitting on your desk ...
At this size they could market it as an iPod/portable Time Machine or something. I still think they will discontinue it, perhaps this model perhaps one more iteration, but the idea of a 250, or next year a 500 Gb iPod classic does have some appeal, as a portable time machine/music / movie repository.
Agreed.So what (else) will Apple do to differentiate in the future?OLED?11" Screen?Carbon Fibre material?
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