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Haha!! Then I'm a separatist too! While I would like to see an 11" I doubt we will ... because we have le portable sans ODD in the 13" air.
How does it compare to Safari 4.0? I remember using Chrome earlier this year and it absolutely screamed, but I'm using safari 4 now and its much faster than before
SEPARATIST ! moving software to SD will make it easier to justify losing the optical drive, but third party software would have to do the same, or i would be necessary to own a USB dvd drive
Well firstly, they DID get rid of a mechanical latching mechinism, which was great. And i think they could move to some sort of induction method of turning it on and off. The less moving parts the better!
the man DOES have a point. But then so do the "whiners." Personally I would love to see it flush, because I would leave it in there as a backup. Actually, considering that fact, I think I would prefer removing the optical drive for storage. Esp. in a few years when ~128/256/512/whatever GB become affordable
Yea that is a tough call. I suppose in the future we might have 1.8" SSD affordable drives, which means there could be two AND enough battery for 8 hours, but in the short term I'm not sure which I'd prefer.
Scrolls roll up, not fold, so its not a scroll.
I feel its mostly the low end too. I don't suppose a compromise is possible? base machine non-expandable (but same housing), with upper level machines costing more and being expandable? Seems like confusing/not "neat" enough in Apple's eyes though.
beautiful mouse pad
that is the VERY upgrade I (and many others, likely) plan to do with the mini. I'm going to wait a year or two for the prices to drop significantly. Then, when the warranty is gone i'm gonna go to town.
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