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Seeing as how Apple is now producing a wired keyboard sans keypad, this is probably too big. Try replacing the key-pad with the trackpad. I would like to see this because, as aforementioned, people who use laptops sometimes get used to them as a navigating too. If it takes too long to get across the screen: change the system profile. Newprograms like iPhoto really benefit from the trackpad, and it is likely to feel familiar to PC users who are switching and have used a...
Newegg.ca didn't seem to have any: anyone know where a Canuck an get a good 4 GB kit?
Me too. It probably doesn't make sense REALLY, but after having used a laptop for so long, when I'm on a desktop I actually miss not being able to use the trackpad.
This may make sense, but its sure annoying that Apple Store Canada touts the iMac as now much more affordable and, from what I can remember, the prices are basically the same, maybe a slight slight cut. Pretty embarrassing upgrade after 19 months to the mini, and I say that as someone who usually apologizes for anything. 730 CA$ and still only 120 GB/1GB is a little bit shameful. Sure, some of the other upgrades are nice, but the cost of these components isn't so high...
didn't they just drop the 20" cinema display line? It makes sense to have the iMac and Display at the same size for economies of scale.
*Ignorance Alert* Ok, so this is only available in the states? re: the download service.
True; however i DO buy electronics that are environmentally friendly, as do many of my friends. I'm willing to pay a premium for more efficient and recyclable products, and the world is shifting that way I think (i.e. hyrbrid cars, which are selling more lately)
The Mac Vs. PC ads have ALL done this.
Those aren't bad cases, but seem much bigger that the mini now ... which i don't see Apple doing (although i would prefer a bigger case that allowed better hardware). One thing that an all-alu body would also do is cut down on plastic, which would make it "the greenest mini ever" - something Apple has been doing recently.
Considering Apple spend a billion dollars (i presume) setting up the unibody manufacturing process, I don't think its out of the question to see a "unibody" mac mini: it could be what is taking so long (and also could explain that the video that surfaced could be a prototype that got dumped b/c they went "solid block"). I agree it adds to the cost, but at the current price points i think the margins (which must be damn near 100%) could absorb it. I'm not sure of the real...
New Posts  All Forums: