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bluray sounds like its right out of star trek
Obv. they mean from the iTunes store. Technically 720p is HD.edit: flame if you want, but a 27" screen will not significantly benefit from 1080p over 720p. Actually I doubt anyone could tell the difference.I know that isn't the only reason for BRD though.
Read entire article. And to camroidv27: there is an eBook reader app. that makes it an ereader product, albeit barely. Its about the same as calling the iPod touch a gaming machine. Threadbare argument, but one that Apple makes. But again, read the entire article, the end of which I even posted earlier in the thread. The tablet, not the touch, is the competitor. I wonder if people sit in coffee houses and talk about this pedantic crap when reading the New York Times.
omg wut is this a Michael Jackson site now?
it does, if someone buys one for that purpose. If the iPod Touch is a gaming machine, it sure as hell is an e-reader! Its a rumour website. And the tablet is coming. AI has reported on the tablet before. This news article is about a product that would, in their eyes, compete with a product they routinely do stories on. This is a non-issue. Back to topic: B&N in Canada?
that depends who you ask. My office mate uses his Touch all the time to read ebooks. Also: the article specifically cites the Tablet. For those too lazy to read the end of the article:whether you agree or not is moot, but AI thinks its apple news because AI thinks its a competing product. People need to quit bitching about news stories no one is forcing them to read.
When other companies directly compete with apple by producing directly competing products, believe it or not, it effects apple and thus is apple news
e-ink also is reflective, rather than emitive so it can be read in direct sunlight. A huge advantage, I think.
isn't this just what they call the iPod in Minnesota?
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