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I think you're joking, but that is actually very interesting to consider.
or recognized that "upto" is two words, or that "2x to wake up and shut down" is so ugly no one paid to write anything would come up with it.
I think he is just a student.
The cons are unfair. His health is not his fault, although it does keep him inactive, so I can see the logic. But as for the other two: AT&T is a different company and the late arrival of competitors is outside of his control, and, additionally, the iPhone continues to sell well in face of that. I'm not sure he should be man of the year, but, really, are those the only cons?
Merry Christmas, Scrooge
its just a pointless bullshit word. An estimation is a guess, and educated one. What the hell is a guesstimation? People have been using "irregardless" in Boston for years, and that doesn't give it credence as a useful word.
and the actual price
you automatically lose for using the word "guestimate"
Well this is common. "eBook" "MP3 Player" "Movie" (they haven't been "moving" since VHS!) Just because iTunes doesn't adequately describe all that it can be used for does not make it a fail - of Homeric or any other proportion. Should an iPhone be rebranded "iPortabletelecommunicationsandgamingGPSmapandmore "?
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