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But it would be fantastic for braille
Didn't old mac laptops do this?  I vaguely remember my '04 iBook coming with a mini VGA->VGA or something like that(edit: and it was freaking expensive!)
The computer is $1200 ... how the adapter "ridiculously costly?"  If $80 is an issue, then you're a MBA candidate.  Also, like Soli says, if you are reliant on this adapter then you are a MBA candidate. But I think you're right in that it will improve.  In a year or two the MB will be $999 with 2 USB-C ports (and Apple/Beats will probably have USB-C headphones by then)
I HAVE bent my headphone jack before, so I guess I could see wanting to prevent that. But I'm with you on the removing the jack from the laptop in favour of USB-C - I mean, worst case scenario just buy a 3.5mm->usb-c adaptor and let the rest of us have a port we might actually use.
that one made me giggle
I'm now thinking the big wait for the "retina" cinema display is to have just one cord - a USB-C - to transfer data, power, and display to the laptop, like they wanted to be able to do with the old ACD. Later this year or next year all the macs will have USB-C and then they can make this happen.  And there's your extra ports.
That is good to know.  Of course, the nearest Apple store is about 600 km away from me - but my sister lives there so i visit from time to time.
And a completely different computer.  This isn't rocket science, man.
Which is why they still offer the macbook pro and for now macbook air Many people (i.e. the students i see with macs) use their machines for paper writing, youtube, facebook, and iTunes.  this new macbook is really all they need and, excepting maybe thumb drives, I never see anything plugged in ever (besides [obnoxious beats] headphones).  No need for 2 thunderbolt ports and 3.3 ghz quad i7 to watch cat videos and use Pages in a starbucks. of course, its expensive for...
No I just left it.  Machine worked perfect except i couldn't push the trackpad, so i used tap-to-click Then just a few weeks ago someone spilled coffee on it and destroyed it anyway, effectively destroying the battery (holds no charge)
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