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I stopped using my iPad as much as I used too, but its also 5 years old.  My wife has bought 3 iPhones in that time frame; i agree and think the turn-over rate is the main factor in Tablet sales declining
If they stopped selling iPods today they'd make less money in a year than if they didn't. I agree the iPod is on its way out, but it still makes money, so why stop?  Eventually people will all migrate to Watch/other wearables, but not right now, so why cut the iPod early?
You' d also need to factor in huge R&D costs for the phone that have long since been recouped for the iPod Line
Agreed.  $410M is not much for apple, but its still $410M.
Not only that, a 3 year old phone's battery won't be nearly as good as a brand-new iPod touch's. I use a touch instead of a phone and would be interested in upgrading soon as its 2.5 years old.  Not paying for data has saved me thousands of dollars and has only caused me grief maybe 2 or 3 times in my life.  There is a ton of wi-fi in my city though.
Does it use the same infrastructure as the Tap-to-Pay?  Because I've never seen any specific Apply Pay signs either, but Tap-to-pay is everywhere. edit: or i could just read the article...
Wasn't it possible to purchase HBO shows through iTunes anyway?  Or movies with graphic sex scenes at the very least?
How is this different from owning it on iTunes?  Unless your digital blu-ray ripped library is just like 50 TB of data? edit: also, if your concern is "owning" the blu-ray versus the "licensing" of digital content, then isn't ripping the blu-ray illegal (because you have to decrypt the blu-ray to do it)?  Or is that only in Canada?
 Until your blu-ray player goes caput in 7 years and they've stopped making them!
I've already bought the entire series on VHS (originals only, as they were the only ones that existed) and Blu-Ray (which I regret).  Even though I'd prefer this digital version for utility, I really don't want to pay 3 times for the same movies (although, knowing Lucas he changed a bunch of stuff for the iTunes version)
New Posts  All Forums: