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You ever touch a door knob then your phone?  Or do you wash your hands every time before using your phone after touching a door, a wall, your kitchen, another person, putting your hand in your pocket, pulling out a chair in a public place etc. etc. six thousands more things you do every day
You ever look at penicillin and think "well, lots of people died young before but I guess civilization somehow powered through"? I don't either. edit: to be clear I do think things can be overboard, but i think that your argument is weak on the basis of past survival.  Also, I will assume that Corning may have done a modicum of research about how gross your phone screen can be. For instance, a very quick google search brought up this: "Mobile phones harbor 18 times more...
You know, germs are airborne, hey?
Sounds like a new cologne line
Agreed - but are Polaroid TVs any good? That's a general question to anyone who's dealt with them/looked at them when purchasing a set - I'm too lazy to do any research on my own!  
I remember a few years ago, in the white-plastic era, where it was common knowledge to never buy a rev A because they had too many problems. Waiting for Rev B.   Old school!
So a 1600 dollar monitor that needs calibration by a graphics expert is comparable to a 999 dollar display that comes calibrated.  Or am I missing something? I recently downgraded from an Apple Thunderbolt display to a  Dell that cost almost exactly the same price at work.  This monitor is atrocious - it has a soft screen and only DVI, lower resolution, is chunky hot plastic.  Shocked they were the same price point.
"Average title download size is approximately 50 GB" - http://us.support.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3848.
Yea thats not true.  But it doesn't really take away from your point, either, which illustrates how the north american job market has been heading for a while now. One problem with robotics might be changing them every time a new phone comes out.  May be too expensive.  Of course I don't know much about it, just venturing a guess.  I can't believe Foxconn wouldn't use more pervasive robotic technique if it were more profitable.
Yea I like the 'summarily dismiss as not thinking it through' straw argument that a few have thrown around in this thread, and then arbitrarily say 2 lbs. Multiplying height/width of Air/Mini Retina = 1.487x bigger for the air at just 1.369x more weight. Using these numbers you'd get a iPad "Pro" at 13.9 inches (width) for 1.369 pounds. But anyway the point of the comment still stands.  Ireland's absurd "how could you hold it?" comment doesn't hold any water.  1.369 or 2...
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