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isn't this just what they call the iPod in Minnesota?
cite your sourceshttp://seekingalpha.com/article/1075...ad-budget-wars
i don't get it. Maybe people need to start washing their hands more often? In years since I owned that mouse the ball stopped working once. I rolled it upside down for a minute on white paper and its worked fine ever since.
i've been suggesting that for months!
perhaps moving the 20" guts to a 24" and the 24" guts to a 28"? The chin isn't so bad, though. They want that logo on there as well likely. Eventually an OLED screen will have no chin/bezel, and that will be great.
And add to that better GPUs
haha. People have Blackberrys for email now though.
Apple TV is not a failure, but it needs work. Also: I'm guessing Microsoft will wait until after Apple releases the tablet to undercut their price.
it took me a while to figure out this guy pulled a 6 year old thread out of the basement. I was all "10gb ... wtf"
i'm almost 100% positive at one point you mocked the iPod for its lack of FM radio. Also, the classic, which merely got a size increase, is best in show, even though the Nano doubled capacity, and had a host of (albeit not fantastic) features?
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