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pressing command+S every hour or so was too much work hey?
that's far more embarrassing.
does using a word like embiggened make you somehow more like Sarah Palin Or less ...
And it's only 5 % in Alberta
Out of curiosity I just checked my old Nokia non-smart phone from 4 years ago, and it goes from 4 bars to 2 bars instantly. Neat. 4 years and I never noticed, because I don't hold my phone completely around the edges.
Should he write letters on behalf of stilted lovers in his constituency too?Dear Laura, Jon really misses you. The way you treated him was unfair, as he has a lot of stress with work and everything. He is really sorry, and I'm not going to rest until I hear an apology. Together, we can get through this! Sincerely, None of my fucking business.
well i guess that helped too. He didn't say it was solely responsible. Review your English, John.
Wow, three years of respect gone in one sentence. I guess that's how marriages end, too.
Then you need more attractive friends
dude, stop putting random words within quotation marks. It hurts your argument because it makes you sound stupid. How do you know its a "real issue"? Stop being so dramatic. The phone has been out all of one day. How about you let things get corroborated? You know, people who post these things have a conflict of interest because they want people to watch them - so to take seriously a YouTube video or journalist who makes these claims immediately is pretty foolish. The...
New Posts  All Forums: