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The apple is doomed thing is getting a little long in the tooth guys
isn't the average age about 72.6 though?
Damn my indecision! is 64 gb overkill! I must decide before shipping gets pushed back until Christmas
This is the only "tech" site I visit, so I'm glad to have articles like this
They aren't uninformative. They may be misleading though, at a quick glance.
This is alarming. I can only hope this is a joke. Otherwise, we have free psychiatry here. Please, take advantage.
I don't want my tax dollars to pay for your healthcare.
Can always count on Solip for an actual reply. So, basically, the french screw us again! ... relax bonhommes I'm only joking. I don't really buy (har har) economies of scale. That, to me, seems more of a worldwide thing (with shipping as a factor). I doubt many iPads are sold in Omaha as compared to NYS but that doesn't alter the price. The GTA has 3 million people. I assume Canada abides by the FCC but I'm not certain, and we also use a 110V adapter etc. I was under...
True, obviously, but what are they? If the product is manufactured outside the US, how is the import cost any different?If they come from China on a ship to Los Angelos, say, how is it more expensive to ship it to Vancouver than to New York?I'm not trying to be facetious; I'm very interested in why we are paying a 10% premium north of the border. If import tax is not the source, what is?I suppose wages might be higher for employees? edit: this seems far too regional...
that cause we never get a bargain
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