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This is the opposite of what anyone should do. That is, trust Wikipedia.
too confusing a name for Boston residents
this has to do with intolerance toward homosexuals how?
I thought the aesthetics had something to do with it. that and marketing/branding.
It seems like it would have USB ports (or Firewire har har) and a built-in iPod battery: that way it could be wireless or wired, and the battery would charge when plugged into the laptop. I would pay some extra green for a keyboard that had hours and hours of battery life and that flexibility.
Apple has stated it considers this a human rights issue, not a political issue, which is why it spoke out.
this thread breaks my heart.
I just bought one and love it - but a back-lit black-keyed aluminum keyboard would make for a great update (at least to the wired, powered one)
Sorry if this is really old stuff, but I thought that a 3 year old laptop question might be hard to search for. Basically, i have an old 17" Dell monitor that I want to hook up to my iBook G4 1.42 Ghz (the last one before the macbook) Before i buy an adatpor for it, i'm interested in: Will it be worth it? Will the video card drive a monitor that big and what resolution can the iBook drive? Cheers, Joel
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