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Learnt is British Learned is American long list of those words: Burnt Burned Leapt Leaped Dreamt Dreamed
I would hesitate to say "no," because there could be some. A mouse pointer has only 1 tip, but some applications might make good use of two digits, although I do tend to agree with you. A new keyboard wit ha multi-touch glass track-pad on it would be nice, though could potentially make the key board too large.
might a thin strong aluminum body open up a little space inside (by reducing thickness)? I think the mini is designed to sell with an "oooh look how nice this one looks" factor to "switchers," so i wouldn't be surprised if it shrinks a bit, but i'd prefer 3.5" hard drive size enclosure to keep the costs as low as possible and provide a solid desktop machine that has good value, not crappy value and decent aesthetics.
He probably means a price-drop.
This is the opposite of what anyone should do. That is, trust Wikipedia.
too confusing a name for Boston residents
this has to do with intolerance toward homosexuals how?
I thought the aesthetics had something to do with it. that and marketing/branding.
It seems like it would have USB ports (or Firewire har har) and a built-in iPod battery: that way it could be wireless or wired, and the battery would charge when plugged into the laptop. I would pay some extra green for a keyboard that had hours and hours of battery life and that flexibility.
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