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Those aren't bad cases, but seem much bigger that the mini now ... which i don't see Apple doing (although i would prefer a bigger case that allowed better hardware). One thing that an all-alu body would also do is cut down on plastic, which would make it "the greenest mini ever" - something Apple has been doing recently.
Considering Apple spend a billion dollars (i presume) setting up the unibody manufacturing process, I don't think its out of the question to see a "unibody" mac mini: it could be what is taking so long (and also could explain that the video that surfaced could be a prototype that got dumped b/c they went "solid block"). I agree it adds to the cost, but at the current price points i think the margins (which must be damn near 100%) could absorb it. I'm not sure of the real...
Well, the black I think is to reduce glare (its always around displays) so I don't even see why the mini would need it, except to "match." Why not all silver like the air?
Do EDU discounts apply to products bought IN a physical Apple Store? We don't have one here, but i'm heading on a trip to a place where they do (and also have way less tax), and curious if i can expect getting the EDU discount on an iMac at the apple store there.
How about a price drop and an aluminum enclosure? Judging by Apple's operations lately, expect it late 2011.
True. I would, along with others probably, rather a mac mini (renamed simply "mac) than an iMac. The new monitor suggests integration-ability that could make it an imac if you so choose, and add the flexibility of upgrading and/or using a different monitor/multiple monitors etc. If the mac mini were redesigned to somehow fit into the monitor seamlessly etc., seems like the iMac could be a useless product (and morph into the iLCDTV?)
Apple laptops are everywhere.
the fact that 80% of windows users still use XP and the fact they ADVERTISE you can REVERT back to XP after buying Vista does, in my opinion, make it a failure. A colossal one even. It doesn't mean its a useless OS. My dad uses it and I get by just fine on it. But in the computer world where everything moves so quickly, to release something and advertise a move BACKWARD is pretty much a failure.
Well the Air doesn't have an optical drive -- but in MacBooks or (possibly, though perhaps less likely) MBPs they could certainly get much longer battery life. I'm curious, does the Air use Unibody and Lithium-Polymer batteries, i.e. did they get it BEFORE the macbook pros and Apple just did not bring it up until the MBPs came out?
I was assuming people would notice ... things like speed / usefulness with cores/gpus with opencl grand central; it just wouldn't be fancy new features, but still noticeable through its increased speed/security. Also, my favourite part of that article was seeing how applications, like AOL, fell out of use between 2001 and 2006.
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