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didn't they just drop the 20" cinema display line? It makes sense to have the iMac and Display at the same size for economies of scale.
*Ignorance Alert* Ok, so this is only available in the states? re: the download service.
True; however i DO buy electronics that are environmentally friendly, as do many of my friends. I'm willing to pay a premium for more efficient and recyclable products, and the world is shifting that way I think (i.e. hyrbrid cars, which are selling more lately)
The Mac Vs. PC ads have ALL done this.
Those aren't bad cases, but seem much bigger that the mini now ... which i don't see Apple doing (although i would prefer a bigger case that allowed better hardware). One thing that an all-alu body would also do is cut down on plastic, which would make it "the greenest mini ever" - something Apple has been doing recently.
Considering Apple spend a billion dollars (i presume) setting up the unibody manufacturing process, I don't think its out of the question to see a "unibody" mac mini: it could be what is taking so long (and also could explain that the video that surfaced could be a prototype that got dumped b/c they went "solid block"). I agree it adds to the cost, but at the current price points i think the margins (which must be damn near 100%) could absorb it. I'm not sure of the real...
Well, the black I think is to reduce glare (its always around displays) so I don't even see why the mini would need it, except to "match." Why not all silver like the air?
Do EDU discounts apply to products bought IN a physical Apple Store? We don't have one here, but i'm heading on a trip to a place where they do (and also have way less tax), and curious if i can expect getting the EDU discount on an iMac at the apple store there.
How about a price drop and an aluminum enclosure? Judging by Apple's operations lately, expect it late 2011.
True. I would, along with others probably, rather a mac mini (renamed simply "mac) than an iMac. The new monitor suggests integration-ability that could make it an imac if you so choose, and add the flexibility of upgrading and/or using a different monitor/multiple monitors etc. If the mac mini were redesigned to somehow fit into the monitor seamlessly etc., seems like the iMac could be a useless product (and morph into the iLCDTV?)
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