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only one firewire 400 and 800 port? Actually I think people really WOULD complain about that
Initially I thought they might too. Silver is just too expensive I think, but if this ever comes about it could mean 8 hour removable batteries.
I figured the matte option could be a slightly underhanded upsell option. And to those saying "how come the 15" MBP has the removable battery?" Space, obviously. The 17" enclosure is big enough to make the new batter 8 hours - which, a couple years ago Steve Jobs said was their goal, to make a battery that will last a full work day - and a non-removable batter in the 15" that is only 6 or 7 hours wasn't desirable. Last point: if the battery lasts for 1000 cycles and has a...
obviously that's what he meant, and why adaptors are not an ideal way to deal with many situations.
Personally, even without a clip, I would prefer that, if someone kicked my power cord, that my mac shut down rather then went crashing the floor (potentially). Magsafe snap in hard enough and your desktop setup should be good enough that magsafe should easily work with desktops. In years and years of desktop use i've never once had the power cord positioned that it could possibly cause a problem. I agree though: apple's aesthetic fetish seems to disagree with some sort of...
the obvious AppleĀ™ Answer: To make it smaller Power is of no concern to big desktops. The mini/iMac's enclosure's do have thermal limits (at least I think they do) because of their smallness I really hope we do not see an Atom, nor any super-low-voltage processor, in the mini. At least not until they perform quite a bit better. But Apple-Anorexia suggests its a possibility.
They could be included randomly in boxes, forcing children to buy 10, 12, or even as many as 20 or 30 different ipods looking for one!
Flockheart hahaha I don't necessarily agree with you on the thinness of the nano ... but shedding an extra .2 mm like they seemed obsessed with doing is kinda annoying. But generally spot on. Small is good, but good is better.
neither is proper, just merely different standards. Like "color" vs. "colour." -t and -ed are both past tense morphemes. I really don't know what your point here is. FYI: the English language did not in fact "originate" from England. It comes from Anglo-Saxon which is an Old German dialect that came from the reconstructed hypothetical language "Proto-European." And just because was spoken in England before the rest of the world (Americans come from England, you know)...
My friend's iMac is having problems: it boots normally and with normal color, but once the OS loads and you can navigate, the color screws up and becomes mono-chrome esqe Then, when they try to choose new colors all the colors are odd and screwed up and it says the background is blue but its orange and the calibration didn't fix it. Any way to fix this?
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