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yes, go to "user CP" and add him to the ignore list. Made my life way better.
looks? Aren't you one of the many who complain about the "racoon" look, which the air lacks? And the macbook air is meant to be a portable type-writer. Its not lacking power unless you bought it for the wrong reasons.
Because they don't want to have people unable to pay for something, which costs them money. People still swipe!
to paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi "which is worse? The non-answer, or the non-answer that follows it"
because you can only steal ideas from mass marketed and utlised things. And from your posts, its clear you missed many parts of tech history
Do you have a source? I suspect you are correct, but it would be an interesting study. I think I remember a big study about how people walked by an apple store and it "sucked them in" more than other stores or something.
You are comparing Apple to Bed Bath and Beyond
But who has the time, vinea!
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