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You are so the best poster on this site.
Why, pray tell, a Democrate [sic] and not a Republican? Keep the political polemics to a minimum [read: 0] on a non-political forum. Besides the bombastic rhetoric he is right, technically all OS 10.x have been "upgrades" and there are a hundred different ways to skin a cat. A substantial amount of resources have gone into adding several new core features, most of which aren't aesthetic and hence are "invisible," but still nonetheless incredibly powerful and useful. A...
Esp. intel macbooks, which since Intel have probably sold more than PPC i/powerbooks ever did. The main idea is this: if you have an Intel upgrade, if you don't, don't. This is a win-win. Its a cheap mini update to take advantage of 64 bit. 10.7 will come out in 2 more years (at full price) and then it will be 5 years since PPC. It makes perfect sense. Have PPC, continue running Leopard. Have Intel, run Snow Leopard.
Classic. I bet he comes from a country with single digit mac users. MIRITE?! But in seriousness, it is odd to see Canada with a higher % of mac users, considering our overall culture is very similar (and, probably, our overall wealth lower)
Hahahaha To Teckstud: I'm DEF. not in the 10% wealthiest and I'm an owner of 2 macs!
does this mean we are cooler per capita than the States?
True: but weren't they "digitally remastered" when they first came out in CD?
I think HELP! is the first album worth owning (and every subsequent release). Rubber Soul / Revolver is great. I'm like others: I already own 10 Beatles albums. So this is not big news to me. But the Beatles still sell extremely well AFAIK
Is the dip/staticness of 2002/3/4 due to the G5 fiasco? Was 2005 the switch to Intel? Its been so long I forget
Depending where you look, often iTunes is cheaper in Canada: 10 CND instead of 15 (for new releases)
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