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Were they that specific? I thought they said later this year in the fall or something a little more vague. But its sort of a bummer. Just got a pad and would love to get 4.0 right away, but, at least it will be like having a new product come Q3 !
What a nice gesture by that manager!
Isn't this basically a MacMini that can search your cable channels? And sorry, but the first minute of that movie looked like an infomercial "Is your IQ so low its impossible to figure out when your television programs are on? Do you have to cancel important functions to watch tv? (even though VCRs have been around for 40 years?) well now finally there is an alternative!" My Cable TV already has a search function and I'm not an idiot so I can figure out how to PVR...
If Apple can get it working properly, something like thumbprint recognition would be great. The original purchase would require set up, and you could add other users, and only authorized persons could use the device. I think that would prevent theft because it would essentially be unusable. But perhaps the touchscreens aren't good enough, or perhaps there is a legality preventing it.
The apple is doomed thing is getting a little long in the tooth guys
isn't the average age about 72.6 though?
Damn my indecision! is 64 gb overkill! I must decide before shipping gets pushed back until Christmas
This is the only "tech" site I visit, so I'm glad to have articles like this
They aren't uninformative. They may be misleading though, at a quick glance.
This is alarming. I can only hope this is a joke. Otherwise, we have free psychiatry here. Please, take advantage.
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