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Anyway: this technology is very interesting. And a cost analysis WOULD be interesting to view, though probably impossible to find. Would this also mean that potentially new designs could be created on a computer and then made in small quantities for quite cheap (compared to normal Alpha-test hw)??
"i will consider you more ignorant than I am" ... what a beautifully ironically ignorant thing to say. well, the precision of the cut would use the maximum amount of the block for different parts of different products, and like zerfman says, the scraps could be re-formed (at not that great of cost, compared with the whole process and the savings)
careful; bit of a false analogy there. Yes cars are still around. But are Novas still around? (i'm not much of a car guy, i'm sure there are better examples). the iPod is an Digital Media Player, which will be around for a while. Woz might be saying that "iPod" digital media players might die out (I think he's probably wrong, at least in the near future) OR (like other people are saying) iPods need to change/adapt etc. (perhaps more so than the classic/nano have done...
how much memory do you have? my iBook G4 seems to run iTunes fine.
you can't qualify MS as "bad" only "worse" if apple didn't exist people wouldn't know Vista was "worse" ... so by Apple making a better product than MS (in the eyes of those who purchase it) they justify their product and their prices.
The most obvious, like the post above me mentioned, is to cut the margins.
Well there is some truth to that.The article said "theres not much room for growth in this good product"so apple (i think) is leaving out GPS, a camera, etc. so they can add them into future options (and retain these or similar price points) to drive sales of the touch for the next few yearsinterestingly enough I think a Touch with a camera, GPS and wi-fi would function as well as a phone for many people, if there was a skype application, so maybe they are afraid of...
really?He's right on one point for sure though: now is as good a time as any to really try to attack Microsoft with all the negative press that will eventually wash away, and with their dumping of money around, their image will turn around and their products will improve.So aggressive pricing and better included specs would attend to that, as well as possibly account for the cryptic "lower margins" talk.
Well a mac is hardware and windows is software. It would have to be "i'm OS 10.5" and "I'm windows vista" not as punchy
what is the point of this comment? Quit turning this story into a tangential flame war. The original story for MS is embarrassing and looks bad because it sends the message that Apples are better (not that its necessarily true, but thats the message it sends). Also of note: my favourite part about the Ballmer scene where he runs around like a jackass, is how out of breath at the podium he is after 40 seconds of running.
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