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Apple has stated it considers this a human rights issue, not a political issue, which is why it spoke out.
this thread breaks my heart.
I just bought one and love it - but a back-lit black-keyed aluminum keyboard would make for a great update (at least to the wired, powered one)
Sorry if this is really old stuff, but I thought that a 3 year old laptop question might be hard to search for. Basically, i have an old 17" Dell monitor that I want to hook up to my iBook G4 1.42 Ghz (the last one before the macbook) Before i buy an adatpor for it, i'm interested in: Will it be worth it? Will the video card drive a monitor that big and what resolution can the iBook drive? Cheers, Joel
is Nehalem going to offer significant improvement?
in Saskatchewan, Rogers a) is slightly more expensive b) has worse features (no unlimited text messaging) c) has terrible coverage (only 2 major cities and 2 major highways) Before Apple threatened to take away the iPhone Rogers was really screwing us. A criticised business strategy by some, but quite effective. Most A-band, provincial carriers (at least in the west) seem to offer better contract than Rogers, unless Rogers has lowered its prices recently
the optical drive does take quite a bit of space i'd rather a bigger logic board. But the idea of an App store is intriguing, but d/l an OS over the internet seems quite a ways off
can you imagine how many people on this forum would cry bloody murder if that happened ... and how many would "never buy an apple again" I dunno if the time is right to remove it from the mini ... the mini could legitmately be used as a "media centre" in which case playing DVDs could be quite useful. Heck, its even an argument to try to include Blu Ray as an option ... but that would make the Mini pretty expensive and sort of counter intuitive. a thin unibody aluminium...
its a numbers thing. 95% of people using a non-pro computer use basically a) DVD / iTunes watching / listening b) web surfing/email c) word processing d) maybe minor iPhoto/Address book/ garage band So really upgrading most of the specs doesn't affect whether or not the machine is usable, so they upgrade aesthetics and "miniturize" so that they can have a selling point. I think its mostly people in this forum (myself included) that would use an 'xMac'
powermac G5 is included in that 5 years
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