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neither is proper, just merely different standards. Like "color" vs. "colour." -t and -ed are both past tense morphemes. I really don't know what your point here is. FYI: the English language did not in fact "originate" from England. It comes from Anglo-Saxon which is an Old German dialect that came from the reconstructed hypothetical language "Proto-European." And just because was spoken in England before the rest of the world (Americans come from England, you know)...
My friend's iMac is having problems: it boots normally and with normal color, but once the OS loads and you can navigate, the color screws up and becomes mono-chrome esqe Then, when they try to choose new colors all the colors are odd and screwed up and it says the background is blue but its orange and the calibration didn't fix it. Any way to fix this?
Learnt is British Learned is American long list of those words: Burnt Burned Leapt Leaped Dreamt Dreamed
I would hesitate to say "no," because there could be some. A mouse pointer has only 1 tip, but some applications might make good use of two digits, although I do tend to agree with you. A new keyboard wit ha multi-touch glass track-pad on it would be nice, though could potentially make the key board too large.
might a thin strong aluminum body open up a little space inside (by reducing thickness)? I think the mini is designed to sell with an "oooh look how nice this one looks" factor to "switchers," so i wouldn't be surprised if it shrinks a bit, but i'd prefer 3.5" hard drive size enclosure to keep the costs as low as possible and provide a solid desktop machine that has good value, not crappy value and decent aesthetics.
He probably means a price-drop.
This is the opposite of what anyone should do. That is, trust Wikipedia.
too confusing a name for Boston residents
this has to do with intolerance toward homosexuals how?
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