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I know this is posted a lot But what about this: New screens with DVD burners in them (like the iMac): that way when you buy a laptop (sans optical drive) and you connect to the LED LCD, you not only get power/screen/speakers, but an optical drive as well. Do you see this happening?
How about a video-out so that you can carry around your full iTunes library (at 720p) in a large capacity HDD?
Its also a slap in the face to a company that trusts you not to abuse that. All along you could have avoided buying the family pack, because Apple doesn't force you into it.
Curious as to why the mini is too wimpy. Mine is just fine, and I only have 1 GB of RAM. SL will add the 9400M to the mix as well. Do you do a lot of Photoshop Work?
and, alternately, X-X-X next October 10th
You are so the best poster on this site.
Why, pray tell, a Democrate [sic] and not a Republican? Keep the political polemics to a minimum [read: 0] on a non-political forum. Besides the bombastic rhetoric he is right, technically all OS 10.x have been "upgrades" and there are a hundred different ways to skin a cat. A substantial amount of resources have gone into adding several new core features, most of which aren't aesthetic and hence are "invisible," but still nonetheless incredibly powerful and useful. A...
Esp. intel macbooks, which since Intel have probably sold more than PPC i/powerbooks ever did. The main idea is this: if you have an Intel upgrade, if you don't, don't. This is a win-win. Its a cheap mini update to take advantage of 64 bit. 10.7 will come out in 2 more years (at full price) and then it will be 5 years since PPC. It makes perfect sense. Have PPC, continue running Leopard. Have Intel, run Snow Leopard.
Classic. I bet he comes from a country with single digit mac users. MIRITE?! But in seriousness, it is odd to see Canada with a higher % of mac users, considering our overall culture is very similar (and, probably, our overall wealth lower)
Hahahaha To Teckstud: I'm DEF. not in the 10% wealthiest and I'm an owner of 2 macs!
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