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The thing about iPhone OS is that any one can develop for it, so by announcing it early people can start to think about the programs they want to make.
I'm inclined this way as well.
a Kindle which basically costs the same as an iPad. with NO touch screen NO colour NO internet access NO applications NO video basically Kindle = EPIC FAIL a post in the style of Techstud
that guy's article:Guy is sort of a clown. I appreciated his relatively non-partisan writing style, but chose Win7 on such weak knees. It somehow allows him to work 40% better and is more fun. Hmm.
http://iphonasia.com/?p=7394 says they have 40
forgive if this is a stupid question but what does "Quad HD" mean in this context?
oh shut up. You assumed apple would release a tablet for years now, it just so happened you were right. I could use the word "predict" next time if it made you happy.
you decided to spend twice as much on a machine that offers (at best) 6.5 hours of battery life and is twice the weight? I mean, it looks like a decent little netbook (thought overpriced), but its not really a similar product.
I think he means the name. And I remember it getting made fun of alot, and no people use it as a verb without a second thought
the fact that iPad jokes are 8 years old make me happy, because everyone and his dog thinks they are so f----n smart because they can make the incredibly oblique leap to maxipads and think they are being funny.
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