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I think the very fact that you are sitting on your desk ...
At this size they could market it as an iPod/portable Time Machine or something. I still think they will discontinue it, perhaps this model perhaps one more iteration, but the idea of a 250, or next year a 500 Gb iPod classic does have some appeal, as a portable time machine/music / movie repository.
Agreed.So what (else) will Apple do to differentiate in the future?OLED?11" Screen?Carbon Fibre material?
If the superdrive becomes external, which I am all for, how does that impact the air?The new 13" Mac Pro is only 4.5 pounds, and sans disk drive would come even lower (unless it is filled some something heavier, like the battery)But my point is, if the weight difference becomes smaller and the MBP gets an even better GPU or quad CPU then it has now, then it is hard to justify buying the AirNow that the MBP screen is better, slightly less weight is the only pro for the...
Haha!! Then I'm a separatist too! While I would like to see an 11" I doubt we will ... because we have le portable sans ODD in the 13" air.
How does it compare to Safari 4.0? I remember using Chrome earlier this year and it absolutely screamed, but I'm using safari 4 now and its much faster than before
SEPARATIST ! moving software to SD will make it easier to justify losing the optical drive, but third party software would have to do the same, or i would be necessary to own a USB dvd drive
Well firstly, they DID get rid of a mechanical latching mechinism, which was great. And i think they could move to some sort of induction method of turning it on and off. The less moving parts the better!
the man DOES have a point. But then so do the "whiners." Personally I would love to see it flush, because I would leave it in there as a backup. Actually, considering that fact, I think I would prefer removing the optical drive for storage. Esp. in a few years when ~128/256/512/whatever GB become affordable
Yea that is a tough call. I suppose in the future we might have 1.8" SSD affordable drives, which means there could be two AND enough battery for 8 hours, but in the short term I'm not sure which I'd prefer.
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