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 It may be a stupid product (or not - I'm not sure) but this is without a doubt the stupidest argument.  Infant mortality rates before the last century were astronomical - in many places even in North America they were still very high before World War II.  Innovation is the ONLY reason things are "fine" now.
So why are you here?
Just buy a battery case if you want to carry a giant heavy brick with more battery life instead of demanding Apple makes an entirely new version which would sell extremely poorly
This guy is a serious riot. 
It would be good for Apple if their end goal is to move AppleTVs for profit.  It would be bad if they had some sort of subscription model of their own coming, which I doubt. I don't see why having an Amazon Prime channel is any different than Netflix (besides Netflix not coming out with Tablets/Phones - but if someone wants to buy an Amazon Fire, why not tempt them to get an AppleTV by allowing them to watch content on it)?
It's neither. Old English tended to pronounce words based on the first syllable, which tended to create alliterative strophic poetry.After William the conqueror changed the official court language to French in 1066, French words entered the lexicon, which is why Chaucer is so different from, say, Gawain and the Green knight.French words (and Latin, which we borrowed from heavily in the Renaissance) have stresses in later syllables. So borrowed words (calques) have...
Not to mention the products they make are taxed (at least where I'm from and in at least some states) AND the employees are all taxed on their income.  I'm not necessarily arguing for low corporate taxes per se, but corporations do get taxed at LEAST 3 ways, 4 if you count sales
My 2009 Mini with 2GB of Ram had greatly improved performance with Mavericks.  Actually was considering buying a new computer until then, which is good because a new mini looks increasingly less likely...
Agreed - I have a 2009 Mac Mini and have no problems doing that.  You have to wait for content to be fully downloaded though (i.e. if you just bought something on iTunes and its "ready to watch" you can view it on the mac, but you have to wait until its fully downloaded to push it to Apple TV)
I didn't watch the keynote yet, but this seems like one of those things where the software comes first, hardware next, so I think this is quite exciting for the potential of a wearable device that will use Healthkit after some bugs are ironed out/features added
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