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NoNope, a very common Latin phrase loaned to English. Only the most ignorant or perverse would find this usage in anyway sexualEdit: what I mean is that it's not a double entendre
Yup.  Us canucks send a team every time.  Quick search on the website yeilds an entire USA pool and a world pool: Asia-Pacific Australia Canada Caribbean Europe & Africa Japan Latin America Mexico
Then you're wrong
I hope so. I would like the option not to pay for a "retina" display, which at this point will cost a fortune. Also the pro one could be igzo and be thin like the iMac.
To assume AT&T hasn't thought of these things is ... well, characteristic.   Why would you stand for hours? What kind of person needs to go from 0% to 100% before moving on with his or her day?  I commonly charge my iPod for 5 or 10 minutes when I'm getting low and it adds plenty of juice, especially if I needed say, to use my GPS or something while running low on battery.   What we really need is grapheme transistors that can charge almost instantly - then these things...
This.  Seems easy and opening weather app isn't hard or anything but a quick glance to see temperature would be great.  
The man won't be stopped!!
They are even copying Apple's cash-hoarding now ¡
Don't you mean market nom?  
But when you buy something free or on sale on your iPhone, for instance, you now don't have to go in, cancel the download or delete the download if you don't actually want it on the device.
New Posts  All Forums: