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Yes you do
Does Joe and Jane average know anything about screen quality? And people buy smart phones for camera? Edit: Looks like the screen's only advantage on the + is higher PPI, its actually got worse contrast ratio.  And according to Apple's site, the camera is identical in the two models (as is almost everything, except battery)
It says "Requires iPhone 5 or later."  I don't have an iPhone, and would like the watch, and so this means it has to "come with a data plan" for those of us without phones. Unless that's just in reference to something specific?
Well, now we know which posters are white WASP males ages 19-45
Couldn't they just ignore input on the side of the screen?  Unless a certain app wanted it for some reason. I actually don't completely hate it, but the benefits seem fairly small to me
Isn't that the definition?
Fair enough. the arguments for lead times for developers are pretty convincing in this thread as well.  Still, seems weird to announce it before Christmas and ship after, but what the hell do I know about anything.
 That's not fair - the poster clearly meant that the iPhone used hard-to-get-a-hold of parts because it was such a new category (not for Apple, but for the industry); Blackberry even called an emergency meeting where they thought that this thing can't be real IIRC.  No way any company could catch up in 6 months to iPhone in 2007.  (Still they only did it because it has to clear FCC, not because they had a jump on competition) For an "iWatch" the competition could see the...
"had been" is past perfect continuous"Was" is just simple past (i think always passive, but maybe not?) They are different.  Past perfect continuous generally is used to for something that happened BEFORE something else that also happened in the past:I had been waiting for someone when she arrived I agree with Lorin about the phrase "the price had been reduced to XX." would be more by the book if it used simply "was," but I probably wouldn't have noticed if the Lorin...
Isn't it pretty disingenuous to make declarative generalized statements then simply say after the fact its your opinion?  Also, isn't it disingenuous to ad hoc post a few citations and tell someone to formulate an opinion based on information gathered from works, which, say, one might list as a citation, which is simply what I asked for in the first place? And isn't it disingenuous to discredit a device based on an opinion draped in declarative rhetoric when its clear [the...
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