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That's a really poor argument.
I think you're right on the money.  There are hundreds of millions of homes with existing circuitry, but really new homes should take this stuff into account. It would be useful to have a consortium to standardize this kind of thing, but that would be tricky I assume.
Is that a constitutional right? And are you so sure Apple does not have the "right" to force an upgrade?   No one is arguing with you that it wouldn't be good if the did that, but I think you are on shaky ground throwing around these "rights" that individuals and companies do and do not have without any evidence or argument. edit: I feel like your posts need a [citation needed] on most of the points.  Now, I admit to not having any solid information either (what a great...
Anyone used an Ecobee?  I'm interested in them over a nest but only know people who use a nest!
I actually do get disproportionately mad when I want to watch netflix and i have to wait like 4 minutes!
I get your point; i just don't think that's true!  Of course I'm just guessing. Your bill is for licensing the software (edit: and owning the hardware, which means you can put stickers/paint the surface etc.); It is no different from licensing Adobe Photoshop (even though you "own" the disc the software you are licensing came on).  I'm sure in the 894 pages of uppercase prose in the EULA says something like that.
Slurp's point is that you don't own it, its not your phone.  You are licensing it.   I think that's right, anyway.  Just like "owning" a blu-ray copy of a disc gives you no right to change it.  You own a blank disc and license the content on it that is limited (i.e. you can't burn it, rip it, and put it on the internet) So i guess Apple has every right to do what they are doing, but they also should act in a way that doesn't alienate user base.
Fair point!  I'm thinking an ARM switch, if it happens, is still years away though, and years is an eternity in chip production.  Some company could have quantum computers by then that are 1000x better!
There were people who said they'd never want to switch from IMB to Intel. If Apple can do a switch-over as seamlessly as they did that and ARM reached desktop-rivaling performance, then why not?
So, you've never read Marx then?
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