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Other posters have wondered if maybe a 2-year product upgrade cycle might begin with iPads since people apparently upgrade less anyway.  Currently on an original iPad, finally getting this new Mini for the wife because YouTube stopped working on it :\ (among other problems with a 5.5 y/o device)
Watch a lot of uncompressed video on your Apple TV, do you?
That's not how it works and you know it
Amazon could easily have a different agreement, but point taken
That song limit could very well be coming from Music labels
I'm thinking they may be targeting, not the PS4, but the PS5. If they build a health app eco-system they could, esp. if the A series catches up to (but not necessarily catches) the types of processors in the Ps5/Xbox720, have an AppleTV Pro (or whatever) that can really keep pace with gaming. Of course, they may not, but that option is certainly more attractive if you've got scads of developers already working on TVos.
I dunno with the Anti-Poaching are they allowed to use Godot when he gets there?
Makes sense! I'm thinking also in terms of protecting the "ugh, Apple is always changing its cords" crap that people i know (see: my immediate family) and I had to explain that they had the 30-pin for 10 years and that seems like a pretty good run.  But some people might see a move to USB-C as a "greedy way to get us to buy more accessories"
I don't know.  I'm going based on forum reaction, which is probably hyperbolized.  I guess what i mean is, if something is cutting edge (like the MBA was back in 20xx) then ditching the old ports makes sense, but if something is designed to be a broad "mass market" object, doesn't it make sense to include ports that allow greater adoption?   Of course extra ports = extra expense.  I guess I don't know what I'm talking about 
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