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Wouldn't be reflective, so direct sunlight on the ipad surface would make it very difficult to see
No, this is:  That would be top 5 at best!
A great democratic officespace for the future!   Wait, on second thought it sounds sort of communist ...
  Ignorance is not an excuse
I have no problem with people making fun of us Canadians, but no one here sounds like that! Maybe Newfoundland, but more often than not people doing "Canadian" accents end up sounding like Minnesotans !
Its more of a 'paraphrase' than an impression
Agreed - this 128 bump is for the people who complained that 64 wasn't enough ( they are now claiming that 128 is too expensive)
Yea, but can't you just shoot them?
  No, this is almost entirely different.  On the continuum of different, Samsung's is pretty close.
they went to quite a bit of effort to suggest that the iPad mini was significantly bigger than the other 7" tablets, though.
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