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That is good to know.  Of course, the nearest Apple store is about 600 km away from me - but my sister lives there so i visit from time to time.
And a completely different computer.  This isn't rocket science, man.
Which is why they still offer the macbook pro and for now macbook air Many people (i.e. the students i see with macs) use their machines for paper writing, youtube, facebook, and iTunes.  this new macbook is really all they need and, excepting maybe thumb drives, I never see anything plugged in ever (besides [obnoxious beats] headphones).  No need for 2 thunderbolt ports and 3.3 ghz quad i7 to watch cat videos and use Pages in a starbucks. of course, its expensive for...
No I just left it.  Machine worked perfect except i couldn't push the trackpad, so i used tap-to-click Then just a few weeks ago someone spilled coffee on it and destroyed it anyway, effectively destroying the battery (holds no charge)
Agreed - my battery in my MBP swelled up and made it impossible to push the track pad, which was very annoying (actually did it after only about 18 months)
 Its hard not to commit an ad hominem about this post, but basically you destroyed any credibility you had by making a bunch of ridiculous statements.  Anyway lets hope they do an iPad/Air hybrid ¡
This reeks of the "Applie did iPhone then iPad and now what have they done lately?" argument I used to get from idiots who thought that somehow that was a compliment to Samsung.  A company can't completely redesign the wheel every few years forever, and i think the lineup of MacBooks now is fantastic.
I use a Touch exclusively, because 95% of my family and friends have iPhones and I can iMessage them from wifi which I have access to about 95% of my life. Literally saved me thousands of dollars.
There's a story of a professor getting fired for using that word because the public was incensed thinking he was being racist. I wish I were making that up.
How much energy would we waste getting it out of earth's orbit? (not to mention money and materials for the rocket) edit: from Nasa.gov: Today, it costs $10,000 to put a pound of payload in Earth orbit. edit: and from wiki it takes 973 gigajoules to launch a rocket to mars that weighs 10000kg. (which is 973 GW/seconds, I think): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spacecraft_propulsion#Effectiveness To put that into perspective, it would cost $10000 x 22000 lbs = 2.2 billion...
New Posts  All Forums: