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From the website:What happens to my Beats Music service?
You mean you want them to write on the boxWarning: future upgrades may not work on this product ?
Also remember that Samsung has bigger phones first
Still waiting for iTunes Radio!
This site says differently:http://www.netindex.com/download/2,1/United-States/ Unless I'm reading it wrong - it suggests globally ~23 Edit: Average is also a lot different from possible.  Many people a) don't need more (because they don't have a 4k tv yet) or live in that state but not in a city, so they can't get more.  That doesn't mean people who can shouldn't be allowed to.  I'm from Canada and even I find that too socialist!!
I agree.  However, i still don't see a reason to not include an SoC on the AppleTV that is capable of playing it. And also, if most people won't notice, then is it not by definition ready for prime time?  Because those people who don't notice it are 99% of the market.  Also, most places in north america can't get 15 Mbps?  I don't know if I believe that.  I mean, rural, sure, but the gigantic markets of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.etc....
First of all, Netflix somehow does it for 24mbps, and as I just said, i get 100mbps, which is not the highest available in my area.  250 is.  I could stream 8k. Also, you could easily put in 32gb (or 48 or 64) of onboard memory to store and not need to compress it. Btw, you know that h265 is twice as good as 264, right? Think A LITTLE man
I hadn't realized US internet bandwidth is a problem.  I live in a small city in Canada with 100mbps internet, so 4K is no problem. And i would NEVER say Ultra HD BluRay.  Gross. Largely I agree with you on 4K content generally, but I think a new Apple TV with a processor capable of eventually allowing 4k playback not unreasonable right now.
 Firstly, as I believe someone mentioned above, there's nothing to indicate that an A8 is more expensive at this point than an A5 anyway, due to economies of scale and the dedicated fab space. Secondly, there are plenty of reasons besides 4K that they could use a SoC upgrade, App store/Games being an obvious one. Thirdly, they could easily announce 4k content from iTunes.  Come on, man. edit: ok that third point is weak, considering the context of the argument.  But also...
CRT screens were good enough for my grandfather and they are good enough for me dammit!  #480p4life
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