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My ISP provides me 100 Mbps (360 000 Mbp hour), which is 45 GB per hour.  I'd say I can do it.  I have no data cap, though I understand you yanks tend to have to deal with that problem, which complicates things for sure.
But its a consumer device, is it not?  I'm not arguing against omitting an old style port, but to argue that its because it can't be used for top-notch audio when the device itself doesn't seem to satisfy the video/audiophile crowd at all seems like an illogical argument to me.
I agree; I can't use this existing AppleTV with my set-up, but my set-up sucks and was poorly thought out and my receiver only has one optical port and no HDMI-in ports (its also a Blu-Ray player. Its a crappy system in a box).  So I'm bummed that I can't use it but I'm not crying foul over it, nor do i consider it a "fail" overall. (if it were more compelling I'd consider getting a new receiver, but its not worth the extra expense to upgrade.  This is perhaps the only...
My home theatre system doesn't have HDMI in on the receiver, so that's a bummer, since I'd rather not also buy a new (and better) receiver to upgrade.   But will wireless headphones not work with the new AppleTV via Bluetooth?  
The Air 2 was so far ahead last year that I think it will be fine - at least for people who just go to Best Buy and use the device (rather than spec-hunters).  The Mini 4 is quite a nice little deal now. Looks like a tick-tock cycle for iPads, where they introduce something new (first it was the Air) while letting last years linger (before it was the mini) then catching back up (like the mini did now).  Interesting to see if that continues, and if the Air will receive 3D...
Didn't people say stuff like this when the Xbox came out?
Also, with nothing about Macs El Cap would seem out of place.  Although they DID do iPads, which have been October before, so perhaps a Mac event in October, though I don't pay attention to Intel's release schedule so that may not make sense for new internals
I know!I, too, use my iPhone like this: 
Did I miss it or is there no optical? I don't think I can use this with my surround sound receiver
I'm surprised they even bothered with lighting, considering USB-C was almost right behind it.  Was it that necessary to scrap the 30 pin before USB-C?
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