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I didn't watch the keynote yet, but this seems like one of those things where the software comes first, hardware next, so I think this is quite exciting for the potential of a wearable device that will use Healthkit after some bugs are ironed out/features added
By this logic no one else could have ever created a touch screen phone because "these are old features"
II suppose you'd know
Agreed.  Can't see it disappearing, but the long term neglect makes me think it might get "refreshed" (or replaced/rebranded) with a black machine that either looks like a smaller version of the Pro or a slightly bigger Apple TV  (it wouldn't surprise me if they made it non-expandable in a totally sealed box the like aTV).
For years we all PAY for cable, and yet, ads. If you want NEW content, it costs a lot more money than old Netflix content.  Someone online once estimated it would cost Netflix 400k PER EPISODE of Big Bang Theory if they wanted to put new ones on Netflix (x, whatever, 150 shows or how ever many there are), which would blow their entire budget on one series. (that number was the amount of ad revenue per half hour on Cable television that show generated)
Wouldn't it be: "Yea, because they will stop selling many iPhones because Samsung/Android is taking all the market share.  So iTunes sales will look bigger in comparison"?
You are probably being faceceos but I thought this screenplay was supposed to focus on just the iPod or iPhone unveiling?
The idea of having the back of the iPhone made of Sapphire and allowing a big circle in the middle to be a giant lens/sensor seems like something that could penitentially happen - as long as they could prevent it from looking terrible. The potential for interchangeable lens without looking terrible would be interesting as well, though I doubt it will happen at least any time soon.
There are less expensive Nikon's that are 24 MP as well (http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/04/19/Nikon-D3200-with-WiFi-Option) It has more to do with the sensor, which Apple DID update on the 5S - and would be a much less disingenuous way of upgrading the camera.  The sensor on phones is already terrible compared to high-end camera - so bumping the pixelage would create a tonne of noise
Makes perfect sense - it was the Lion thing that caught me up in confusion. Thanks for the info.
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