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This.  Seems easy and opening weather app isn't hard or anything but a quick glance to see temperature would be great.  
The man won't be stopped!!
They are even copying Apple's cash-hoarding now ¡
Don't you mean market nom?  
But when you buy something free or on sale on your iPhone, for instance, you now don't have to go in, cancel the download or delete the download if you don't actually want it on the device.
Didn't apple get in hot water for donating 800 000 to lobbying FOR gay marriage in california back when the proposition vote was going on?   Apple defended the decision as a humanitarian, not a political one (they are supposed to be politically neutral)
Sounds like a PizzaShit
Nah, they don't care about Mac/PC anymore.  If anything it would be iOS v Android, but I don't see that happening.  I don't think it'd be a good move if it did.
That's like saying you are allowed to take money out of a companies cash register because it popped open once you paid for something, or steal a car because you found the keys on the street.
New Posts  All Forums: