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 Is there another phone out there that could handle 18 hours of 'medium' use? I doubt it, which makes slagging Apple for it a little weird. My wife's 4 still lasts her all day (i.e. 7am - 5pm, often even later) after 3 years of what I'd call heavy use. Perhaps the 5 is universally worse - but I really doubt it.
Didn't ask to see a coverage map, eh?
NoNope, a very common Latin phrase loaned to English. Only the most ignorant or perverse would find this usage in anyway sexualEdit: what I mean is that it's not a double entendre
Yup.  Us canucks send a team every time.  Quick search on the website yeilds an entire USA pool and a world pool: Asia-Pacific Australia Canada Caribbean Europe & Africa Japan Latin America Mexico
Then you're wrong
I hope so. I would like the option not to pay for a "retina" display, which at this point will cost a fortune. Also the pro one could be igzo and be thin like the iMac.
To assume AT&T hasn't thought of these things is ... well, characteristic.   Why would you stand for hours? What kind of person needs to go from 0% to 100% before moving on with his or her day?  I commonly charge my iPod for 5 or 10 minutes when I'm getting low and it adds plenty of juice, especially if I needed say, to use my GPS or something while running low on battery.   What we really need is grapheme transistors that can charge almost instantly - then these things...
This.  Seems easy and opening weather app isn't hard or anything but a quick glance to see temperature would be great.  
The man won't be stopped!!
They are even copying Apple's cash-hoarding now ¡
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