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Not being from the US I assumed premiums would increase proportionally based on healthy/unhealthy lifestyle choices? Wouldn't that adjust for this ?Not to hijack this thread however. If something like this were proven to actually make people healthier the government could subsidize it with saved healthcare money (that's coming from a socialist Canadian viewpoint!)
Because no one gives a shit if there's a 10ms lag?
It HAS been 30 years....
Yes ... the mail is reliable and nothing ever gets stolen in the mail.
Agreed, though LED bulbs can last for ~25 years so the hardware will be outdated well before the light bulb 'burns out'
You ever touch a door knob then your phone?  Or do you wash your hands every time before using your phone after touching a door, a wall, your kitchen, another person, putting your hand in your pocket, pulling out a chair in a public place etc. etc. six thousands more things you do every day
You ever look at penicillin and think "well, lots of people died young before but I guess civilization somehow powered through"? I don't either. edit: to be clear I do think things can be overboard, but i think that your argument is weak on the basis of past survival.  Also, I will assume that Corning may have done a modicum of research about how gross your phone screen can be. For instance, a very quick google search brought up this: "Mobile phones harbor 18 times more...
You know, germs are airborne, hey?
Sounds like a new cologne line
Agreed - but are Polaroid TVs any good? That's a general question to anyone who's dealt with them/looked at them when purchasing a set - I'm too lazy to do any research on my own!  
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