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Yea, but can't you just shoot them?
  No, this is almost entirely different.  On the continuum of different, Samsung's is pretty close.
they went to quite a bit of effort to suggest that the iPad mini was significantly bigger than the other 7" tablets, though.
Johnny would make a beautiful TV though
And some of us DO buy on green issues - less materials, less shipping packaging, less fossil fuels used to get them to America = I'm happier about purchasing
He's from Canada. We're almost never serious.
It's not an American company.  The question would be how many jobs does it bring to Korea?
I remember some app being rejected "pornography" when it really sold bathing suits or something.  I can't remember. That's the only time I remember them apologizing for rejecting an app on bogus grounds
Quickly look up how statistical testing works then come back and edit that post
I was under the impression that Lytro camera lenses required a fair bit of depth to get the directional light information, and couldn't go into any of Apple's thin devices?
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