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And why wouldn't you?
Right, but Soli clearly indicated that if they do remove the 3.5 mm jack, then USB-C, if thicker than lighting, would become the limiting factor. (or delimiting, I guess).
I'm thinking more like %40
I know I'm cherry picking this out of a comment not really meant to be about desktops but Apple is a green company and smaller desktops1) use less materials to produce2) (potentially) use less energy to produce3) have less material that need recycling4) cost less money and footprint to ship across the world. The smaller iMac probably saved millions compared to the heavier/thicker predecessor in shipping cost, which would be chump change overall, but the same goes with...
Linear narrative is so bourgeois! 
It certainly will not be called "AppleHub."  How boorish.
I bought Chrono Trigger in the 90s for $99.99!
I was absolutely raked over the coals by some members here for suggesting the new Apple TV should support 4k content because "no one owns 4k tvs" and "only X small % of Americans have sufficient internet to stream it"
Yeah, I love all those audio cassette tapes i have lying around, which I had to repurchase.  Makes me really fuzzy.  
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