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You are probably being faceceos but I thought this screenplay was supposed to focus on just the iPod or iPhone unveiling?
The idea of having the back of the iPhone made of Sapphire and allowing a big circle in the middle to be a giant lens/sensor seems like something that could penitentially happen - as long as they could prevent it from looking terrible. The potential for interchangeable lens without looking terrible would be interesting as well, though I doubt it will happen at least any time soon.
There are less expensive Nikon's that are 24 MP as well (http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/04/19/Nikon-D3200-with-WiFi-Option) It has more to do with the sensor, which Apple DID update on the 5S - and would be a much less disingenuous way of upgrading the camera.  The sensor on phones is already terrible compared to high-end camera - so bumping the pixelage would create a tonne of noise
Makes perfect sense - it was the Lion thing that caught me up in confusion. Thanks for the info.
 My question would be: if Apple uses BASE-10 and Samsung/other use BASE-2 (unless I have that backwards) then how can they both be "16GB" phones, assuming they are using the exact same chip? For marketing purposes does Apple mean BASE-2 when they say we have a 16GB iPhone? And if so, does this make DED's argument valid? (i.e. is the "remaining" memory also BASE-2, when put in this comparison)
I thought that was a bioga?
She seems to me to almost be a professional troll.  I'm basing that only off information from this article/thread though.
Ahh - fair enough. I was thinking more battery use but of course audio quality is paramount for people who actually listen to music ( I tend to just listen to podcasts/itunes U)
I'm wondering with bluetooth 4.0 if we are able to ditch the headphone jack all together?  Or when?
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